Sonic Comic Review: Sonic #232 “Dark Tidings”

By the end of Sonic #231, the good guys were on the losing end. Nothing’s really changed in #232 as things go from bad to worse to slightly better and back to bad again with a little “meh” in between.

After Ixus Naugus “saved” Mobotroplis by destroying a giant Titan Metal Sonic (which ended with large chunks of crystal hitting the city and crystalizing Bunnie) the citizens are in love with Naugus and want him King. The traitorous Geoffrey even crowns Naugus by swiping the crown right from the top of Elias’s head while still going on about his “mission”. It makes me wonder just what exactly his full mission is? I’d bet anything it involves former King Max. Sonic and Amy try to plea with the crowd not to listen to Naugus’s lies. After all, he’s the one who crystalized Bunnie. Hearing this, Naugus (with the not-welcomed help of the three voices now in his head) decides to rush to the hosptial to help the horrified hare. To Sonic, the people, and his own surprise, Naugus’s magic not only heals Bunnie, but she’s turned full flesh and blood again! This is not only a big stepping stone in the book, but could lead up to the solution to getting Sally de-roboticized.  Unfortunately, this just makes Naugus look even better in the eyes of the people.

Don't make Sonic give you his angry "derp" face!

Sonic has had enough and goes to see Knuckles for a warp ring. Before he can do that however, he needs Nicole to communicate with Angel Island. Nicole is only communicating behind text as she’s in a huge, depressive funk. After all, she’s lost her best

All Kings are crowned with a game of "Keepaway". Didn't you know that?

friend, her original “DS” body and most of the city hates her. Sonic tells her he’ll try to talk to her later and a warp ring opens to let Sonic into Angel island. Here, Sonic practicably demands a warp ring from Knuckles and Julie-Su. Knuckles demands why Sonic didn’t tell him about Sally sooner (because it just happened you moron) and the two get into a shouting match. However, Sonic’s temper has been so foul since the incident that you can’t tell which is the bigger hot-head. Actually, it’s Sonic this time around. Knuckles and Julie-Su explain to Sonic that you have to know where a warp ring is going to be on the other end and be prepared for any surprises. Also, if Eggman got a hold of one of the warp rings, he could use it against them all. A ticked-off Sonic just leaves in a huff saying he’ll find another way. A sad Charmy asks Knuckles “is Sonic not our friend anymore?” As Sonic comes back, Tails gives him the good news that Antoine has arrested Geoffrey for treason.

Meanwhile Dr. Eggman is tinkering with his new prized robot, Mecha Sally. In fact, he’s tinkering with her so much that he’s ignoring everything Snivley is saying about the damage done to the Death Egg. Eggman flicks Snivley on the nose and tells him it will be fine. Snivley leaves with some words of treachery. “Fine! If you’re going to distract yourself like this, I’ll take full advantage of the situation!”  Will Snivley betray Eggman for the billionth time? Just see the next Sonic Universe arc to find out.

Finally in “Fragile”, Bunnie talks to Antoine about being fully flesh and blood again. She’s a bit depressed that she’ll never be able to fly again or be the almost indestructible fighter of the team. She says she feels weak and defenseless. It’s kinda like Ben Grimm’s (The Thing) situation, only in reverse. Antione assures her she’ll always be a powerful member of the team. After all, both he and Sally had no powers and were able to take the fight to the enemy just fine. This comforts Bunnie as the two look out over Mobotropolis together.

"i'll make a decision on the budget as soon as I get these voices out of my head!"

Sonic #232 is another “talking heads” issue, but without the slow pace that occurred this time last year. Ian does a fine job of having the story move from scene to scene at a good pace. Bunnie’s transformation back to being flesh and blood is quite a shock (unless you read Sonic Universe #35 the week before) and Nicole’s deep depression is both sad and believable.  I loved Sonic’s fight with Knuckles. It shows that Sonic is not using his head and  is letting his emotions get the better of him. I mean, when you can make yourself look like the bigger hot head in a yelling match with Knuckles, that’s bad. Eggman is brilliant as usual. Even if it’s just a small scene.

As far as the negative’s go, there’s not a whole lot. Ben Bates does a great job as usual for MOST of the book, but there are times where he gives too much emotion to the character’s faces and it comes out looking goofy and comical instead of dramatic. Best example is the image of Sonic a few paragraph’s above. Also, “Fragile” just felt like more Antoine/Bunnie “lovey-dovey” filler. I can understand why she’s feels the way she does, but on her first day back from being de-roboticized? You’d think she’d be a little excited at first and let the other stuff sink in later.

Overall though, this was another great issue that has kept the momentum rolling since #230. After the plodding bore that was “Genesis”, I’ve finally gone back to looking forward to what each issue brings and that’s the mark of great storytelling.



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  2. Unfortunetly I forgot to renew my subscription and there is no store near me that sells these comics

  3. Bet Antoines gonna “sink SOMETHING in her” without that metal taking up the fun of the marriage!! XD

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