Sound Test Saturday: Spinball Edition


Because we all need is a good laugh to start things off!

Welcome back to Sound Test Saturday, Sonic netizens! We’ve got quite the music haul to highlight, so take a seat (though you’re likely already doing so), relax, grab some munchies, and ready your ears.

This week, we’ll be taking a look at five Sonic Spinball remixes! And what better way is there to start things off… than with a rearrangement by one of the game’s composers, Howard Drossin?

Let’s boot up the spinball machine and “Return to the Toxic Caves”!


Flip on through the rest after the jump!

Yes, this was mixed by the Howard Drossin, the same musician who contributed to Spinball, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic and the Black Knight. The mix you’re listening to originates from a short, limited release soundtrack back in 1996 called Virtual Sonic, compiled of tracks dedicated to Sonic Spinball as well as Sonic & Knuckles. Most of the songs on the CD are entirely original with only a handful being rearrangements.

What struck me as to this remake of the Toxic Caves theme is how eerily fitting it would be for Sonic Adventure. It’s fun, it’s quite bouncy, and the instrumentation really gives off the Adventure vibe, wouldn’t you all say?

Next up, Toxic Rave!


The man behind this ravey take on Toxic Caves goes by Paul Stetich, and is one of the sexiest pieces of ear candy I’ve ever had the grace to listen to. Quite suitable for a rave of some sort, a massive party or a get-together…*hint hint, SOS organizers!*

Now, a short intermission through the Options… or a mid-way mark with the credits theme, reinterpreted by the one of The Sonic Stadium Member Board moderators, Carbo!


Also going by the name Plumegeist, Carbo is one of The Sonic Stadium Music Album‘s musicians with quite a depth of talent (“Ark Annihilator“, anyone?). This was one of his four submissions, this one serving as a short interlude between two sets. Special thanks to bmn for uploading the album onto YouTube!

Now let’s get in for a couple of Lava Powerhouse remixes, shall we?


This was submitted by Musical Entities. A fair reinterpretation of the Powerhouse theme… granted, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the song fairly, considering I’ve never made it… or lasted that stage. It’s been a while since I’ve played though, but I digress! This is a well made piece of work for what seems to be a beginner. I have high hopes for what Musical can accomplish!

And now… a music video!


Coming straight from the group Ring Energy, led by Psyguy, this comedic (and lyrical) take on the theme is really swell!

The efforts are split between Psyguy (who handles the music), the piece’s male vocalist Solid Jake, and the female vocalist Serenamidori, with Frobman contributing the video. Not limited to Sonic alone, this mix pretty much highlights the pinball genre as a whole, and does a good job doing so.

Stay tuned for STS’s big move, coming soon!

Special thanks to Caboose759 and Musical Entities for their own respective finds and submissions!

Found an interesting remix, cover, or original piece? Have one of your own and want to get it featured? If so, send it over to!

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  1. You mean The Entity right? Lol I hate that YouTube username btw. Wish I could change it. Thank you for posting this!

  2. Oh Lordy, you totally did just post my crappy video on the front page of the world’s largest Sonic fansite.

    This along with the superb SPEENBOARGH remixes here completely made my day. Scratch that, life.

  3. That music video is brilliant, very funny. I love all the Sonic game and cartoon references. All the music on this post is really good, expecially the Industrial Powerhouse (Lava Powerhouse-Sonic Spinball, Zone 2) remix.

    The ‘Virtual Sonic’ album is on the Sonic Wrecks site isn’t it?

    I always liked Spinball. Had really good music, nicely designed pinball levels. Insanely fast game. The Lava Powerhouse level was the stand out level, although I liked all the levels.

    1. Thank you. Lava Powerhouse always had a Industrial sound to me. Glad you liked it! It took me a lOOOOOONNNG time, didn’t exactly know what to do with the ending. Granted it was on the backburner because of my own original music. Thanks again!

  4. Oh wow! Thank you so much! I’m surprised to see it featured – I thought like I had upset you guys and you were ignoring it ^^; Show’s what I know!

    Thanks again!

    1. Now where’d that logic come from? D: How would you have upset anyone? What reason would we have to do that?

      You’re a talented guy, Psy, and we love ya. XD We just don’t post a lot in the Showcase forum unless we got something to show!

  5. surprised that you didn’t add the New Junk City (earthworm jim) Toxic Caves mix, but then again that was more of a mashup rather than a mix. Though I think it deserves an honorable mention.

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