SEGA France to Demonstrate ‘New’ Sonic Generations Stage at Paris Games Week

SEGA France has unveiled all of their Paris Games Week offerings via The Blue Room (their blog). Attendees will be able to go hands-on with the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS versions of Sonic Generations, both Wii and Nintendo 3DS versions of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, the upcoming digital download port of Sonic CD and Virtua Tennis 4 for PlayStation Vita.

The creator of the Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball franchises Toshihiro Nagoshi will also be there to give the first public presentation outside of Japan for his latest game Binary Domain and Sonic fans will get their first public demonstration of a new stage from Sonic Generations by Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka. As we’ve seen all of the game’s stages in trailers, this stage won’t be completely “new”, but there are still four stages we’ve not seen very much of, like Speed Highway, Crisis City, Rooftop Run and Planet Wisp, so it will likely be one of those stages.

Here’s the full schedule for the presentations and autograph sessions below:

Saturday 10:15: Presentation of a new level of Sonic Generations
Saturday 10:45: Autograph session of Iizuka san to Space Dedications

Saturday 16h30: Presentation of Binary Domain Conference Room
5:00 p.m. Saturday: Autograph session of Nagoshi san to Space Dedications

Sunday 13h15: Presentation of Binary Domain indoor demo
1:45 p.m. Sunday: Autograph session in the Space Nagoshi san Dedications

Sunday 14h00: Presentation of a new level of Sonic Generations
Sunday 14:30: Autograph session in the Space Iizuka san Dedications

Will you be attending the event? Which Sonic Generations stage are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

Sources: The Blue Room (aka SEGA France’s blog) and SEGA Mag

If you are attending and are able to to film the Sonic Generations demonstration, we’d greatly appreciate if you could send us your footage/photos to or tweet us at @dreadknux or @Shadzter. We’ll give you full credit on the site in our report.

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    1. Ughh, I am glad I avoid these playthrough videos or else I would have seen most of the game so far. I will never know why people watch every last video, it would ruin the game for me.

      1. If won’t ruin it for me. Watching gameplay vids doesn’t ruin the experience for me. It’ll still feel new to me.

  1. Hopefully its a 3ds modern stage that is revealed along with one of the “new” levels of the console verison

  2. You forgot to mention Speed Highway! We haven’t seen that either! But personally, I’m most interested in seeing how modern Rooftop Run is different from the Sonic Unleashed version.

  3. I’m hoping they’re serious about it being new, as in Sonic 3 and they’ve just hidden the stage in every build we’ve seen. Hydrocity Zone, please.

      1. I think that you should come down from that cloud where you are standing on before you fall through flat on your face. Many a Sega reps have said that Sonic 3 references are spread through the game but no level, not even hidden, plus it would have been found on the demo if it was there

          1. the key words being “suppose to be”. Everyone one has been clamering for a true sonic 3 stand alone sonic 3 title. Plus many previews and even Aaron Webber himself states Mushroom Hill and Sky Sanctuary to be specifically Sonic & Knuckles stages, not sonic 3 & Knuckles

          2. i consider games that don’t come in the same package or cartridge to be separte games. but actually sonic1, 2, 3, and knuckles basically all are ONE game

          3. No it’s not. Not at all.

            “Sonic 3 & Knuckles” is not “Sonic 3”.

            It was originally supposed to be one game but it’s NOT one game. “Sonic 3 & Knuckles” is a single game that is a combination of 2 games representing seperate chapters of the same core plot. Otherwise “3 &” would make NO sense.

            If you seperate the games, Lava Reef is in Sonic & Knuckles. And Sonic Generations already has Sky Sanctuary. So why would someone ask for a Sonic 3 stage to be included as well… and put another stage from the S&K half!? That makes no sense.

      2. Am I the only person who wanted to see a Marble Garden remake in Generations more than any other (purely) Sonic 3 zone? Tell me I’m not alone!

        1. Marble Garden in my opinon is my most hated level in Sonic’s 20 year history. To me its long, drawn out, and has the most annoying boss battle i’ve ever played.

        2. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I would like that level mixed with marble zone, with some lava inside ruins 🙂

        3. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Marble Garden from Sonic the Hedgehog 1991? The zone after Green Hill?

        4. just play sky sanctuary considering it has elements in it just like marble garden and it kinda just kinda looks like it.

