Mash-Up Monday: Soul Eater

Yo! Hey! Hiya! Thanks for comin’, great to see you!

…okay, well, that’s about all that I have to say.

Alighty, kidding aside, welcome to a very special Mash-Up Monday, everybody! We’ve got quite a unique haul for you today, though readers bearing unstable souls are recommended not to subject themselves to the following mash-ups. Should you experience any given sign of insanity or madness, please do close the tab and look up something soothing, like adorable kittens!


This week, we’ve got a total of four music combinations, all pertaining to the Soul Eater anime’s soundtrack! First one up is “Wisp Blitz”, a combination of Planet Wisp from Sonic Colours and “Blitz”!


The three remaining mash-ups are all found after the jump.

Next up is “Shelter! Bang! Bang!”, mashing Shadow the Hedgehog‘s Lava Shelter and Death the Kid’s theme: “Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have a Nice Dream”. “Final Shadowstar”, combining Final Haunt and Black★Star’s “Never Lose Myself”, follows, before we finish things off with “White Soul Reasonance”, which mixes “White of Sky” from Sonic and the Secret Rings‘ Skeleton Dome and Soul Eater’s “Psychedelic Souljam”.




Okay, now that’s all I have to say. Have a great time!

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    1. and on another note, these mixes sound so natural. It sounds like an original track and not so much liken a mash-up. Amazing.

  1. Haha, woah, thanks for featuring my music in mash up monday! Total surprise to me honestly, but I should mention I’ve gotten better if anyone’s interested in more 😉

  2. What’s this?

    A combination of one of my favourite anime/manga’s with Sonic?!

    I approve this and so should you.

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