RUMOUR: Episode 3 to be Announced at E3?

TouchGamerCommentTouchGameplay recently uploaded a 13-minute long gameplay trailer for SEGA and Hardlight’s upcoming mobile game, Sonic Dash. So why am I telling you this again? Well, what’s interesting is the above comment made on the video by TouchGameplay. They claim to know that SEGA are currently working on a ‘new 2.5D Sonic game’ due to be released this year, which would fit nicely into the category of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 3. Of course, it could be a completely different main-series game or it could be pure speculation. Who knows?

Excited? I’m sure you are! As always, we’ll keep you updated with all the latest as soon as we hear it!

Thanks to SweeCrue over at the SSMB for the heads-up!

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    1. Average Fan Comment: Episode 3
      “Because we think our 3 year old comments are clever”

        1. Special Stages: NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY!

          lol now trouble is…we don’t have cartridges to put together to get that nightmare reloaded either. Oh well somewhere out there is a Special Stages game for the PC lolz.

    2. UR A HATER!!!!1

      No, but seriously, who wants another Sonic 4 episode? Episode 1 got panned by everyone with a knowledge about what makes 2d platformers great. Episode 2 got panned by critics and fans alike, even though it was better than Episode 1.

      Why continue the piece of crap that to us is known as Sonic 4?

      1. Wait what?

        I recall Ep1 getting praised by reviewers and any fault with the game a reviewer mentioned was criticized by fans. But some fans couldn’t get used to the physics, so the fan base was split and I recall every conversation about ep 1 being ppl who liked it being flamed by people who didn’t, with stuff like them not acknowledging that some ppl think it’s a bad game and some think it’s a good game rather making remarks like “I know what an opinion is. My opinion is that I don’t like shit and your’s is you do like shit”.

        And with ep 2, I recall major praise from fans for the major improvement. I “okay” liked ep 1. I didn’t mind the physics giving me MORE control over the momentum (which was really the only true difference other than he was a pinch slow), and that being fixed for ep 2 ANYWAY, I liked ep 2 even more because, idk, I just really like that game. :3

        Ep 3 seems totally worth it to me.

  1. Isn’t it a bit too soon for Episode 3 to come out? I’m not against the idea but still

      1. Tbh, I think I’d rather it be a new title rather than episode III. Make it more like Generations classic stages. Better physics IMO and no homing attack……maybe it’s just the whole classic Sonic thing altogether.

  2. sonic 4 is ok ill still paid full price for them for sonic 5 make it like the gensis titles

  3. 2.5D sounds like what you would see in a DS game or in the 2D portions of uncolorations style gameplay, maybe they were referring to the next main game?

    1. Sonic 4 has all been 2.5D so far (which is basically 3D models and backgrounds on a 2D viewing plane) so Ep. 3 is a pretty likely candidate! πŸ™‚

      1. so, when they announce ep 3 do you think they’ll update ep 2 so that the to be continued and little animation actually show up?

        1. Judging by the fact that Episode I wasn’t updated to have Tails/Metal playable, or in any other way for that matter, I honestly doubt SEGA will touch Ep. II anymore.

          1. I kinda disagree, but at the same time the only thing they can really update is the final ending on Episode II, with a “To Be Continued” sign at the end. That’s all I can think of though.

      2. I thought 2.5D referred to the camera, not the models. That is, I thought 2.5D meant a camera that changed angles from a side view to a behind the player view on occasion. In other words, I thought Sonic Rush/Rivals/Colors counted as 2.5 D, not Sonic 4.

      3. Wouldn’t 2.5D be considered like the Boost games? With the switching from 3D to 2D?

        1. I certainly hope that is the case, on the other hand, I’ve heard Donkey Kong Country Returns is 2.5D, where you can only go left and right but some environmental objects can send you into the background or foreground, so maybe it will be like Classic Sonic in Generations, with twisting paths and springs but only two controllable dimensions?

          1. Hmmm, I don’t know…
            But if that is what they meant, I hope it plays all like Generations’ Classic Sonic and nothing like Sonic 4. But then again, if Dimps are to be involved this might be the other way around…

        2. 2.5D can mean one of four things:
          3D models on a 2D axis, like Sonic 4 and Sonic Rush.
          3D Models on a generally 2D axis, with some Z-axis interaction, like Generations (Classic).
          3D models on a 2D/3D axis, like Generations (Modern).
          A 3D-esque game that runs on a 2D engine, like Sonic 3D Blast.

