Archie Sonic Comic Drama – A Rabbot Reunion!


Remember our good ol’ pal Elson “Darkspeeds” Wong? How about that animated adaptation of Archie Comics’ Sonic UniverseThe Silver Saga he put together?

To those unfamiliar, the Sonic Comic Dramas aren’t mere scans of the actual comics themselves! Far from it, in fact: voice acting, sound effects, special effects, camera pans, original art, and music all contribute to the Dramas, and I’m not kidding when I say it’s high quality work right there! Reading the comics suddenly feels a whole lot more cinematic now!

All I’m missing is the popcorn, but that can easily be rectified.

So, whether or not you follow the Archie comics, get a load of the latest entry in the series! Adapting select scenes from issues #217 and #218, we take a look at some of Bunnie Rabbot’s backstory in A Rabbot Reunion! Featuring Kovabomb as Sonic and Evan Stanley as Bunnie!

In the meantime, why not check out the previous entries of Elson’s animated adaptations as well? Links are available after the jump!


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  1. DUDE! Thanks for the shout out Jeff, it’s really much appreciated! = )

    It’s been a year since the article on ‘Silver Saga’ was posted on TSS. Great stuff guys.

    And thanks to everyone who have been watching these, do let us know what you think and I’ll pass it on to my team of VAs!

    Don’t forget to subscribe to Archie Comics cuz they continue to dish out some of the coolest comics to read ever on the planet – literally! *thumbs up*

  2. Sonic Univerese should be a real PS3 sxcluisve just like the Uncharted Eye Of Indra episode 1-4.

  3. This was great! Although, I wish more women than Evan would do some voices, her voice is too recognizable, but she is very good! That song at the end before the (nostalgic to the point of tears) Sonic Colors song that kinda sounds like Tails’ theme…what is that song an where can I get it?

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