Two More Sonic Game Gear Games Coming to 3DS Virtual Console

The Australian Clarification Board has rated Sonic Blast and Sonic Labyrinth for the 3DS Virtual console. While I could think of much better Sonic Game Gear games to put on the 3DS, you gotta admit that it’s an…interesting choice. Sonic Blast is a 2-D platformer with 3-D rendered graphics (ALA Sonic 3-D Blast) and very choppy animation while Sonic Labyrinth is considered by many fans to be one of the worst Sonic games of all time. When these games will be available or in what countries is still unknown, but it should be later this year. In the meantime, read on to check out some gameplay videos from both of these titles.



Source [MyNintendoNews]

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  1. Sonic Blast doesn’t look to bad. It’s been awhile sense I played it. I know Labyrinth is horrible. If it wasn’t for Sonic Genesis, it would be my least favorite Sonic game.

  2. How is it that Sonic Labyrinth gets so much hate even with Sonic Blast set beside it. Sonic Labyrinth isn’t anything special, but Sonic Blast is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. In fact, Sonic Blast, Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic and the Secret Rings are all significantly worse than Labyrinth. I’m sure that Black Knight spin-off is just as bad, but I’ve luckily never played it.

    Eh, whatever. Not like I’m buying any of these Game Gear games for my 3DS anyway. Except maybe Tails Adventure, should they release it. That was pretty awesome.

    1. Brianzilla2004, you lost me when you said Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic and the Secret Rings. Given, both have their negatives (SAdv2 with having to collect SEVEN bonus stars just to make the bonus stage and Secret Rings for the learning curve) but I feel as though both are solid and fun. Sonic Advance 2 especially for the insane speed and good music. The boss battles were pretty unique in that one too.

      If you want to think about the worst Sonic games of all time, they’d have to be Tails’ Skypatrol, Sonic Spinball (Game Gear version – Genesis one was pretty solid), Sonic Blast (I’m with you saying Labyrinth is better than Blast), Sonic Jam ( version), and Sonic the Hedgehog (’91) Genesis for GBA. If it’s possible to lump part of a game instead of an entire one, I’d put Sonic’s story in Sonic the Hedgehog (’06) in there as well. Shadow’s too awesome in that title to put the entire game in that list.

      Dishonorable mention? Sonic and the Black Knight. There’s enough fun to be had to lump it out of that catagory, but not much else. Crush 40’s anthems in that game are SWEET however.

      1. I stand by what I said about Sonic Advance 2 (you even mentioned one of the greatest design flaws of the game), as well as Sonic and the Secret Rings. I’d have to argue that SSR’s greatest fault wasn’t a steep learning curve so much as poor controls and execution. I will give you one thing, and that’s that Sonic Advance 2 had some decent boss battles.

        Tails’ Skypatrol is indeed a horrendous game. In fact, right after I submitted my post I remembered that one. I’d much rather play Sonic Blast or Sonic Advance 2 than Skypatrol… I played the first level of Spinball for GG and got bored and turned it off, so I’d be more than happy to add that to my list of bad games as well. Never played the Sonic Jam, but based on footage I’ve seen, I’m sure you’re right. I did enjoy Sonic Genesis to a degree, but its excellent level design can’t save it from playing like it was ported by a twelve-year-old in an afternoon.

        I must disagree with you on what you said about Sonic 2006 though. If you were to call it bad as a whole, I wouldn’t argue (even though I actually enjoy the game quite a bit). The way I see it, it’s basically Sonic Adventure 3, which is a fantastic thing, but it needed another 12 months or so to get finished, which is quite catastrophic. It’s like giving birth to a child after a 5-month pregnancy. It’s just not gonna come out right, no matter how good the genes are. But you claim that the Shadow segment is good, while the Sonic segment is among the worst portions of Sonic games ever. Here’s how I see the Sonic parts compared to Shadow’s:

        + Faster
        + No vehicles
        + Doesn’t launch up and back after Homing Attack
        + Bounce Attack
        + Entertaining, albeit underdeveloped Gem Shoes
        – Nearly unplayable high speed segments

        Shadow had his Chaos power thing where he could use his energy to teleport to surrounding enemies and finish them off quickly, but I found myself constantly plunging to my death when I activated it. I’d zip from one enemy to the next, then after a while I’d stop teleporting to enemies and just fall to my death. So, I stopped using it in places like Crisis City and wound up getting all S ranks much easier and more reliably. Go figure.

