Rumour: Sonic 4: Episode 2 Due Late 2012?

Sonic fans have been waiting a long time for the second episode of Sonic’s downloadable adventure Sonic the Hedgehog 4, and according to the new issue of GamesMaster magazine released in the UK this week, the wait isn’t anywhere near over. The magazine reports that Episode 2 will be released “Late 2012”, which could see it released over two years after Episode 1. As SEGA themselves haven’t stated anything clearer than “2012” yet, we advise you take this with a grain of salt for now.

Source: GamesMaster Issue 248 March 2012

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  1. Better not be true. Given the teasing they’ve been doing now, a Spring release would be best. I can’t imagine fans being happy with concept art NOW and a release in November/December.

  2. The comic tie-in is normally representative of when the game releases. So I’d imagine a spring release.

  3. Late 2012?!

    What the heck SEGA.

    God I hope this isn’t true, it’s a loooooong wait for four zones and a boss stage.

  4. Well, guys, we must remember every time SEGA rushed a game to meet a deadline… it happened with so many! Sonic 4 Episode I, Sonic 06, and even Sonic Generations… me, I think it’s fine if they delay it more so that it’s better (can you imagine how terrible Episode I would be if they didn’t delay it?)

  5. I noticed that at the end it says “the game’s first half”
    maybe episode 2 is the last one considering the “half”
    hope not though

    1. me three, but I didn’t say nothing just incase. y’know if SEGA decided to merge all the planned episodes into one…hope it’s an error on their part.

  6. I’m calling it now:

    It gets released on November 24th, the 20th anniversary of Sonic 2 for the Genesis/Mega Drive.

  7. I hope it isn’t a late release, and if it is I’d then expect it to be improved a lot, not the coding differences to be:
    Copy, Paste, Rename- “Episode: II”.

  8. If that’s the case, there’s probably another Sonic game coming out before it. It’ll be weird, only having one Sonic this year; not counting Mario and Sonic 3DS.

  9. The article says that Metal Sonic replaces Robotnik (eggman whatever) as the main villian. Where is the proof? The Robotnik boss concept art from yesterday says different.

    Robotnik was still the main villian in CD despite Metal Sonic’s being in that game.

      1. I second that… OH! Know that makes me want Metal Sonic Kai to appear in the game! Y’know, the Knuckles Chaotix final boss! The only problem is that there are no Chaos Rings…

        1. What does that have to do with anything? If you payed better attention, you would know that Eggman appears in that ending too. So that doesn’t add anything onto this subject.

          1. I was just saying it isnt the first we have heard of this, i was not saying that eggman wont be in it at all
            So grab a napkin homie you just got served

          2. What do you mean “still” i was not trying to prove a point i was just saying metal sonic was said to be in it since episose 1 i never said he’d replace eggman
            Oh, and have you ever heard of freedom of speech? if so you should know i can say what ever i want.

          3. Look. I ain’t gonna spam up the whole page with this shit. So.. Let’s just say because of Ninjas and we leave it at that.

  10. I honestly think Sega is re-evaluating what kind of a game they want episode 2 to be. I think the fan outcry from wonky physics of episode 1 forced Sega to rethink their direction with this series.

  11. “SEGA have finally.”

    I smell fan edit. Proper pronounce would be “SEGA has finally”

    “Metal Sonic has replaced Dr. Eggman”

    Again the smell of fan edit lingers. Metal Sonic will be assisting in the sidelines like in CD with Dr. Eggman back on the main boss home plate.

  12. seeing as though the first episode had sonic one style special stages hopefully episode 2 will have sonic 2 style special stages

  13. Hopefully Ep2 will have a brand new special stage design. The Sonic 2 special stage concept has already been re-used before in Sonic Heroes and Sonic 3d blast (sega saturn).

    1. And Sonic Rush, and Sonic Colors DS. If SEGA’s going to rehash a special stage, it better be the S3&K one. Plus, that music was sick!

  14. Didn’t Ken Balough say that they were following the Ep I marketing thing? After he said that, I guessed he meant even relese date and what not. Not so much of a surprise here. Maybe an early build will be ‘accidentally’ released and everyone can tell them what to fix XD

  15. I’m more surprised that they refer to it as a “half” of the game. There seriously can’t be just 2 episodes, can there?

  16. Hmmmmm, thinking about Sonic 4: Episode I’s ending, Robotnik flew off the screen after Sonic, after that, Metal’s shadow appeared… in a menacing way… could Robotnik not know about Metal’s revival? Could Metal surprise him at the end like Sonic Heroes? Maybe becoming… Metal Sonic Kai from Knuckles Chaotix? Hmmmmm… foreshadowing…

  17. I’m…not buying that. That would be awful for them to release it that far and let it be known now.

    Let’s wait for Sega’s official word before breaking down the doors.

