Summer of Sonic 2013 Website Goes Live

SOS webpage

The annual fan convention Summer of Sonic has updated it’s website, and things are a bit darker than normal. In what will be the conventions 6th year a teaser site has gone live which doesn’t show us much, but there are one or two clues. Most noticably are tiny outlines of Sonic & Metal Sonic along the bottom of the site and do we need to point out the matrix style numbers in the background?

Also, if we take a look at the official Facebook & Twitter feed, things seem a bit… different? What could it all mean?

The site promises more information will be revealed soon. Be sure to follow the Official WebsiteFacebook & Twitter feeds for the most upto date information regarding the event. Or stick to TSS for upto date information regarding announcements and news regarding the event.

If you’re planning on going to the event this year, these are the official outlets for SOS news, announcements and updates.

SOS Official Website

SOS Official Facebook Page

SOS Twitter Feed

The Sega Blog

And be sure to keep an eye on the SSMB’s SOS forum for all the latest news and chatter about the event.


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  1. I’ve been holding off planning anything else this summer so I can attend, I’m really anxious to know the date! Looking forward to it! 😀

  2. guys, now really isn’t the time. there are explosions going on. come on, at least show some support for boston

    1. The Boston explosions are receiving more than enough attention on other news and social media sites. If you want to find out more about the explosions and offer support/condolences to the victims, then go to sites such as BBC News or Reddit. We don’t need an entire article on a freaking Sonic the Hedgehog fansite.

      Other aspects of life (including SoS announcements) cannot stop because of a tragedy like this. Yes, it is abhorrent what someone/people have done today. Yes, many people have been hurt as a result. Yes, it is a horrendous shame. But if we stop everything we do because of something like this, the terrorists win. Life must continue.

      TL;DR – not needed on this site IMO. Other sites/FB/Twitter/Reddit feeds have this covered.

  3. Does make sense seeing as 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of Sonic CD. I chose an awesome year to be born in as I was born a month later after Sonic CD’s release (October 18th 1993 to be precise) 🙂 Does make you wonder what the SOS team has in store for us 🙂

    1. Not only that, but the binary code that shows up on the Facebook and Twitter pages is the number 93, I bet it does have something to do with CD. Also possibly Sonic Chaos. I’m not sure that picture at the lower right is Metal Sonic.

        1. Or it could be hard to tell for sure with it going off screen like that. I’m not saying that it isn’t him, I’m just saying that there’s a greater chance that it isn’t than there is for the one in the lower left not being Sonic.

    2. What’s that? your B-day is a month after sonic CD’s release date? My birthday is 3 days after Sonic CD’s release date. ;D

  4. Yay! This is gonna be my fist Summer of Sonic ever! I’m so EXITED! Hope I’ll be able to get tickets, seeing as they were sold out in like FIVE MINUTES last year…

  5. I bet you the mysterious teaser picture is hinting that the next sonic game will be announced at summer of sonic.
    Probably sonic 4 episode 3.

    1. No, they don’t. They really just don’t announce Sonic games at Summer of Sonic. Want to really know when they announce Sonic games? BEFORE OR AT E3. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!!!!

      1. Whats your problem, calm down already. You have no idea what things are going to be announced at SOS this year so kindly stop pretending that you do.

  6. Something to do with Sonic CD perhaps?Please be in London this year and have more than 700 places. 1500 tickets might be needed this year.

  7. Classic Sonic doing the “Figure 8” aka “Super Peel Out”, and Classic Metal… you have my interest. Like others have said it may just be because it is Sonic CD’s anniversary and that’s the theme of the night. Tho Sega haven’t really cared much about that in the past. This will be interesting to keep an eye on.

  8. I just realized something. The photo of Sonic running was Sonic running in Sonic CD. No other game had him running in that particular way. It could mean nothing, but I think this is in some way an extension of Sonic CD.

    I hope it ain’t Episode 3. I don’t like Sonic 4.

  9. Sorry, if I am the 100th person asking this.. But one ticket is valid for one person only.
    Or is it like 1 ticket = 2 persons.
    I will try to come to this event from Europe (Lithuania), so it’s very important to me 😀

    1. yes, it’s 1 ticket per person. but the tickets are cheap. i think they were 15 pounds last year but i’m not sure

  10. I bet this has something to do with the 20th anniversary of Sonic CD. Maybe a game focused on Sonic and Metal Sonic’s rivalry.

  11. I’m hoping to go this year. Hope there isn’t ticket ninja’s this time like last year because i was devastated to not getting a ticket. Anyway hope to see this in London again 🙂

  12. Ill bet its celebrating Sonic CD’s anniversary, hence the sprites. It’s using a Metal Sonic theme because of that, and his prominence in the games as of late. And the “reboot 2013” thing is probably just referring to Summer of Sonic being started up again or following the Metal Sonic/CD theme, making random bzzt noises etc and “rebooting” after being away for a year. Website/Twitter/Facebook coming back online again with relevant news after a year etc.

