Sonic Adventure 2: DLC & Big the Cat

Pax Prime, it’s one of the largest public video game events of the year, most studios have a booth there and theres usually some big announcements. So it’s a little strange how things have been a tad quiet when it comes to news regarding anything Sega related eh?

That said however, reports from several sources at Pax have slowly started to come in, specifically regarding Sonic Adventure 2 and a number of interesting tid bits of information have come to light. Hit that read more button to find out what.

First of all, this version of SA2 appears to be Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and not the Dreamcast original. Why does that matter? Well without boring you with the details, there are some differences between the original SA2 and SA2:B, Both SSMB member Shade Vortex and Bartman3010 over at Sonic Retro both claim this to be Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, which makes the next piece of information all the more curious.

Sonic Adventure 2 is getting DLC. How is that possible? Well, Shade Vortex was able to talk with Mr Ken Balough who told him…

that the Battle addon will be paid-for DLC. Yay, they’re doing an SADX again!

Anyone who picked up Sonic Adventure on either the PSN or XBLA will remember that shortly after the game was released, the DX portion of the game was later released as DLC. From the sounds of it and like many predicted, the Battle portion of Sonic Adventure 2 will come later as a DLC release.

Now comes another small yet interesting piece of information regarding everybody’s favorite giant cat. Big the Cat is back! Batman3010 confirmed that Big the Cat is back to troll provide hours of entertainment by randomly appearing during cut scenes and stages. You may remember in SA2:B, the majority of Big’s cameos were removed, but you could force some to return if you pressed certain buttons at key points in the game. However, from Bartman’s report, it sounds like you no longer need to do anything, Big will appear on his own accord.

I will say that the game is running with all the enhancements seen in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and they’ve gone to the trouble of putting Big back in the level as he appeared before, which likely means he will return for all his cut scene cameos and more.

 Stay tuned to TSS for more information as we get it.

Source: SSMB (Shade Vortex) & Sonic Retro (Bartman3010)

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  1. Well this is interesting…if it’s Battle but the Battle part is removed, then…is there still versus mode that’s similiar to the Dreamcast version?

    I think the main thing about the Dreamcast version that I prefer is Rouge’s alt outfit was ALOT better than the Battle version.

  2. I had to buy the DX DLC cuz I wanted Metal Sonic but since I don’t have anyone to play SA2 with I’ll pass on the Battle DLC.
    So I guess SA2 will cost 800 MS and 400 MS for the DLC like SA, huh?

      1. Well, technically, you get Metal /and/ Mission Mode.
        More befitting the 400MS, though you’re right in that it’s a tad expensive for minor add-ons.

  3. Hopefully they’ll at least include all of the MP characters and costumes from both versions…

  4. But i love Big, besides get me thinking should i buy it? then again but i already GCver… but in Big(except cameos on cut scenes that rarely happens)

    1. I hate having different versions of the same games to be honest 😛 I have SA2:B as well, and I doubt I will ever get the remake. Same reason I never got Sonic Adventure when it was re-released. I have DX. Might check out NiGHTS though!

    1. The original SA2 did have multiplayer, however SA2:Battle had a revamped, better 2-Player system, so if you get the battle DLC, you will get a better version of the 2-Player mode.

  5. UGH. So, they’ve ported the inferior version as expected. Shame the game won’t look as nice as the DC one or even be as fast anymore.
    But hey, at least Big’s back. Stupid that you have to pay more for the additional features when you’re already playing the version which had the additional features in the first place.
    That’s what gets me about the “Sonic Adventure” port. It’s just bloody SADX, nothing about it is Sonic Adventure apart from lack of mission mode.

  6. Seriously? It would cost them nothing to include the battle portion of the game. Instead they are splitting them up for nothing more than a cash grab. I already have SA2 for the gamecube, but i was going to buy this just to support the re-release, but after hearing this I’ll be keeping my money.

    Im curious though, what exactly did SA2 “battle” upgrade add to the game. was it just the multiplayer? If so i really dont see that selling and please tell me the chao garden isnt part of the battle upgrade.

    1. I don’t think the Chao Garden is going to an add-on because you get some of the emblems from the Chao Race and Karate.

    2. Sonic Adventure 2: BATTLE includes….
      – Chao Karate
      – Chao Stats (The original only displayed your Chao’s name when you picked it up)
      – A better 2-Player mode. (Dubbed “Battle” mode)
      – Black Market
      – And a few other little tweaks.

      The only thing the HD version doesn’t have is compatibility with GameBoy Advance. 😛 (or the Dreamcast’s VMU) So I’m sticking with the GameCube version.

  7. Please, please, please, PLEASE get rid of all of those unnecessary rings in the game like in White Jungle, Metal Harbor, Mad Space, and Final Chase! Or if you can’t get rid of them, at least make it where they are integrated into the level design so that every level can be considered perfect for getting all of them.

  8. So it look like it using the GameCube version of sonic adventure 2 (I know the reason is there is major bug on the dreamcast version mostly involves in Chao world “after death and rebirth”, however there is some minor bug on the GameCube version and that is the platforms gravity problems at final rush/final chase it dosen’t stay straights it keep short jump) “I hope they fix it”

  9. guy’s hater’s ganna hate but sa2 is the way it is so what if you dont wont the dlc of the battle long as you have the game you guy’s will be way past cool

  10. If the DLC adds online multiplayer, I’ll GLADLY pay (And I’d be hysterical if they had online Chao racing). But if it’s just extra multiplayer tracks and more costumes and skin swaps, count me out for buying the DLC.

