Freak-Out Friday: Melpontro Next-Genanigans

Watch out, lassies! For this week’s Freak-Out Friday, we’ve got something that’s pawsitively fetching!

YouTube user Melpontro gave Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 a new leash on life as he hacks into the game and starts playing with the models, unintentionally creating a new story.

It is the story of a young pup who’s had it ruff, until one day, he is found by a certain blue hedgehog who just arrived to the kingdom of Soleanna. What the hedgehog didn’t count on was the impact he left on the beloved dog.

To this day, the pup still looks up to Sonic. Striving to be as fleat as the blue blur, to reach high speeds without having to pawse, to keep a pawsitive outlook on life… and to make all of those Eggman’s robots run for the hills!

This is the tail

…of Pelé, the Beloved Dog.


Now that’s a good boy!

Check out more of Melpontro’s Sonic ’06 hacks after the jump. Beagl-ad there were puns this Friday!

For these two cutscene hacks… now we know why fusions are a bad idea. The hedgehog trio sure got chewed up this time around!



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  1. Ok the dog thing was brilliant but what the crispy aromatic DUCK is up with those cutscenes?

  2. omfg, i ltterally just watched this yesterday and couldn’t stop laughing at how strange this looks
    oh and the sonicXshadow fusion is actually kinda cool

  3. It’s even more awesome when you imagine Sonic’s voice as some sort of narrator, rather than the dog’s voice. XD

  4. “C’mon Pele, Eggmans got your doggy treats! Get him!!”. When Pele does the triangle jump, I just wanted to do a dog’s howl. But when Pele sat down after that, I nearly wet myself, a hahaha!

  5. The game… looks a lot more fun now.

    I mean, if they made an actual game like this, I mean not specifically like 06, but like a game of a dog with these abilities, that’d be sweet…

  6. That awkward moment when the dog has better animations than sonic himself… This looks awesome xD

  7. “If you jump just as you land on a wall, you can jump off of it. YES YOU CAN! YES YOU CAN! WHO’S A GOOD BOY? PELE’S A GOOD BOY! AWOOJIEWOOJIEWOOJIE YES HE IS!” That’s what you get when you throw the stick that far!

  8. Not you as well Vizard! Your cursed with the Punerthemia! First Jason and now you!!!!!!!!!!

  9. if there was such a thing as a talking dog adventure game, this would be the one for his voice

  10. I always knew Shadow was just a garbled up version of Sonic, and this proves it :B

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