  4. Episode 3 being released in Decemember 2013 is possible as it was about 19 months between Ep1 and Ep2 being released.

  5. I called it jk. Don’t know if its true, but I heard that Sonic & Knuckles’ code name was Project Red Herring; meaning that the “red herring” clue on hedgehog day was a hint for Sonic 4 Ep. 3. Does anyone know if the S&K being known as red herring is true? Saw it off of a Facebook page dedicated to The Sonic series.
    Regardless, I would love if this turned out to be true! Especially since it would most likely mean Knuckles as a playable character! And really, the whole Sonic 4 game should’ve been out by now (not that I’m complaining, they should take as long as they need to make sure its a great game)and it’s nearly been a full year since Ep.2. At least for me, it’s definitely not too soon after Ep.2 to be released.
    Odd they would wait until E3, especially if they’re working on a retail game, you think they would highlight that. Plus, neither Ep. 1 or 2 were announced at E3; not that that really matters…

  6. It is great announcing Sonic 4: Episode 3 but is it too early/soon because other sonic games is coming like: Sonic Dash, Sonic 3rd storybook – Texas (TBA – Working Title), Sonic Reboot (TBA) and Sonic Adventure 3 (TBA).

    If they going to released Sonic 4: Episode 3 do it late 2013 or next year (2014) ^o^

  7. This COULD be awesome if we got a new retail game as well. If it’s JUST episode 3 I’ll be disappointed.

  8. So Sonic 4 isn’t dead? Yes… YES!!!!! I knew it! Sonic 4 Episode III will happen! Yeah! Woo-hoo! Yay!!!! πŸ˜€
    Sorry… got a little over-excited there. So, E3 huh? Cool, I can wait. As long as I know Sonic is still in action. πŸ™‚ Sonic Dash and Sonic Jump should definitely hold me over!

  9. I’ll be happy with another Sonic 4 episode. After all, Episode 2 ended with things left unfinished in terms of plot.

      1. Unleashed, Colors and Generations are Rush games…? Well, I suppose you could say the DS/3DS versions of Colors and Generations…
        But I think he’s suggesting a full blown sequel to Sonic Rush Adventure on 3DS.

      2. Alex said Sonic RUSH 3D.

        You know, a continuation of the Rush series with Sonic and Blaze, only part 3, as a pun of 3D for 3DS.

    1. The name practically writes itself, just take what made Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure great with both Blaze and Sonic playable, and make it exclusively for the 3DS.

  10. Oh, uh… great. Yeah. Really excited for all the complaining that’ll follow if this turns out to be true.

    1. Dude, that’s the case with every Sonic game. Everyone has lost their freakin minds. I swear, I tell the same long story to so many people and they notice this too. And telling the story doesn’t help make a difference in this fan base. It’s useless. They will always be paranoid over the next game, love it, then hate it and pretend they never loved it.

      It happened to Secret Rings, Unleashed, it happened to the Rush series, it happened to the Sonic 4 series, it happened to the ADVENTURE series all of a sudden. It even happened to Ryan Drummond as the voice of Sonic. (Not that I don’t also like Griffith and Roger, but I’m just pointing out the eras of mainly-heard response).

      Know what I mean?

  11. Part of me wants a Sonic 4: Episode III, and part of me doesn’t.

    Overall, I consider the Sonic 4 saga to be mediocre, but playable. In retrospect, neither of the episodes released for it so far were really that spectacular. And the ending to Episode II was extremely underwhelming, as we literally got no plot resolution aside from “woo sanic and talis beet doctor eggbotnik and hyper metal jason”. What’s so special about tying in the Little Planet from Sonic CD with Sonic 4 is there’s no mention of it outside of one stage? You just see all the lights in the Death Egg mk.II go off, and then… nothing. Pan down to the Earth, happy music go now. That’s literally all that happens, regardless of if you have all the Chaos Emeralds or not.

