Mash-Up Monday: The Level Beyond Adventure

What better way to celebrate the upcoming release of Sonic Adventure 2 HD on XBLA, PSN, and PC, than with this ?

We’ve got quite a super Mash-Up Monday for you all today! Those who cannot withstand mash-up power levels exceeding 9000 are advised to proceed with caution. (There, I just saved you all the joke.)

The main theme to the Dreamcast classic, Crush 40’s Live and Learn, fuses with Bruce Faulconer’s SSJ3 Ascension theme from Dragonball Z to commemorate this great occasion! Super Sonic and Super Saiyan Goku? Now that, I dig.


Those asking about the featured image, drawn by Trunks24, can find it here.

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  1. That was absolutely brilliant. I rarely post comments here but for that I just had too. Thanks for posting this, Sonic and Dragonball are my two favourite franchises, the latter being my personal favourite, followed by the blue blur. This mix is awesome, and I just cannot wait to play SA2 HD!

  2. Forget the sonic/megaman croosover.Sega and Funimation need to make a Sonic and Dragonball crossover.I mean cmon the franchises are way to similar not to.

  3. Blech…I thought we washed this stain from the consciousness of Sonic fans after a while.

    Why is Sonic have to be among all those poor Shonen stereotypes forever haunted by the spectre of those monkeys? Couldn’t Naka have ripped off from Go Nagai instead? or Miyazaki or Tezuka? Anyone but DBZ.

    …..You know, if said crossover would be all about Ghost Nappa meeting the Ghosts from “Night of The Werehog” and all sorts of hilarity ensued, maybe I’ll be more tolerant.

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