  11. Wait, so its SA2B, just without the Battle stuff? Wtf?

    Isn’t it basically going to be SA2 then? With the addition of Battle. :/

    1. SA2B changed lots of things from its DC counterpart. The environmental effects in White Jungle, the music in the Chao Lobby, unlockable multiplayer costumes/characters, A-Life stats, requirements for A ranks in some levels, Big the Cat’s appearances in some levels, the color of the “X” on boxes in Crazy Gadget, various item placements in some levels, multiplayer character stats, and lots of other things.

      So it will be noticeably different from the Dreamcast version. For the most part, thanks to its multiplayer additions, I consider Battle to be the superior version. If the paid DLC includes ALL of the original DC DLC and GC exclusive stuff, this’ll be great. If it’s just an HD port of the Battle, I’ll be disappointed…

      1. I understand that, I was just confused about this piece of article writing:

        “First of all, this version of SA2 appears to be Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and not the Dreamcast original. ”

        And then:

        “the Battle addon will be paid-for DLC.”

        So, it’s Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, just without the extra battle stuff? -Is what I’m wondering. That quote confused me greatly.

        What I’m getting at though is that SA2 HD will be the dreamcast original, but with 1080p, widescreen, HD, right?

        1. I think it’ll be a stripped down version of SA2B. Sort of like how the recent “Sonic Adventure” release was actually SADX without bonus features. It still had the… “enhanced” graphics, the different A-life and Chao Gardens, etc.

      1. I don’t think any date has been given yet.

        Same here, I don’t visit this site as much as I use to…I only visit this site once or twice a week now. Before, I use to visit this site about 21 times a week lol. Once Sonic news comes back on, I’ll be all over this site. XD It is nice though to have a break from Sonic news 🙂 It makes me feel more relaxed that I’ve no need to worry about looking up Sonic news for awhile :P.

        1. October 3rd was stated on the xbox (leak) page that confirmed the port. SEGA have confirmed October 2012. So first or second week in October 2012 is a safe bet.

  12. Why not put as dlc a pack that includes all of the dlc that the dreamcast version had pluss the Battle add on?

  13. Why would I pay 15 bucks for a game that is the exact same thing as the GameCube one. Yeah, yeah, online multiplayer, that’s cool I guess, but the big thing is that this game really isn’t the best Sonic game ever like some people say. I can easily say that Sonic Generations, 3K, 2, CD, and SA1 are all MILES better then this game so I don’t see the hype, if you have this game already, your wasting your money. Online is not enough to make me buy this game.

    1. Okay? What about those who DON’T already have it? Or those who like to get multiple versions of the same game for… collector reasons I guess? (I personally wouldn’t do that but hey, some ppl want just that. lol)

      The game being the best ever is personal taste. I can’t really say CD is better because I enjoy pretty much every boss in SA2 more than in CD and every stage in SA2 more than in CD… And SA1 is about the same to me. I do like roaming around but it doesn’t have multiplayer and apparently that’s a big deal when it comes to replay value. =P

      And while it isn’t enough for you to buy it that it’s online multiplayer IF it’s even online multiplayer, that’s cool. But it might be worth it to someone else who could be interested in say playing against pretty much anyone else with the game that lives anyWHERE else in the world. lol So many different ppl to play with/against, so many styles. I mean there isn’t any other Sonic game with multiplayer quite as good cuz there’s not much to do with Sonic in multiplayer. Sonic 2 might be the runner up. Or Mean Bean Machine. lmao

  14. ohhhhhhh fuck no y the fuck would battle be dlc their fucking this up already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  15. YAAAYYYY FROGGIE! and those infuriating BLOBS in Space colony Ark…love those cheap shot bastards. I just love getting beotch slapped by them all the day long lolz.. GERRRRRRR well at least I can relive 2011 all over again when I finally got my rear in gear and finished that game off lolz.

  16. And this is why I still have my copy of SA2B for the Gamecube. Except, I play it on Wii alongside Shadow’s game XD

  17. I’m confused. If it’s SA2, why wouldn’t he be back?

    And the add-ons are from SA2 and I forget how they were done in the original but it wasn’t just handed to you and something about it was DLC originally anyways I think. The costumes? idk. I could be wrong. lol

    “an SADX”. An?

    So idk what’s wrong with that. I mean, I think it was obvious they were doing that. It’s a port of SA2. Not SA2B.

    On the other hand, yay SA2 re-release. Too bad my 360 got that good ol’ RROD just in time for these oldschoolers to make their comebacks. TwT

  18. Aside from a couple multiplayer stages and additional karts for each character (both being modes I never play anyway), there isn’t a whole lot that was added to the GC release that could be released as DLC.

  19. Right now I’m trying not to crack up as I read this article. I always did like Big’s crazy adventures. Just something about seeing this cat wandering in the middle of the most insane moments, I just want to see it all over again. Or hey even the reprise, with the voice actor doing an interview with Big’s tone of voice. That alone would be priceless.

    Bummer that the DLC contains the Battle data. And it should be complete from the get-go. It just seems kinda weird to release the game, and later with the full content. (might explain the recent detailed extras in a recent article)

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