    I’d want an Episode III only to get an actual conclusion to the saga, as well as to play as Tails by himself, and Knuckles in a new game that doesn’t have tedious treasure hunting missions (I love SA1 and SA2, but Knuckles’s stages were some of the worst in both of those games) and/or piss-poor glitchy controls (I think you can guess which game I’m referring to). Not only that, but what if some new ideas were brought to the table? I know coming up with original level concepts that still sound like they fit in a Sonic game is kind of difficult at this point. The franchise is little over 20 years old. But, I’m sure you can use a tried-and-true level theme, but drastically alter the appearance, level geometry, and stage gimmicks so that it’s a new deal, but still familiar and fitting to the Sonic universe.

    At the same time, though, part of me wants Sega to move on. Maybe instead of potentially slipping back into rehash territory and pissing off more of their fanbase, they should put all their assets into other new projects.

    If Sega is gonna go through with Episode III, they need to pull out all the stops, in terms of controls, aesthetics, and sound. Episode I was… mediocre, Episode II was better, but still underwhelming… Overall, Sega, or should I say Sonic Team and Dimps really need to step their game up if they plan on continuing Sonic 4.

    1. I agree totally! What was the point of mentioning little planet?!?!? You didn’t see time stones, you didn’t see Amy, and you didn’t even step foot on the planet the entire game! The game play itself to me is bearable, and you can get used to it, but the story really angers me. Did tails even have to be in the story at all? I am upset how Tails never interacted with metal sonic in any way throughout the entire game; I mean honestly, Tails could have not been here and the game wouldn’t be different (except for partner moves) and the story literally wouldn’t change at all. I like Tails but not when he is absolutely useless! There was even more story in the originals than in 4 and no SEGA, having absolutely no cut scenes doesn’t make it classic. I didn’t even know that the little planet was in the death egg until I read the plot on wikipedia. The game play was okay, but please improve the story.

      1. I think the point was to reveal that Metal Sonic was still there and returned from there after his supposed “death” in Sonic CD. That’s a major plot point.

        However you only see Metal Sonic in 1 stage.

        So I think there’s more to come.

        As for being underwhelming, it’s no more so than Sonic 1 or 2.

        Maybe a little less than S3&K but that’s mainly because of Doomsday Zone. I’m pretty sure the developers are aware of this considering their endings of most there handheld Sonic games. It’s not like they don’t know how. People need to stop trippin. xD (especially if they’re gonna be the same people who always claim that the story in a Sonic game doesn’t matter XP)

        1. Sonic 1, I’ll give you. Sonic 2 and 3&K, not so much.

          My problem with Sonic 4 in terms of plot is… well, nothing happens. For a game that’s advertised to be a direct sequel to Sonic 3, which all things considered is a pretty story-driven game, you’d expect SOME amount of story and interaction, but it may as well be a retelling of the Classics with the post-Adventure art direction. It’s just, “Hey look, Sonic’s fighting Eggman again! And for some reason Tails and Metal Sonic join in! Oh, Eggman took over Little Planet again… but he doesn’t do anything with it. Sonic saved Little Planet, I think! We’re not sure, the lights in the Death Egg mk. II just sort of shut off.”

          It’s kind of a piss-poor ending, really. I don’t feel like I accomplished anything. If Episode II is where Sonic 4 ends, then overall, Sonic 4 doesn’t really deserve to be placed with the Classic games. I don’t think it’s a terrible duology of games, just… well, not terribly interesting.

  12. If Sega releases S4EP3 then they will have to release a lock-on system too!
    if you have S4EP1, S4EP2 and S4EP3 you can unlock:
    Sonic 4 Episode: Knuckles, Sonic 4 episode I & Knuckles and finnaly Sonic 4 episode 2 & Knuckles!

    1. Well episode Metal was Ep 1 with Metal Sonic. I’d assume Episode Knuckles would be like Ep 1 and 2 with Knuckles.

    2. Why?? Whats the purpose of locking a good game onto 2 uninteresting games? I say they should put more time into an awesome S4E3, and spend little or NO time trying to replicate the story and gameplay changes of the classics. Sonic 4 should focus on and improve upon the classics. Sonic Team cant just say, “Oh well we added Tails in the second ep. so now we should add Knuckles in the third! Oh and then we should put him in the first 2 eepisodes!While were at it, lets continue the process of poorly reimagining the special stages from each game! If we replicate everything but the gameplay and level design itself, we’ll be golden!”

