Sound Test Saturday: Generational Stylings

Sonic Generations was a game that set incredibly high expectations for the fans for one reason, and one reason alone: the stages chosen to represent Sonic’s best moments in two different styles. This stretched not only to the gameplay and level design, but to the music as well.

The final release’s level selection was met with high praise, what with highlighting some of the greatest parts of Sonic’s history… but of course, not everyone is left satisfied. As a result, many people from the music community have decided to take matters into their own hands. Already numerous dubbed “Classic” and “Modern” remixes of Sonic favourites have sprouted around the web.

That is why, for this week’s Sound Test Saturday, we will acknowledge a few of these artists who have payed tribute to Sonic Generations and the history of Sonic in their own special way.

With that, let’s begin with a remix that literally raised the bar much higher than some would favour… a White World mix of Sky Troops from Shadow the Hedgehog!


Covering for Melpontro‘s upcoming custom Sky Troops stage, Zach Hinchy (from the fan game Sonic Time Twisted) and Falk (yes, that Falk) are two of a few names contributing their sounds to Melpontro’s project. Before you ask, yes, a Classic version demo is already up, and the Modern version is on its way with EXshad providing the guitar.

Like the other Hub World themes, this version of Sky Troops is short, sweet, and captivates the gist of the stage’s melody, what with it being a loop for the most part. Well done!

Now, how about a Modern take on a renowned classic… Ice Cap Zone?


Definitely a unique remix on Lumo93‘s part. I would’ve expected it to have gone the usual route when it comes to remixing the fan-favourite level from Sonic 3 & Knuckles… but this Modern/boosting remix is definitely unique, as well as quite fitting. It’s fast, yet the notation and tone, I wouldn’t have expected it to be lowered to such a noticeable degree… yet still work! It only lacks a bit of a bang when compared to the actual tracks, but it still fits quite seamlessly!

And finally, a Classic route deeper into the Pyramid Cave from Sonic Adventure 2!


Yannick Jason took the helm for this incredibly bouncy take on Pyramid Cave, borrowing a style akin to those of Classic Speed Highway and City Escape. The change in time signature partway through is definitely unexpected, but very well executed. A piece worthy for Classic Sonic indeed!

Found an interesting remix, cover, or original? Want to have something of your own featured? If so, then send your wares over to!

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  1. Wow took me a while to remember what that ever even was from in Shadow The Hedgehog(another senior moment) lolz. Hmmm and who knew they were working on a modernized level of that stage too lolz. Simply just hawsume!

  2. Sky Troops…..oh my word….amazing. And that’s only the White World hub stage? I’m listening to the Sky Troops Classic variant soon! Amazing job to them!

    1. there is also the classic remix and previews of the modern stage aswell. visit his account to see

  3. Wow! I am lost for words! The Pyramid Cave and Sky Troops tracks are amazing! Ahhh…. Sky Troops and Ice Cap Zone… the two levels that, according to the majority, seem to be the most wanted DLC. And man, that Pyramid Cave… XD I love this remix.

  4. wow gereat and skytroops remix just gave me an idea for sonic generations
    the will be an extra stage unlocked by one of sonic’s friends and one of them can play that stage
    like if you unlock shadow classic and modern not only will he be on your team he will unlock sky troops and you’ll get to play the stage as him
    and the game will just have the top 3 stages/zones from each game
    and you get to choose one of sonic’s friends to tag along like in sonic 2 and sonic 4 ep 2

  5. Gutted there was never any DLC for Generations… This only makes me even more gutted 🙁 Still brilliant though!

  6. Nicely done! All of them!

    Pyramid Cave-Classic was the best! I could really imagine playing through Pyramid Cave as Classic Sonic with that tune!

  7. All three of these are great. And Congrats to the hub world because it almost sounds official and everything!

  8. I think my favorite is the Classic Sonic Pyramid Cave… what a great Remix, sounds almost like it could be from the game! Listening to it, it makes me think of Marble Zone. And really, Pyramid Cave’s theme is an under appreciated song anyway. The White World Sky Troops was nice as well.

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