Sonic Adventure 2 Available in Europe October 3rd, PC Version Officially Confirmed

SEGA Europe has officially dated the upcoming Sonic Adventure 2 HD port for October 3rd on PSN and XBLA in Europe, one day after the game is released on the US PS Store. The XBLA date is a little odd given that SEGA of America announced an October 5th date for the XBLA version in the US and how Xbox Live updates worldwide, and usually on a Wednesday. Could SOA have made a mistake?

In other news, a PC version has been officially confirmed, but the release date for that platform is unfortunately ‘TBC’. Once a release date is divulged we’ll let you know. With today’s news, SEGA has also released some artwork, which you can view below in our gallery.

Source: SEGA Press

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    1. true that. but one thing is not answered. why is the sa2 port coming to pc when it wasn’t for pc in 2001?

      1. Because it was Nintendo’s fault. When they were remaking the game,(at least I think) they were at nintendo base, and they’ve made a contract to not release tihs game in another console for a certain amount of time. That’s why it didn’t came out to PC. SADX is another story

  1. Should be noted Wednesday IS the typical day for new Arcade releases on US Xbox Live, but there’s occasionally new Arcade releases on Fridays also. There’s been a lot of Friday releases the last few weeks actually. So the Oct 5th release date isn’t really that odd, aside from it being 2 days last for whatever reason.

    1. It most likely is. Sonic Generations, Sonic CD AND Sonic Adventure can be found from Steam, so why wouldn’t Sonic Adventure 2 be found from there, too 🙂 I highly doubt they’d leave Steam without Sonic Adventure 2 \o/

  2. Hope the release date for PC will soon be known.

    I don’t mind waiting longer for PC though, as long it’s a GOOD port unlike sa1 for PC.

    1. I second this.
      Jet Set Radio did it. Be cool if they started a trend.
      Portable chao garden.

    2. You want Sonic Adventure 2 on a console that has so far only been sold to 2 million people? Especially when there was never a SA or SA2 port to any handheld console, not even the PSP? Just stick with the PS3/PC version.

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