  13. I really hope they tie in episode 3 to adventure 1. maybe at the end of episode 3 sonic and his friends destroy the death egg mark 2 but it crashes on earth thus starting adventure 1

  14. I’m interested to see S4EP3 even if only to know what Ken B. meant when he said “S4EP2’s ending has something to do with EP3’s” in Some podcast interview when he was asked why the ending was the way it is.
    Besides, it’s an okay series overall.

  15. I’d enjoy having an Episode III.
    But I also hope that they announce something else for once, a new Sonic game with a new plot.

  16. sonic gameplay + beautiful art style of rayman origins = AWWWWWWWW YEAH
    whos with me

    1. Too much goodness for Sega to handle. Though I’d be pleasantly surprised if they actually do something like that… In b4 all the smartass “GAUYS ITS RAYMAN ORIGINS RIPOFF!!11!” comments emerge.


  17. Hmm, interesting. Something to look at that’s for sure.

    …I’d have more but I’m feeling speculative or excited today. Could be the fact the wind has been tearing the door off its hinges today and it’s just miserable outside. WHOO.

  18. ….. 2.5D = Sonic 4: Episode 3…? I doubt it. It’s probably a game like Unleashed, Colors and Generations….

    1. Technically speaking, yes they are. Though, they’re both advertised as 3D games as well. Though, that kind of advertising really works more with Generations, since Colors is mostly played from the sidescrolling perspective.

  19. It would be nice to have a proper ending to Sonic 4, as most fans know that the ending we got wasn’t the planned one. Perhaps if it is Ep 3 they could have another special for fans that brought the previous episodes type deal and have them all link together properly. Release a full version for others later on.

    As nice as Ep 2 looked i still would have prefered they went the Megaman 9/10 route and did a new sprite game. The jaring differences between Ep1 and 2 almost make it feel like a whole other beast. Perhaps if they do finish it off they can go back and polish Ep1 and make it gel better, refine it into a full proper Sonic 4 rather than this episodic stuff.

  20. I really hope it’s a new title. I don’t really like the Sonic 4 series at all. I understood that people wanted an old school Sonic feel again, but come on, we’ve had 2 of them AND Generations! Get over it! I’d really like to see a brand new title, with Unleashes/Colours/Generations gameplay, or even something better than that. This is just my opinion. It sounds like an Episode 3 however.

    1. Well if they stopped then ppl would miss them again and they’d have to cater again. Why not just have the retro style continue living alongside modern? Everyone gets what they want.

      I can understand why someone would WANT a type of game to come out so it can be available to them.
      But I could never understand why someone would be selfish enough to want a type of game to NOT come out to be available to those who want it. It’s not like you have to play it if you DON’T want to. You simply don’t play it. You play the ones you DO want to play.

    1. Sonic Rush 3DS? With Sonic, Blaze and the levels in 3D? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

  21. While I respect and like the effort that SEGA made with Sonic 4, I still find myself playing the SA2 re-release on XBox and S3&K on Steam instead of S4. I played Ep1 through twice, Ep2 through once. Is something systemically wrong there or am I just old (b. 1987)?

  22. Who is this guy? Why would he know anything about upcoming games? Is there any reason to trust him at all other than the fact that he got to play Sonic Dash slightly early?

    Because he doesn’t really strike me as a reliable source, especially without anything to back him up. You guys have been spreading too many rumors based on almost nothing but wishful thinking and speculation lately. :/

      1. Call it what you’d like, but this is TSS’s fourth rumor in two months, and so far none of them have been based on anything substantial and none of them have actually led to anything.

        1. Fourth? I’ve only heard the one about the 3D Sonic game that plays like Generations with 10 unlock able characters and multiple paths and multiple goal rings… and THIS rumor.

          (Although that first rumor I found interesting, yet annoying, but also very hard to believe. If it randomly ends up being true, I still find it hard to believe.)

