Freak-Out Friday: This is a Sonic Jump Review… by a Hot Girl

Special thanks to the folks at Find the Computer Room for notifying me of this!

So, many of us were admittedly taken by surprise by Sonic Jump. Developed by Hardlight Studios for iOS and Android devices, the quirky little title was announced and released within a short amount of time, and has become one of the most fun Sonic games for mobile devices in recent history (great job, guys!), not to mention it’s gotten a decent amount of positive reviews!

Just like this one!


…wait, what?

…that’s it? …well, it’s more accurate than that other one, but that doesn’t really redeem it – well, not at all! How does this pass for a review?!

P.S.: Why am I getting heavy “reply girl” vibes from this?

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  1. Ohmahgawd I love the twisty motion as well! Definitely no other app does that. No. Other.


    Side note, I liked her boobs. Only reason I watched the video more than once.

  2. Ehh. The review is a bit shameful but no worse than the average shampoo ad, and it does give pretty much all the relevant info someone wondering about dropping $2 on an app would want to know. It’s got Sonic, you twist it to move him, it’s fun and addictive.
    Honestly I expect freakier. Someone make a remix of this except with Robotnik’s voice and maybe then you’ve got a winner.

  3. Did she mention that you don’t have to touch the screen? How she gonna double jump dammit.


  4. The “twisty motion” controls are also used in the phone Super Monkey Ball games, but those are 5$ and too big for most phones that don’t have an SD slot.

    But from what I got from the review is: I like Sonic and I can sway my phone around with him :V

  5. The ONLY secret to “overnight” success on YouTube=be a hot blonde girl and….do anything.

    *Goes back to hopelessly trying to grow own channel*

    1. lol, notice all the cutting and editing toward the end? I wonder how many takes that took.

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