Is Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Coming to PC?

According to US ratings board the ESRB, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 will see a release on Windows PC. A rating for the game has appeared on the ESRB’s website recently which lists the game for the platform. Early last month, Episode 1 appeared on the Steam registry, suggesting SEGA is bringing Sonic the Hedgehog 4 to PC users, and with such strong evidence like this, it seems a PC release for both Episodes is all but officially confirmed.

Source: ESRB

Thanks to TenkoTAiLS in our comments section for the heads up!

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    1. I would like another Generations, but not with Boosting Sonic. I want to explore and speed through huge worlds, not boost through them ( even though Generations had good platforming. ). I want 3D Sonic back 🙁 Either way, I’m happy the way Sonic is right now. 🙂

      1. lol i was talking about the PC version of SG witch don’t really show up until the last day xD

        1. OHHH! Haha, sorry. 🙂 I know what you mean now, that EP2 will be another Generations, as in a last minute announcement. xD

      2. I do not know, Sonic games usually give an unneeded balance of boosting and platforming. I mean at first I do boosting and go through some amazing obstacles and I’m like this is so intense, and than the game switches to 2D which means I have to do platforming and I’m like come on I want more fast-pace action. So I get into the platforming and I’m like this is really fun and challenging but than it suddenly ends and its back to boosting. I think they need create separate games. One with fast paced Sonic action one with a slower pace (like genesis games) with more emphasis on exploration.

        1. sonic 4 was created for genesis fans and ps the homing attack is optional (in some cases)

          sonic rush (even though its probably dead) for fast paced boosting for modern fans

          both 2d games

    1. hahaha this comment just earned you 50+ internet points.

      They seriously should keep info safe…I hate having these leaks.

  1. exactly! i wanna see some damn gameplay! if they’ve already announced this game for pc and shown the main logo, i think we should have some gameplay now

  2. Well my fellow sonic fans…
    *puts on detective hat*
    Proving the rumor that Generations was going to have a PC port, only to find out that STH4: II is floating in the
    we need to check everything, SEGA SAMMY, Steam Registery, ANYTHING to prove this rumor true.

  3. Sonic 4 on PC? Where’s my DLC for Sonic Generations? Where’s my Sonic CD? Where’s Sonic Unleashed – just kidding lol. Come on SEGA!

    I did find Sonic Unleashed artwork in the Sonic Generations files on PC though…wonder if they were working on one like ’06, then cancelled.

  4. I just emailed SEGA awhile back saying to put this game on PC. They said that they had nothing official to announce. confirmed?

  5. Finally coming to a REAL platform, then? About time. 😛


    But at least it’s not the Wii, right?


  7. Random Question: on Sonic Generations, does anyone else think that it would be a great racing game if modeled after the Shadow rival battle?

    I mean think about it. Everyone has a way to boost and has their own unique features. Collect the rings, do laps, and the tracks can be modeled after past levels too from all games: Route 99, Green Hill, Hydrocity, Cyber Track, Sky Sanctuary, Planet Wisp…I think that would an awesome racing game. I’d buy it.

    1. I would buy it too. I just don’t want to see anyone in a car. xD Though SEGA would have to improve a lot from the Shadow Rival Battle. 😛

      It should also have online racing up to 8 players 😀

      It should also have a battle mode, also for online up to 8 players. Imagine Sonic characters in a sonic themed battlefield. Imagine them being able to move FREELY, and able to move around 360 degrees(think Sonic Adventure, just the movement, not the attacks or anything, just the way they move). Imagine their limitless powers and all their unique abilities being used while fighting 8 other players! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

    2. So… kinda like a Sonic R 2? I think Sega All-Stars Racing was supposed to have the characters run on foot at one point in development…

  8. Just when I got ps3, lol. Well, I’ll be still buying all possible Sonic games for PC, since I’m a PC player, mostly. And I do think this kind for game is best played on keyboard. Just my opinion, think what you think.

    Ps3 will be a platform for games that don’t even see a chance of coming to PC… e.g. Rayman Origins, sadly. And some ps3 exclusives :’D

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