Beware Spoilers! ASRT’s Street Date Broken!


Oh my days! Oh my Days! Look! A store is charging forty big ones for Singularity! I know it’s a good game but it’s quite old and the online is… oh… you’re more interested about that game with the hedgehog in the car right?

Your eyes are not deceiving you, some naughty retailers have broken the release date for ASRT and are now selling it in store. As a result many of the surprises that the game had in store are slowly being posted online.

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Hmmm? Oh hello. What? ASRT Spoilers? Oh wait, I bet I know what you thought I was gonna do! Well yes, there are a lot of spoilers doing the rounds. But for now we’re not going to post them on the front page of TSS. However, they are being posted on SSMB so if you can’t wait 2 whole days head there.

Please refrain from posting spoilers in the comments to this article since the game isn’t out yet and many people don’t want it ruined for them.

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  1. In Wal-Mart’s defense, they have ads that state it’s strret date is tomorrow. It’s possible Wal-Mart got some kind of early exclusive.

  2. Doesn’t look like a Wal-Mart shelf, looks like a Best Buy one (they were guilty of releasing Generations early @ some stores) …

    Might have to check Wal-Mart out later thou 🙂 Start racking up those miles points

  3. This happened to Sonic Generations last year. A weak before the games release and a shop releases it a weak early.

  4. Dang, no character spoilers. unfortunatley we Americans have to wait 8 days for our copy….but you will release the character roster on this site…right?

  5. For once, I will actually refrain from spoilers…mostly because Generations lost it’s charm since I knew so many things beforehand and because my homework from university is killing me atm. Only a few days.

  6. I heard it was coming out today in Australia and I was Hyper at school then mum rings EB games and they say it’s out tomorrow 🙁 I hate Thursdays at school! Also, yes we need a OST rip! I NEED to hear the Starlight Carnival remix! They better not disappoint me!

  7. Nice one for each of us who want to see what were jumping into. Does anyone want to make a courageous leap by posting a complete roster of the game here in the comment section?

  8. Jason said: “We’re both wrong. It’s Toys R Us.”
    @Jason: Oh well. There goes my hopes of seeing Geoffrey the Giraffe as an exclusive character. But then again, a giraffe would not do too well with his long neck and low clearance areas to pass under.

  9. The Toys r Us in my town broke the street date as well, as early as yesterday, not sure if they did it any sooner. I was extremely grateful as I live in the Midwestern US and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to another week of waiting.

    1. I got mine from EB games yesterday, the games amazing I was playing multiplayer with my step brother and he beat me in every race. I’ve unlocked Amigo, Danica, Shadow and Vyse so far.

  10. if your lucky, most hmv stores have that game released early. i know because my local one has s&asrt special edition *the one with the shiny sonic and logo such*

  11. I live in the US and saw it for sale at Target about two weeks ago. And quite a large squee was heard that day… But I didn’t have any cash on me. 🙁

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