Sonic Dash Gameplay Trailer, Screenshots Emerge

TouchGameplay has just uploaded footage of Hardlight Studio’s recent efforts, Sonic Dash, set to release on iOS devices tomorrow!

SEGA’s newest mobile game, inspired by endless runner titles such as Temple Run, pits Sonic and his friends against an infinite obstacle course where you jump, avoid, spin, and dash through enemies and objects.


This is exactly the kind of game I expect to become addicting really, really quickly. The graphics, the music, and the fitting nature of the game… it’s gorgeous!

Screenshots have also been uploaded on Sonic Dash‘s New Zealand iTunes page, which you can observe after the jump! Eh? Eh? See what I… okay.

Special thanks to Seraphinprincess for the tip!

sonic_dash_screenshot1 sonic_dash_screenshot2 sonic_dash_screenshot3 sonic_dash_screenshot4sonic_dash_screenshot5

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    1. Oh well, maybe it will come onto a our stuff eventually. Maybe at the same time that Blaze becomes a playable character.

  1. i kinda noticed something on the gameplay I saw like a totem pole thing on one of the signs could you maybe end up in ghz too hmmmm

  2. This is exactly what I wanted with Sonic when I played subway surfer. Thank you so much SEGA, I’m gonna buy this one for sure. And it looks pretty darn good for a IOS game :O

  3. This looks hella fun. Can’t wait for the game to hit Droid devices. I’ll be playing the shit out of this and Sonic Jump.

  4. I… well. I’m actually kind of enthused about this. I didn’t really care for Jump (but I got it on when they were giving it away for free so can’t really complain), but this actually looks fairly entertaining.

    Digging that Seaside Hill remix!

  5. Unleashed gameplay on an iOS device? Count me in! This looks like so much fun! So what if Seaside Hill’s the only stage and is quite an overused stage? The gameplay, graphics, and additional playable characters should do more than make up for that. I just played Temple Run 2 and I love it, and this will be even better. This will be Sonic’s definitive iOS game. Thumbs up to you SEGA and Hardlight Studio! 😀

    1. yeah! im definitely getting this! hope they add some DLC’s that you can purchase! 🙂

  6. Why do people say that Seaside Hill is overused? Since 2010, it’s been in like three or four games, not counting the original level from Sonic Heroes. I’m surprised no one’s accusing Green Hill of the exact same complaint. That level’s been used in over ten other games!

    But whatever. Sonic Dash looks like a pretty addicting time-waster, and I can’t wait to pick it up.

    1. Well I think of Seaside Hill as being from Sonic Heroes, quite an odd choice of a game to keep reminding us of.
      Green Hill, on the other hand, IS Sonic.

  7. An Android version will obviously come very soon, SEGA are not stupid, most phones are Android.
    Heck, there’s over 9000 comments about making an Android Version on the SEGA Blog, they have enough now.
    Plus, They did the same for Sonic Jump, they released the AppS’ version before the PlayS’ version.

  8. I was expecting something more akin to the Flash Game on the Japanese Sonic website, but this looks more like Temple Run meets Sonic Generations.

  9. I have no tablet or anything, so sadly I’m missing out on this and Jump. I mean I still have a flip phone, so you could say I’m a wee bit outdated.

    Still, looks good. Some of the animations struck me as being a bit stiff, but for a mobile game it’s splendid.

  10. This looks fantastic! The ONLY gripe I have with the game’s look are Sonic’s falling animations and trick combo animations, but you can’t win them all, right? Other than that, I think this’ll become one of the most popular IPod app very quickly!

    1. Yeah, I noticed how his fall trajectory when coming for a landing after a spring seemed a little off, like he was decreasing his fall speed. Still, it does look cool otherwise.

      1. I always freak out after the springs cuz I’m absolutely sure I’m gonna die…

    2. I found Sonic’s falling animation to be really odd as well. It seems like he’s in a Superman pose when he’s floating to the next island half of the time.

  11. It’s out already! $2.59 NZ might be a wee bit expensive but what the hell, I got it anyway. Anyone else think the graphics are a little bit pixelly round the edges though?

    1. You in NZ too? I just picked up my copy too.

      For everyone else it’s 42.5 Meg, so you won’t need to use Wi-Fi to get it. Runs smoothly, pretty acdictive, fun to play. For $2.59 i would recommed it 🙂

      Could have waited for the eventual free copy like i did with Jump, but this looked too good to pass up.

      1. Are you on 4th gen or 5th? I noticed that on my iPod (4th gen) It lags a bit & the graphics are all pixelly round the edges, but on my mates’ iPhone 5 it’s ruddy FANTASTIC! No lag at all and the graphics are practically Sonic Generations quality.

        Also I really like that it’s so fast cuz you can show off like a boss while no-one else can keep up!

  12. You know Vizard,This kinda reminds me of the old Sonic DEMO we saw for DS. It was just sonic running in loops gaining speed but still. Did they base it off that AND temple run?

    1. Holy Moly!! That looks really fun! I can’t believe something so awesome like that would be put to waste!

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  14. Wow. I am impressed. You could even say I am speechless. I hope this game gets the recognition it deserves.
    P.S. I feel like Hardlight is beginning to steal Sumo Digital’s thunder.

  15. Admittedly I wasn’t expecting much after seeing how Sonic Jump looked in terms of game play…. But this looks EXTREMELY addicting. Lol

  16. I forgot to say that they use the Sonic Generations 3DS sound effects in the game play! I think that is pretty cool. I am glad that the 3DS version is finally being used for something.

  17. To all those complaining about Seaside Hill: Hardlight will make free updates with other levels and characters, so Seaside hill is NOT the only zone we’ll be seeing in this game.

    1. I don’t doubt it. But its still annoying that Sonic Team seems so obsessed with the level.

      Its an homage to a classic level, from a game most sonic fans consider average, and it just so happens the most generic level from that average game.

      Its just odd that Sonic Team keeps using it as if fans hailed it as one of the greatest levels of all time. I mean Green Hill is used a lot but that’s because the level was and still is iconic. It was the very first sonic level, and the one even the most casual sonic fans remember from the glory days in general.

      Seaside Hill, and Heroes in general, just doesn’t stand out that much in the canon, so you kinda wonder why they use it over and over. It almost seems like they’re trying to replace Green Hill with Seaside Hill :-/.

      1. I totally approve of them overusing Seaside Hill or any other Heroes stages, if only to spite Heroes haters.

      2. Maybe they’re doing it to spite Heroes haters, in which case they have the utmost approval from me.

  18. Okay, the graphics definitely did not look this good in the actual game, but everything else is legit. Maybe it only looks this good on the Ipad 3 because it has that retina display. Right?

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