SEGA’s Website Confirms Sonic Dash for Android

Sonic Dash Android SEGA website

Android users rejoice, as SEGA has finally confirmed that Sonic Dash is headed to Android devices. SEGA has added the game to its website today and is listing Android as one of the platforms. No news on when the Android version will launch, unfortunately, but as soon as a date is revealed, we’ll let you know.

Sonic Dash is now available on the App Store for $1.99, AUD$1.99, £1.49, €1.79 on iPod® touch, iPad® and iPhone®.

Source: SEGA’s official website

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    1. Waiting for it to be announced for WP8 myself. Seeing as we didn’t get Sonic Jump I’m a little worried. I wasn’t bothered about Jump, but Dash looks pretty cool.

    2. i highly doubt it will come to windows phone soon. remember when they released sonic 4 episode 1? that went fine, but we didn’t get sonic cd until about a year and a half later and there still isn’t word on sonic 4 ep 2 which was supposed to have an awesome cross play feature with the xbox version

      1. Yeah, I seriously will lol when (or if) they do bring Ep. 2 to WP with the functionality to transfer saves. I finished Ep. 2 on my Xbox a long time ago. Not interested in getting it for phone now. Sonic Dash however avoids the problems encountered when touch screens and platformers combine and it looks a lot of fun to me. I’m sure people will pick it up fast on WP where there are less decent games any way. We don’t have the Temple Run games, so this would appeal even more to us. Sega, if you read this, PLEASE make it happen.

  1. Hmm… the mention of the Android version seems to be gone from the site now. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not happening anymore, though.

  2. Unfortunatly for some phone owners, there isn’t a large enough market for Windows Devices when iOS and Android are the main domenant mobile platforms at the moment.

    In saying that, this game has problems. I know quite a few people who have downloaded this for their iPhones and iPods today and are finding the games graphics are not as good as the videos show them, and the game keeps crashing repeatedly and making it unplayable.

    Still a long way to go then by looks of it.

    1. It’s true that the number of iphone or android users far outnumber WP, but the WP user base is growing. Given we don’t have Temple Run, I see this being very popular on WP. I can only see Sega making money to be honest. There are enough crappy cheap indie games on the marketplace that if they can do it I’m sure Sega could afford to bring us this.

  3. I have to say congratulations to droid users, and I hope you all enjoy the game.
    Speaking of the game, yes, the graphics aren’t as good as they were in the video, but it is still incredible. I never had any crashes though, it probably only happens on older models.

  4. The graphics look the same from the screenshots shown in the other post. Must be the device you are playing on.

    1. I have the iPhone 4s, but isn’t that a current enough version to have the good graphics? Or do I have too much stuff on my phone?

        1. Well, I guess that explains it, an iPhone 5 us needed for the best graphics- every other version had down scaled graphics. (Except we don’t know about the droid version yet and I am still guessing the iPad 3 had also good graphics.)
          Oh well, I guess I will have to deal with it.

        1. Yup perhaps they are making it but they don’t wanna say out now and stick android on the list because people would get confused to wether it is out or not on android

  5. are you guys sure there will be android version cause i dont see it on the upcoming games list explain this please thanks

  6. It’s been a month I love you Sega but you’re not helping me ITS MY DASH AND I NEED IT NOW! Or a release date that way I won’t constantly search for one…
    Much obliged,

  7. Hello i have seen sonic dash for i phone can you please put it on android soon because i think its brilliant please let us know when it will come on android please

  8. Its been to long now can you please put sonic dash on android because i look everyday on the google play store for it and it is not in sight and i love the sonic games so much so please hurry and lets us know when it will be on android i hope it comes on android next week

  9. Hello again i am on android and i really want sonic dash because its so good try and get it on android soon please i am counting on you sega

  10. Hi i really want sonic dash for android and its been a long wait please get it on androi soon i am counting on you sega

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