        Despite how horribly underdeveloped the game was, I still much prefer it over Unleashed. And Heroes. Although Unleashed had some pretty awesome tech, and Sonic Generations proves that the game mechanics introduced in Unleashed are solid. You just need good level design (i.e. the opposite of nearly every level in Unleashed). For the record, the reason I skipped mentioning Colors isn’t because I didn’t like it. I never got to play it. :'( Maybe someday…

        Anyway, I’m going on and on. Sorry about that.

        1. Wait… you didn’t like Unleashed’s level design but liked Generations?


          1. Yes, how weird of me to enjoy level design that affords you a few mistakes for not pressing buttons within a window of a few hundredths of a second, while not liking the exact opposite of that. It also helps that the Homing Attack and Boost are mapped to different buttons, and that the Homing Attack always registers (my favorite way to die in the middle or end of a solid speed run in Unleashed was for Sonic to flatout ignore my command when I pressed X to have him attack a nearby enemy).

            There are two big reasons Unleashed did so poorly critically (got many reviews weaker than Sonic 2006), and the Werehog is only one of them.

            Also, a preemptive rebuttal here. In the case of ‘you just don’t like it because it was too hard for you lol,’ I was among the first to get all of the Achievements (would’ve been the first if I didn’t have a vacation right before I could finish), and I acquired all S ranks (something you may recall you weren’t required to do for 1000 Gamerscore/Platinum Trophy).

        2. Huh, I’ve never had that problem with Shadow. Of course, I only used his Chaos power when I’m surrounded by countless enemies. I did encounter a few problems in some Shadow levels, but with the exception with the final boss, I’ve found ways to get around them easily.

          Anyway. You stand by your opinion, I stand by mine.

          1. Regardless of how our opinions differ regarding Sonic 2006, I think we can both agree on one thing: Tails’ Skypatrol is awful!

    2. Hey hey, watch it there – Sonic and the Secret Rings is one of the best Genie based Sonic games of all time.

      1. With such great games like Sonic Riders lumped into that category, that’s really saying a lot!

  3. Black Knight and Unleashed aren’t good enough to be sold in stores. But Labyrinth and Blast are okay?

  4. Ugh… of all games… well, at least it’s not Tails Skypatrol. I will take Sonic Blast over Sonic Labyrinth but both are just terrible… if they’re smart they’ll add the good Game Gear games like Sonic the Hedgehog or Tails Adventure.

  5. Sonic Labyrinth… fooling the ignorant into wasting their money since nineteen-ninety… uh… something.

  6. O_O Wait… you used the Great Clement’s videos on these games?! You… are awesome…

  7. Werehog fans should love Sonic Labyrinth, what’s the difference? Jesus, stop being so dramatic over a freaking spinoff.

    P.S. Sonic Labyrinth with Unleashed graphics = Werehog levels with added Spindash. Out of Unleashed and Labyrinth, which one stays more true to Sonic’s character? Labyrinth. So shut up and just don’t buy the game. Not hard, boys and girls.

  8. both games not the best -.- but it better play it through GameCube (Sonic Adventure DX – unlockables)/PlayStation 2 or Xbox Classic “Not Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3” (Sonic Mega Collection Plus or Sonic Gem Collection) believe it will save lots of space

  9. Don’t get me started with Sonic Drift and the 2nd version! Those two were okay… But Mario Kart is a bit easier to handle with the SNES and N64.

    What I want for Sega to do is make Sonic the Fighters.. I mean, that was the best fighting game I played that was easy! :3

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