  23. Wonder if Knuckles will be in this game and have his own separate story like in 3 & Knuckles?

  24. This doesn’t actually seem like a rumor, just a hopeful statement in the form of an assumption.

    It seems like they’re saying “Gee, I sure hope SEGA announces that Sonic game they must be working on, and they should do it at the place most things are announced: E3.”

  25. I hope it’s not true. I’m sick of Sonic 4, and I didn’t particularly enjoy it. I hope it’s something else, a new project.

    1. See this is exactly what I’m talking about. Why the heck are you selfish enough to HOPE it’s NOT true? Why would you HOPE that people who want to play it don’t GET to play it just so you can NOT play it the same way you wouldn’t even if it WERE true? That’s messed up…

  26. As much as I want Sonic 4 to end, SEGA needs to FINISH this saga now… Because if they did end it on Episode II, then that would be quite sad in terms of both plot, and just wasting a project with such a huge name going for it.

  27. I am really getting sick and tired of all these rumors flying around! First we get the rumor that started it all off in January giving us all so much hope and saying something will be said in Feb., but nothing ever was. Then we get the hedgehog day secret “red herring” message that is still unclear to everyone what it is possibly hinting at. Then we get that picture of Sonic going to Texas which made everyone think it was going to be a story book game. Then I believe the next hint we got was that it would be announced at the panel thing but were then blown off when they told us that the panel was mainly for the history of Sonic. Then we got the awesome sonic stadium music album 2012 from vizard, and some awesome toy updates from Hogfather, but other than that stuff we were still left in the dark about that one post way back in January. Then after some time we finally got the news about Sonic dash which made us all lift our spirits, but now we get THIS! No offense to Swiss or anyone at the sonic stadium, but when is the next time we will have some solid ground info?! This is basically saying that we have to wait all the way until E3 until we finally get all of these many many rumors cleared up. So, is sonic having another adventure? Is sonic’s new game just a red herring, is Sonic going to Texas, or is Sonic’s next big episode coming out? Once again, no offense to anybody at the stadium, I am just saying that we are all a little lost and confused about what to believe and not believe. Other than that, I wouldn’t really mind an episode three. For now though, I will be playing sonic dash until some legit info comes by. But still, imagine if this one happens to be true.

    1. I dunno about you, but I think they’re intentionally doing that to stop people from spamming the comments by ‘having a revelation’ on the event’s relation to the next game. You know people don’t read comment sections except when it’s entirely relevent to them, after all. Have you ever seen a comments page of over one hundred people making the exact same point because they didn’t read that somebody had already said it? It’s hell.

    2. There is nothing unclear about the “red herring” thing. Sega knew people were going to overanalyze the blog post looking for clues to the next Sonic so they wrote in a joke clue. It’s that simple. The fact that anyone thinks it means anything is ridiculous.

      1. Tank you for clearing that up for me. There were just so many theories that I didn’t think any of them were true.

    3. See this is the first I’m hearing of this Texas storybook game rumor other than a comment above. I thought it was just a photo and at one point I heard someone say “Oh maybe it’s referring to Sonic Adventure” and thought it meant SA3.

      I still think it’s just a random photo. lol When ppl started taking it as a hint I was like “wtf? lol Desperate.”

  28. No, 2.5D is not 3D models on a 2D plane, it’s when you actually adjust the camera angle dynamically with the character still moving on a 2D plane, or when you take into account the walls behind and in front of the character (Klonoa, 2D portions of modern Sonic games, ‘Splosion Man, etc.). Also, that’s a really, really, really big stretch you’re making, anyway. I honestly don’t think an article for that comment was remotely necessary.

  29. Tbh, this rumor sounds like bullshit. Just like all the rest…
    I’m not going to believe anymore announcements until I hear something straight from SEGA or Sonic Team….. And hopefully not Dimps.

    1. I am right with you on that one… kind of. Well, I don’t like rumors because they just aren’t official and are most of the time wrong, but I like them because it gives you something to think about; plus it can possibly be correct at times. I agree with what you say, but I won’t mind reading a rumor if it pops up.

    2. What about Bioware? *Looks* Oh. Right, Bioware is owned by EA.

      Hopefully, Bioware can fight for their independence and get tr money they need to make Sonic Chronicles 2.

  30. Unlike certain companies, Sega can count to three.

    (I hate this meme, but this totally called for it.)

