Sonic 4: Episode II Launch Trailer, True Blue Initiative Episode II!


[UPDATE] The main website has updated with Sky Fortress Zone and Episode Metal in accordance with S4EII‘s launch, including some new screenshots. Thanks to MilesKnightwing for the tip! Prices for the game are now included in the article as well. Original post below!

Showcasing the four main zones and bosses in action, the launch trailer to Sonic 4: Episode II was unveiled today in conjunction with the releases of the PSN and PC versions of the game. The new trailer also unveils the iOS release date: the game will be available off the iTunes App Store on the 17th, two days from now.

SEGA Blog also listed the prices for the different versions of the game: $14.99/€12.99/£9.99/AUD$18.25 off the PlayStation Network and Steam, 1200 points from the Xbox Live Marketplace, and $6.99/€5.49/£4.99/AUD$7.49 for the iOS and Android versions.

Check out the True Blue Initiative and the new screenshots after the jump!

Just like the campaign following the release of Sonic 4: Episode I, the community team down at SEGA of America will be gathering names for The True Blue Initiative, Episode II.

To qualify, all you need to do is purchase at least 2 of the 5 versions of the game eligible (XBLA, PSN, PC, iOS, Android) by the end date and send a message with your receipts as well as your preferred name to the community team, either through a PM to Kellie down at the SEGA Forum or through an email

Those who have managed to snag 4 versions of the game will not only get a special thanks note, but also a Sonic 4: Episode II poster signed by the Sonic 4 team at SEGA of America. In addition to your proofs of purchase and name, supplementary details such as your full name, home/mailing address, phone number, and the name you’d want signed for yourself on the poster will be required as well.

The end date to submit to The True Blue Initiative is on Friday, June 15th at 10:00am Pacific Time. For more details, head to the thread on the SEGA Forum here.

[UPDATE] Here are the new screenies as well as Sky Fortress Zone’s description from Sonic 4‘s main site!

A supergiant flying fortress made to be the final line of defence. Can Sonic fend off the relentless chase from Metal Sonic in a high-altitude battle?


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  1. Oh for god’s sake SEGA, this was a stupid profit-increaser last time, and it still is now.

    1. It’s bonus content. Even if it totally sucks it’s not that big of a deal.

    2. Episode metal would be a lot cooler if mettle sonic could have some REALLY pro abilities.
      Like that purple boost thing he does at the end of lost labyrinth.
      That would be sooooooooo cool.

      But still its pretty cool to play as metal sonic.

  2. I look forward to buying it when I get home (from school =P) Episode I did not let me down (2 years later I still play it often) and I’m certain that if Ep II builds on the Ep I mechanics then it will provide two times more fun for myself…. I AM A TRUE SONIC FAN! not the complainers and annoying… er… not going to say anymore… HOPE PEOPLE ENJOY IT! (EPISODE METAL FTW)

  3. I’ve refreshed the PSN store at least FIVE times so far and STILL the game is not available for download for me yet! I’m in the US, today is the release, I HAVE the money to buy this game. SO WHY ISN’T THE GAME LETTING ME BUY IT BY NOT SHOWING UP IN THE STORE?!?!?!

  4. Sonic 4 Ep II doesn’t appear to be on the UK PSN…anyone else having the same problem? Surely they would have updated the store by now?

    Very disappointed, I’ve rushed home from work for this!

  5. Im currently downloading it, Hopefully this will be fun. from the looks o,f it, it looks liek its similar to STH1’s physics, just with the spin dash. Lol

  6. Any of you guys UK or Ireland? I’m in Ireland but it ain’t appearing on the PSN store???

  7. So it’s about 24 hours until Ep2 is available on EU PSN. So jealous! I will pass the time playing Sonic CD. Well it’s either that or Ep1. No contest.

    @VizardJeffhog – thanks for the mention. You really suprised me!

    1. 😀 Confirms it, doesn’t it? Jix likey!

      Too bad there’s no Wii version or I’d qualify for the initiative

    2. Or it could just be telling us that the story ends with episode 2

      But an episode 3 would be awesome.
      It would probably have knuckles in it.

      1. Yeah, “conclude” means to bring to an end. So this is probably the last episode, unless there is a teaser at the end of the game.

  8. Welp, i played episode 2 and thought it was fun, call me crazy for liking episode 1 better, just a little bit tho.

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