  18. come on guys just wait a few months and meanwhile sega is going to release a great game in march shogun total war 2 fall of the samurai that should keep us busy while sonic 4 episode 2 its released

      1. they announced sonic generations in April and it released in november, that’s still pretty long

          1. Sonic Colors = March(3)-November(15) = 8 1/2 months
            Sonic Generations = April(7)-October(31) = 7 months.
            The Sonic 4 Episode 2 Teaser Trailer does not count, because it was only explaining what’s to come for that episode, while Colors and Generations showed CGI. Plus the Episode 2 teaser trailer was A TEASER, not an announcement trailer.

            While yes, it is possible for SEGA to release Episode 2 in 12 months(but seems unlikely), we will just have to wait and see. However, UNTIL the announcement trailer for Episode 2 comes, THEN we can start the date.

  19. Don’t really care much for Sonic 4 tbh guess I’ll wait and see what they’ll announce in the next couple of months for the next main game. I’m sure SEGA will announce soon we only started the new year 3/4 weeks ago…just wait a couple of months for news like usual 😛

  20. Well.. crap. But again, take your time SEGA..

    on the other hand, Eggman has appeared as a recent concept art.. so he isn’t entirely gone.. so maybe they’re wrong :O

  21. Everyone’s saying spring. Why would it be Spring? It’s possible but wouldn’t Summer be more appropriate? The comic is supposed to be parts before it right? I remember them saying this specific comic indicated ep2 would release AFTER the comic but shortly after. Not around the same time.

    Besides if it’s late 2012 oh well. You all wanted them to take more time on their developement, not that they needed to. If it’s released in October that’d be weird but oh well.

  22. *(Sonic The hedgehog 4 – Episode 2 – Plot)*

    Dashing through Splash Hill and various zones from the first episode, Sonic sprints towards the falling remains of Eggman’s latest space ship creation as it plumets towards Zone’s un-seen. After losing a great deal of it’s structure and energy cores due to Eggman’s exagerated attempt at destroying Sonic, it does nothing short of bring deja-vu to our spikey blue hero. It’s as if the Death Egg event’s are happening once more as the structure get’s closer and closer to the ground.

    “Eggman… I’ll find you where it lands… I know it. There’s no way your getting time for a re-build this time around…”

    As he continues his dash in an effort to do as he vowed, another strange explosion appears where Sonic had entered the structure’s main doors in his last adventure. Appearing as a flaming meteor, the object rockets through the sky around the falling Egg Station and set’s it’s target on Sonic launching at him with full force. With moments to spare Sonic attempts to dash away, but suddenly a familiar sound echo’s from the distance.

    “What the…? It can’t be…”

    With a quick glimpse his eye’s turn to see a certain red plane rocketing towards him


    Flailing his arm’s the plane heads towards him with a certain familiar figure piloting the controls

    “SONIC!!! JUMP!!!”

    In a split second save the plane zips by catching our hero and avoiding the meteor like object, but at a cost of the planes tail being hit in the process. Spinning out of control they crash onto the new zone and with quick reaction the two stand ready watching the area of impact. As the smoke settles a familiar figure appears standing ready to face our heroe’s.

    “HeDgEhOg DeTeCtEd… FoX dEtEcTeD… tArGeTs LoCkEd…”

    With it’s arms crossed and it’s glowing rede eye’s glaring, our heroe’s watch the robotic creation and the Egg Station as it finally hits the ground… Far… Far in the distance. But the explosion as it hit does little to comfort our hero’s, as knowing the doctor, he will be unharmed and readily repairing the station withing hours. And with the familiar enemy making a familiar pose before them, getting to the doctor in time isn’t going to be quite as easy as before.

    “Heh heh heh… Long time no see! Eggman must be desperate turning to his 2nd place best again… Let’s see what you’ve got this time!!”

    With an excited grin Sonic makes his stance ready to sprint off into his next title, and with an old friend by his side, it’s going to be twice the fun, twice the danger, twice the surprises, and twice the adventure!

  23. Oh, meant to say “Insert Splash Hill Zone – Mario And Sonic Remix” at the end of that with “Bright flash – fade to title screen”

  24. They BETTER have more than 4 zones and they BETTER have Classic Sonic physics…or at least something close to it. Just…physics…

  25. Four zones does not feel enough. Six at least for good (long) replay value.

    I get the feeling in light of the success of the recent digital downloads (Episode 1 & CD) SEGA should now have the confidents along with a bigger budget to make Ep2 a truely special Sonic game. No reason why SEGA can’t as they created the brilliant Sonic 1,2, 3&K, 3d blast, Spinball.

  26. I expected this, the most sonic games releases late in the year for christmas and everything. Still, it would be very nice if they could release it earlyer.

  27. Are peeople really complaining? Come on! We like, JUST got Generations, while that was 4 months ago. If people hated Episode 1 so much, why rush Episode 2?

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