    1. They can also count to 4. At least they try to avoid counting to 10, 13 and other high numbers like that, unlike some franchises. Rather, they just make new and original titles. lol

    1. On the Games page of your website, you mislabelled the Spanish edition of Sonic and the Black Knight as the German edition.

      1. Cool thanks for the heads up!
        I got it from someone and they said it was Spanish haha

    2. I recently replaced my console only to find out that for some reason my digital content was considered a “demo”, I fixed it so one thing was the full product but the previous one I’d gotten a year or 2 prior was still just a demo. Some other DLC I’d gotten was gone too. wtf? idk what to do to get it back. I know I have it’s data as I fixed one. idk how to fix the rest and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna buy it AGAIN. What a ripoff. o:

  31. If this isnt 4.3, then it will come out eventually. When sonic 1 and two were made they knew that they had to put secret areas in for knuckles to run around on during the lock-on. This didnt change with sonic 4. If you look around you will see what i mean. Probably the most obvious for both episodes is on one of the casino acts in episode 1. There are those jackpot slots that sonic curls up into to win/lose rings. But on this act there is a line of these slot bars just randomly going up off the (currently) visible screen and my guess is that knuc will be anle to climb up it and win like a bajillion rings! So theres your evidence. Oh and btw, 2.5D is ONLY what sonic 4 is. Generations/colors or anything else is NOT the same. Sonic 4 and 2.5D is a flat-style but still sort of 3-D. THATS IT!!!

  32. Yeah, I think sega should just do somthing at this point. With all the fucking rumours and stuff and fans dieing to have an game after a year of non sawnik goodness ( im aware of Transformed but it isent a main game πŸ˜‰ )
    Just give us a teaser trailer or somthing, Just give us somthing to make us happy! or do another Generations reveal and Post on facebook that in an week a trailer will pop up YEAH people will be happy. Im just sick and tired of this waiting game we have been playing for a year now.

  33. Please let it be Sonic 4 Ep III and have Knuckles as one of the playable characters. I’ll be really disappointed if Eps I and II are all what Sonic 4 has to offer.

  34. Oh please…you Sonic 4 haters are ridiculous. It plays just like the classics to me. Unlike everyone else, I can adapt and enjoy a game happily for what it is. You whine and moan about the Homing Attack, prefering the Insta-shield. Please, I never hardly used that thing; only the shield variants. HA works well for me. I enjoy the saga better than S3&K to be quite honest, so I want Episode III. I want my time-traveling Death Egg.

    And if it is Ep.III, they can go an Episode Metal route and unlock the Super Sonic exclusive final zone by having Ep.I & II on your console. Deep Nebula Zone…I like the sound of that.

    1. First of all, you used a double negative up there. Second of all, saying you like the saga better than the originals sure is saying something. Anyways, congrats for standing up for Sonic 4, but you will probably tick off a lot of other people for saying that. Don’t worry though.

    2. I don’t like it because it’s levels are poorly designed, Sonic controls so horribly(in Episode 1), there’s too many dash pads and springs, it just feels like the game’s playing itself half the time. The homing attack would be perfectly fine if there weren’t so many (cheaply placed) bubbles chains. And with the exception of White Park, none of the levels feel new. I’m not saying you have to agree with me, and it’s fine if you prefer Sonic 4. I’m just saying why I hate Sonic 4. It’s for so much more than you listed.

      1. idk. When I press left, Sonic goes left. When I press right, he goes right. He jumps when I press jump and spins when I want him too. Seems like the only issue is he’s a pinch slow. Speed him up a tiny bit and it works a lot better, like Super Sonic.

        The only other thing I can think of is that he stops in mid run or mid air when you let go, but to be honest, who cares? Just don’t let go. It gives you MORE control. You can let go and drop straight down onto a specific point if you want. And even if the moment is the preference, cuz I think that’s fun too, then maybe the Sonic 4 ep 1 controls would work for Super Sonic cuz I liked his controls more than in the classics at least. o.O

        In ep 2 the physics are fixed as you basically noted, so that point is out. The level designs are decent. Not amazing but not back. I’ll run through a stage and randomly think “what’s so bad about this?”

