Tech4Kids Making New Sonic Toys for North America!

If you’ve ever wanted a Sonic themed sled or water gun, Tech4Kids has answered your prayers! Later this year, the toy company will be debuting four unique Sonic themed toys, including a sled, a “Project-A-Sketch” projector, a flash light that projects Sonic sketch images, and finally a water gun.

Images and descriptions are posted below for all products except the flash light, which is apparently just the Project-A-Sketch without the stand. All of these products will be available for US and Canadian residents at Toys ‘R Us, Costco, Wal-Mart, Dick’s,  Zellers, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, and Mastermind Toys.

So, now that it seems like Sonic is going through another merchandising boom, might we see the return of Sonic Shampoo? Please, SEGA?

“These saucer sleds provide tons of fun for all ages. With handles and a 24″ base to sit or kneel on, kids will feel safe and secure riding their favourite character down the hill. The board itself is also very light and easy to carry so they can toboggan all day long! These round saucers feature colorful graphics on 3/4″ thick foam board, 2 foam handles and a slick bottom.”

 “A great activity toy for kids that allows them to trace beams of light emanating from a fun flashlight. Each Project a Sketch comes with the main “stand on its own” flashlight as well as 6 lenses each with its own Sonic image. The flashlight comes bundled with its own case and stand, so to begin, all you have to do is open the case to mount the flashlight on any table or flat surface.  Once opened, turn the flashlight on and place a piece of paper beneath the light.  Select your lens and begin tracing! Once finished, you can even colour in the tracing with any style marker or crayon! Comes with new brighter, longer lasting LED lights!”


“Create huge blasts of water! Colorful water cannon that blasts huge streams of water.  Features an adjustable nozzle that allows you to select from 4 different stream types. Full color graphics for a great high end look. Powerful water blast shoots up to 25 feet(8m)!”

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  1. Heheh So many Sonic toys i wish i had back then now adays, back in the day Sonic and Mario toys were so rare.

  2. @aries i was gonna say the exact same thing, there was sonic merchandise but where i live for some reason it was like a god send to get anything sonic related, i remember when i saw sonic slippers as a kid i beg my parents to get it for me

  3. Do I see the word 4Kids in there?! XD Eheheh… this seems great, especially that Sonic Water Gun thing…. but at first glance, I swear I saw “4Kids Making new Sonic X Season” and I was panicking… XD Still, great.

  4. Ah yes, just what I needed….a pump-action, Sonic water tube…thing.

    No thanks. Great for the kiddies though, I guess?

    1. You’d be surprised, actually — one of the things I did when I was little was trace over things because most of my instruction books consisted of ‘draw this circle, draw the rest of it perfectly, you’re done’. Of course, it wasn’t stuff like just drawing over the lines and stuff: there was scribbling construction lines and circles over the top, learning how the image was built and how I could build from it. Teach your kid to do that when they want to trace Sonic art and they’ll get a grip on why the art looks as good as it does.

  5. *ahem* … No credit going towards SonikkuForever for finding this piece of info? 🙂

  6. I remember Sonic Ketchup from way back in the early 90s (only the bottle was blue, sadly). Bring that stuff back Daddies!

  7. “Kids will feel safe and secure riding their favourite character down the hill.”

    Yeah. Ok.

    Also, that’s some shitty Photoshopping on the water blaster picture. It’s not even in his hand!

  8. Hey I’d get the blaster just to shoot my friends with it since I don’t even have a water gun. Oh what fun I could have at the pool with it. xD

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