Nintendo Confirms S&ASRT 3DS Feb 2013 Delay For Europe

Retailers have been listing another delay for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed on 3DS for a little while now, but in their new release schedule, Nintendo has confirmed the delay to February 2013 for Europe. US and Australian retailers are also listing a delay to February 2013, so expect a delay in those territories, too.

SEGA hasn’t commented on this fresh delay, with their website still saying it’s out now in Europe and Australia, and will release December 11th 2012 in the US. The PS Vita version has been quietly released in Europe today, still without release date information, game details, screenshots and video from SEGA. If that’s anything to go by, things don’t look promising for the 3DS version.

Source: Nintendo Europe (via Nintendo Everything)

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    As you guys may know, I’ve been following this a lot. So to finally see them, I can now stop chatting about them.

    Now back to this. Also, I’m Australian so if I’m wrong, tell me.
    I have a friend who is about 6 and I told him about this game. He really wants it for his 3DS, has he has no other consoles. So, to see this, I can now tell him that it’s February 2013 is the date.
    Funny that he calls it Sonic All Stars Transformed Racing…

    1. All Stars Transformed…Sonic–>Werehog…. :’D
      That would be interesting though. Watching Eggman randomly change from an egg shape into a salami shape or something.
      I wonder what everyone would change into O_o
      Or they could be different from the get-go and you race them in their transformed shape.

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