    What’s that? Too sensible a guess without jumping to wild conclusions?
    Alright then. OMG?!? Sonic CD 2!! A new game!?! Sonic Adventure 3?!? Woo!!

  13. You guys are so gullible. No, a Sonic game won’t be announced at Summer of Sonic. It’ll be announced at E3 or before E3, okay? I’m sure there’ll be a demo for the next main series Sonic game at Summer of Sonic, but of all places I doubt they’d announce it there. Expect a first announcement at E3 or before, not at Summer of Sonic, okay you guys?

    1. True very true, but we did have NiGHTS as a playable character announced exclusively at Summer of Sonic 2012 so who knows.

    2. Sammy… you have no idea what is or isn’t going to be announced. So please stop giving people a hard time over what they think will be announced by pretending that you do have a clue.

  14. As SOON as I leave London? FFFFFUUUUU
    Anyways, I hope Crush 40 makes an appearance! I’ve heard that they’ve been working on new songs.

  15. I know it is unlikely that this is teasing the next main stream Sonic Title, but if they DARE announce the next Sonic game at the Summer of Sonic of all places and times, I will lose ALL of my rings! I can’t wait for the content they have planned for this year though.

  16. I Wonder What Sonic Game It Could Be? Sonic 4 Ep 3, Sonic Cd 2, SA3, Or A All New Sonic Game, Guest I Have To Wait In See.

  17. Sonic 4 Ep 3, Sonic Cd 2, SA3, Or A All New Sonic Game, Guest (what a nano, did they said they are going to make Sonic Reboot and gameplay will be like skylander? “well, that what I hear about”)

    on a secondary note a link may be the answer??? (nobody is this confirmed or not/just an idea, I wish it is but we have to find out on SOS2013)

    Note: This time I hope SOS 2013 does NOT have the Ticket Phase what they did last year “>.< that were annoying @.@" and this I really hope they will hold "OVER 9000!!!!" Tickets (:lol:) and other who didn't got the ticket will still attend but wait a long time 😛

  18. This year i maybe gone come! 😀 I have plans to go to London this year but it maybe not gone be at the same time as SOS but if it would work out then i will be coming whit my friend Peter, my two younger borders and if my dad can he come to! 😀

  19. Celebrating Sonic CD Huh? Well okay, not my fav game but I guess it would be fun. As for what the game, don’t take this the wrong waybut I don’t want it to be Sonic 4 Ep 3. Now I can’t critize Sonic 4 cause I haven’t fully played the game due to laziness I think its just soon.

    As for Summer of Sonic, of course I’m going went to the last five of them. My motto is, there’s no such thing as far away when it comes to Summer of Sonic 🙂

  20. Plain awesome. It’s held in America right? I’m too young to travel by myself. XD Next time.

  21. Well, Metal Sonics 20th. It’s Amys too lol but no one cares. Probably a whole new game, Metal Sonic doesn’t seem like the villain to be in SA3 so its probably not SA3. That pretty much puts the rumors to rest. But eh we might get an Ep.3 who knows. I liked Sonic 4. I love it. But it doesn’t feel like the Genesis games. I hope Ep.3 (if it comes) will be like S3&K kind of gimmicks and play style.

    But next year we better have Sonic Colors 2.
    I freaking love that game.

  22. @shawn
    Yup. So did both episodes of sonic 4 recently on psn too I think. As I think about it now it could very well be ep 3 but if it is I hope it’s more than 4 zones. If its not sonic 4 I hope it’s something big. Sonic comics turn 20 too. But you know that lawsuit probably wouldn’t bring any characters from the comics like Sally anyway. I don’t think sega would try any of the comic characters anyway. Voice acting would probably be awkward and everything and the kiddies would be like wat who is dis.
    So yeah I mean it could be something go get excited about. If it IS ep 3 I hope for one thing.
    Fix super sonics ep 1 physics… And more classic level design. I loved ep 2s level design but I want that genesis feeling now. Not trying to be a KLASIK SANIC IS BETUR argument in I like both styles. Equally. But the classic games were more challenging which made me feel more rewarded when I beat a level or zone. But anyway here’s to the next Sonic.

  23. Hmmm,the sonic and metal sonic logos,matrix numbers in the background,is it me or is this the sequel to SONIC CD (sort of..) because the matrix numbers remind me of going to the future or past in sonic CD and the sonic and metal sonic logos look as their from sonic CD especially the figure 8 so it possibly be SONIC CD 2,
    but it might not be the real answers! or is it?

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