        I often wonder why there’s a big problem with there being a slight bit more springs and dash panels than before? Okay? So there’s more. Big deal. It’s not like it’s the majority or even half of the whole stage or anything. =P

        1. I think that the problem with the overabundance of springs and speed boosters is that it gets boring. You rarely have that in the classics, so for things to suddenly play out by itself as if it’s a Modern Sonic title instead of a Classic one is kinda jarring. It also doesn’t help that the episodes are pretty damn short, even by general Sonic standards, so it just feels like a bit too much automation for a four-level episode. The stage design for the most part is okay, but the automated bits are a little unnecessary. Leave the exhilarating cinematic flair to the 3D games, when I play a 2D Sonic game, I want to actually play it. πŸ˜›

          My biggest problem with 4 in retrospect is that it blatantly reuses level aesthetics from previous Classic games. It’s fine if they use similar level tropes (because, let’s be honest, after twenty plus years, coming up with original levels that still feel like they belong in a Sonic game would be a tad difficult), but they blatantly rehash the design of a lot of old stages from Sonic 1 and 2, with the exception of White Park, which all things considered is one of the more original Zones from 4. If we do get an Episode III, I hope they at least attempt more original stages instead of reusing level designs from Sonic 3 and Knuckles. It’s probably gonna happen regardless, but I hope they at least try.

          1. The physics of Sonic 4 also feel a bit more weighty and stiff than in the Classic Sonic trilogy. This was rectified to a point in Episode II, but the control still isn’t as fluid as any of the Classics. The level designs in Episode II also don’t take much advantage of the reworked physics, either.

  35. I hope that it is not half-baked and it answers the demands of the classic fans… it can’t be THAT hard if even fans are doing it so well with their limited time and resources.

    1. Good point. If fan games are made by common people and they are almost congruent to the classic titles and loads of fun, why can’t sonic team, a group of PROFESSIONALS, do it?!

      1. Who says they can’t?

        But these fan games, you can TELL they’re fan games.

        All they did was take some of the old programming, alter it, take old sprites, sometimes alter it and make very poorly designed levels in terms of scheme and sometimes layout. It’s fun, but it’s also fan made and we realize that. The stages are too creative that it can only be a custom thing. To be official would be a bit cheap to me. Plus it doesn’t bring anything new or exciting to the table. It’s outdated. It’s only fun when you realize it’s an old game or a fan made thing.

        SEGA is making “Fresh” games. With new graphics and physics from scratch on new and multiple consoles, not just a downloadable PC file.

  36. I hope it is S4E3 or Sonic Rush U/3ds or Sonic Advance 4. Then again, Sonic Advance 4 will probably come 16 years after Sonic Advance 3 and probably be in an episodic format πŸ™

      1. Nice. They could just spend the rest of their lives creating stupid mini spin offs like iOS titles and racing stuff and release an anniversary generations title each five years which also includes a level from the older sonic generations. Brilliant, eh? No, just move on. plox.

        1. What’s wrong with the mobile and racing games? SEGA can’t pull a console game out of their arses every three months. It’d be nice, but just give them time.

        2. What is your damage, dude?

          First off, I was joking. Secondly, what the hell is wo wrong with Sega producing mobile titles and spin-offs as side content? You think Sonic Dash and All-Stars Racing Transformed are the only Sonic titles they’ve been working on?

          They just put out the racing title, and made Sonic Jump and Sonic Dash as appetizers until they have enough development time under their belts to formally reveal the next console Sonic. Be patient for f***’s sake.

  37. Maybe it’ll be a crossover platformer game with Mario!!!! I would die to play that game

  38. If there is going to be a Sonic 4 Episode 3, then they got to have some special mini-episode like Episode Metal that you could get for having episodes 2 and 3. I think the main character should be Amy Rose.

  39. i am a HUUUGE sonic fan ik a lot bout ut nd i think tht if they make sonic 4 ep III it should be like the classic sonic 3 nd knuckles they should bring back some classic zines from tht game like angle mushroom hill zone, marble gaurdon zone, lava reaf/hiddan palace zone, nd sky scanchuary zone, nd the final boss battle in death egg zone. then there should be another story wear u play as knuckles juss like in sonic 3 nd knuckles

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