Blast Away! Sonic Blast Hits EU 3DS eShop on Thursday

Following the recent downloadable re-releases of Sonic Triple Trouble and Sonic Labyrinth, the speedy blue hedgehog will be once again be hitting the Nintendo 3DS eShop this week in Sonic Blast for the SEGA Game Gear.

Originally released in 1996, the game is a traditional side-scrolling platformer which sees Sonic and Knuckles teaming up to collect the Chaos Emeralds and take down the evil Dr Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. Sonic Blast was the last Sonic game released for the Game Gear and boasts pre-rendered graphics based on its similarly-titled counterpart, Sonic 3D Blast (known as Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island here in Europe), giving it a unique look when compared to its other 8-bit brothers.

European 3DS owners will be able to download the game from Thursday for £4.50.

Are you planning to have a blast with Sonic Blast? Or do you think it’s more “blast to smithereens” than “blast processing”? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK


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  1. Sonic Blast is a terrible videogame and no sensible person ought to part with any money for it.

  2. They’ve succeeded in releasing probably the 2 worst games in the history of the series not called Sonic 06

  3. Sega really does NOT want my money.
    Where is Chaos? Sonic 1+2? Drift 2?

    Least we got Triple Trabble. That was a good start.

    1. I think they’ve missed out the titles they’ve already put on the Wii VC as Master System games. Who knows if they’ll go back and put them on.

  4. In the U.S, we haven’t got Labyrinth yet. We’re still waiting for the release. Anyone know when it will be?

  5. Any news on a U.S. release date??? I know it’s not that great of a game, but this, Knuckles Chaotix, SegaSonic the Hedgehog Arcade and Sonic Free Riders are the only Sonic games I’ve never played. I did see a video for it, though, and not sure if I’m willing to dish out more then $5 for it…

  6. Sonic Blast is by no means the worst Sonic game. Probably the best looking one (when you play it) on the Game Gear.

  7. Ugh… SEGA… please, if you’re going to release Sonic games on the eShop… don’t start with the shitty ones. You had a great start with Sonic Triple Trouble, you don’t need this. I mean, okay, sure, release it, just don’t start your eShop campaign by releasing it, that’s not how you do it. This game sucks. Give us something better… how about Sonic 1, 2, and Chaos? Those were good… Tails Adventure wasn’t THAT bad as people say… I kinda liked it. Erm, maybe you wanna try, um, releasing some others? Knuckles’ Chaotix? SEGASonic the Hedgehog, with the touch controls, eh?

  8. Sonic Labyrinth? Sonic Blast? What are they gonna re-release next, Sonic Genesis? Why are they selling the crappy handhel titles? Where’s a Sonic Advance Collection?

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