Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for PC gets a Team Fortress 2 Trio and More!

Looks like the rumors are true! Today Sega announced that the PC version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will receive three additional racers. The manager from Football Manager, a Shogun from the Total War and last but definitely not least, a trio from Team Fortress 2! This includes Heavy in boat form, Pyro in car form and Spy in plane form.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing PC version will release digitally on January 31st for £19.99/$29.99USD/€24.99.

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  1. Well, all the Team Fortress 2 fans now buying this should give SUMO the budget for the next game…

  2. Please tell me this isn’t gonna be another Renegade Ops situation where PC gets extra characters that are never made available to console gamers…

        1. Since when did a Vocaloid count as “anything” in the west? If it ever did happen, enjoy your imported copy then. LOL

          I’m still surprised any Platinum Games character didn’t show up, seeing how they had they held on to the Madworld and Vanquish guys. Obviously, Bayonetta would have been a different story.

  3. …shall I be the first to say it? *ahem* THESE CHARACTERS ARE ON THE DISC OF THE OTHER VERSIONS! WHAT THE HELL! The TF2 characters I can understand because it’s basically a PC exclusive game (…kind of…yes, no…sort of) but the other two were on the god damn disc. Just release them as DLC and I’ll be happy.

    1. They were, on the console versions that is, the data on them was all left there by accident, SOL has stated this multiple times

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