eBay Watch: Little-seen Stuff Going Under the Hammer

Our good friend Kevin “ArchangelUK” Eva got up to quite a bit in his time at Sega UK, so it stands to reason he’s got his fair share of rare Sonic merch. Now the former Community Manager is raising funds with a load of his stuff seeing the light of eBay.

Now I’m no merch hog, but most of this stuff I didn’t even know existed, so if you like your collectables, you know what to do.

There’s the more mundane promotional stuff – a Sonic Heroes t-shirt, Sonic Chronicles tin and Sonic Rush Adventure… hand torch? With them, though, AAUK’s listed a 15-year-old original inked page from Archie’s Knuckles the Echidna comic, and a Sonic and the Secret Rings print signed by Yojiro Ogawa – Sonic Team’s top guy on that title.

The star of the show, though, is a mint condition super-rare First4Figures 20th Anniversary statue. Unlike the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition statue which had 12,000 commissioned, this thing only saw 900 made and they were never sold to the public. As you’d imagine, they go for a pretty penny the few times they appear on auction sites.

We haven’t had an eBay Watch here at TSS for a while, but there’s not much better reason to bring it back…

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