Mash-Up Monday: I Am All of Mute City

HYES! Someone get Captain Falcon on the line! These moves need to be shown to the world!

This week’s Mash-Up Monday is a real blast! Mute City of F-Zero fame gets crossed over with Shadow the Hedgehog!


Special thanks to Shadowlink4321 for making such a thing possible.

In the meantime, I’ll be punching things righteously. With a flaming falcon. Bursting out of my arm.

Think you found a better mash-up than this out there? Or do you think yours has what it takes to contend against this one here? If so, then let me know at captainfalcon@…. wait a minute…!

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  1. And I shall be kicking things as my leg combusts into flames….

    But I cannot condone this mash-up, for it does not burn my blood with manliness….it burns my blood and then has me contemplate my true purpose…and possibly consider writing those contemplations through dark poetry…

  2. Awsome, I want to download this, but the link in the youtube discription doesn’t lead to a downloadable file! it says the time limit is over or something of the sort

  3. hey viz’ i think i emailed you this some time ago XD i still think it deserves some recognition 😛

  4. It may be very good mash up, but dear god the levels are peaking so much it hurts. The audio needs to be cleaned up so the songs can complement each other instead of compete.

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