Freak-Out Friday: Dr. Robotnik’s Deadly Speed Traps

You know you broke the speed limit in Speed Highway when…



Talk about “Speed Limit Enforced by Aircraft”, am I right?

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  1. In the future of 1999, One man patrols the city and safe guards it’s highways from speeding delinquents.

    His name….is….


  2. Ugh. I hate when this happens. Spend all that time honing your skills to roll around at the speed of sound and then, BAM, helicopter poops all over what should be success. Just the worst.

    1. Ha!
      No, Crush 40 is not letting you listen to the song. They’re on their coffee break and won’t allow their songs played.

  3. This happened to me all the time when I sped-run this level. Probably hundreds of times, no joke.

  4. Oh jeez, I’ve done this a quadrillion times before. And whenever i try to do it on fraps, it just never happens ._.


  5. What exactly is so funny about this video? Not trying to be a troll or anything, I just don’t get what the point of this video is.

  6. Geez we love Sonic Generation Fridays. Give us a good laugh.
    Ha ha!
    Rollin around at the speed of sound!
    That damn helicopter just stuffed mah big boost!

  7. SONIC: Come on just about to break it…

    G.U.N: No running allowed without pants! Send the helicopter!

    SONIC: Whoa!!!
    And thus sonic adventure 2 starts.

  8. To get killed by the object that will help you is just sad. I find this hilarious though. 😀

  9. I’m surprised this is the first time Pokecapn and his posse have been featured to be honest. He’s got a sequel to this, though admittedly I don’t find it nearly as amusing.

    Unrelated to the video above, but everyone should see their Sonic 2006 LP. Full game in 2 days. A whirlwind of glitches, sleep deprivation, and General Tso’s Chicken.

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