Tech4Kids Making New Sonic Toys for North America!

If you’ve ever wanted a Sonic themed sled or water gun, Tech4Kids has answered your prayers! Later this year, the toy company will be debuting four unique Sonic themed toys, including a sled, a “Project-A-Sketch” projector, a flash light that projects Sonic sketch images, and finally a water gun.

Images and descriptions are posted below for all products except the flash light, which is apparently just the Project-A-Sketch without the stand. All of these products will be available for US and Canadian residents at Toys ‘R Us, Costco, Wal-Mart, Dick’s,  Zellers, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware, and Mastermind Toys.

So, now that it seems like Sonic is going through another merchandising boom, might we see the return of Sonic Shampoo? Please, SEGA?

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