Free Stationery Kit With M&S 2012 3DS Pre-orders at GAME Group Retailers

The GAME Group of retailers are now listing a pre-order bonus for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Pre-order the game in store (£5 deposit required) or online at either GAME, Gamestation or Gameplay (online only) and you will receive a free stationery kit themed on the game.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games will be available in Europe February 10th 2012. You can pre-order at the links below.

GAME: £34.99
Gamestation: £34.99
Gameplay: £27.99

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    1. Thanks. Fixed it. I wasn’t sure whether it was an a or e towards the end, and GAME’s description of the bonus on their site had it with an a XD

      1. No probs 🙂 I’ve had a long-running debate with someone online recently about this so it’s kind of become a twitch for me, hahahah.

        …Maybe I need to get on GAME’s case!

  1. hmm… i might pre-order this. although i get my money before febuary and it comes out on the 10th anyway

  2. Looks like the very same stationery kit that came with the Wii version if you ordered fro
    Mighty Ape. As well as a beach ball, key ring and lanyard.

    Their 3DS preorder comes with a Mario & Sonic 3DS case instead of the stationary kit.

  3. Lol I have 10 of these big w accidently put them on shelves for 1 cent haha so I got everything they had

  4. It that all an stationary kit for pre-order from GAME (that going got a problems scene GAME Website still got the glitch – Incorrect Address problems “even it is correct)

    it better to buy it from with the discount money (Price goes down during the pre-order) after the released date

    1. im waiting for it to go down to 29.90 soon most 3ds games sell for that price on amazon its 34.99 at the moment

      im from ireland and game are 10 euro dearier over here so amazon it is i bought 15 games at christmas and i saved 150 euro 0_O IRELAND is a rip off

      1. Pre-order Price
        Was: £34.99
        Now: £29.91
        Please Note: the Price may change (goes up or down) while pre-order is being progress

    1. So let me get this straight. You are Ryan/SEGA/Nintendo, aren’t you?

      I cannot wait to play this game’s story mode!

  5. Seems Sonic 4 : Episode 2 has been rated by the ESRB, has a brief description of the game and mentions his “fox-like sidekick”. I was rated for PC too which is interesting, and wasn’t rated for iOS which is weirder still.

  6. Alright! Finally something about this game! Hmmm… I’m still gonna wait to see which version is better before I buy one… I wonder when the reviews will be up… I’M COUNTING ON YOU, NINTENDO POWAH!

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