  4. Actually I’m gonna stay away from any more footage. I’ve already seen full modern seaside hill, sky sanctuary, city escape, chemical plant, and green hill. I’ll keep the rest for surprises myself 😀

  5. First look at the Sonic Generations Skill Shop!

    Shadzter edit: Sorry, but we don’t allow links to magazine scans on the site or in the comment sections. We’ve had magazine publishers on our backs for it before. You’re welcome to post them and discuss them in our SSMB forum, though 🙂

  6. I don’t want to see any more full playthroughs but I’ll proabley end up anyway so I hope it’s Crisis City because of the awsome remix I heard from the trailer and that it is my favourite level in Sonic The Hedgehog (2006).

    1. No it’s not. I typed the New as ‘New’. SEGA France is calling it “new”, so I have to put it just in case it does turn out to be completely new. But since it’s likely not, I’ve typed it as ‘New’. It would be misleading if I did actually put it as just plain New.

      There’s also the possibility that the new stage is a 3DS stage. There are still a few 3DS stages we don’t know about yet.

  7. Hopefully something new that no one has seen… but now that it’s been mentioned, someones bound to find out what it is.

    Wish they’d keep as much as possible under wraps before the game is actually out :/

  8. MAN,i hope Rooftop Run make it.
    ah,i simply love the music for that stage,only Spagonia can turn a violin,a guitar,and a piano into pure awesomeness!
    Its so captivating..

    1. Casino Night is a 3DS exclusive, so I’m not sure it will make it as a DLC. Or am I thinking of a different Casino level? They’re all the same to me.

      1. It already has made it as DLC, though. Those who pre-order at certain retailers like Gamestop or GAME in their respective countries get the Casino Night Pinball minigame and an XMB/Dashboard theme. 360 players also get a Super Sonic Avatar costume.

  9. I’m definitely pumped for the vid. I enjoy having information, and the game play will feel new when I play so no problems.

  10. Same here, dude. Watching gameplay doesn’t make the level any easier. It’ll feel new to me also.

  11. Possibility of which stage it will be (well, my view of it):
    Green Hill Already seen it.
    Chemical Plant Not too much footage of it, but I still think it’s Rooftop Run.
    Sky Sanctuary Still relatively new. Seen in the cNet preview.
    Speed Highway Just recently revealed.
    City Escape Already seen it.
    Seaside Hill Already shown in the cNet preview.
    Crisis City Just recently revealed.
    Rooftop Run I’m guessing this is the one, we’ve seen bits of it for a while, but never a full playthrough of it.
    Planet Wisp Just recently revealed.

  12. I must avoid any new gameplay vids. Luckily I can still feel surprised playing Seaside and Sanctuary since I haven’t watched either in full.

    1. Good, they are both amazing. im sure they wont spoil EVERY stage. I think they wiill show off Speedy Highway since thats completes the dreamcast era spoilage. They havent showed off modern stages so imma stick with that.

  13. New level, eh? Hope it is a level for tne 3DS version!! I would love to see the representation from Rush and Rush adventure. Anyway, lets just wait to saturday and sunday…

  14. To be honest i hope it’s NOT Speed Hihgway. That’s the level that i havent seen yet that im looking forwards to the most. i want it a suprise.

  15. I would love it if it were Ice Cap Zone…the snowboarding, the endless drops…and THAT music oh I’ll be in heaven to hear the both modern and especially classic versions…WOW 8)

  16. Anyway, I want Rooftop Run and Planet Wisp. I don’t want to spoil Crisis City for myself.

  17. Thanks got the only full stage footage i saw was Green hill and city escape and a small percentage of chemical plant.
    I don’t wanna spoil the game for myself.

  18. When I look at Iizuka, I see a person who has a very unique point of view towards the Sonic series… I see someone with a lot of different ideas to use in the series, but I just get this feeling like he’s losing patience with the Sonic fanbase…

  19. Can I have the giant Sonic plush in the picture?

    Oh, and looking forward to the news. >_>

    1. AW man i hate that commercial thingy in the corner that make sound now. i was listening to this and it started playing. DX

  20. I’m French and I’m Sunday at Paris games week, I will record it if I can and upload it on my YouTube account directly after the presentation and Monday I make a complete presentation upload.

  21. I was just wondering but has the possibility of a special stage in Sonic Generations been confirmed? I know it probably isn’t that, but the idea just came to my head.

  22. You can now pre-order Sonic Generations on Steam! It costs £19.99 or $30 to pre-order and you get a FREE copy of Sonic 3 and Knuckles and Sonic 3D Blast to play as soon as you pre-order! GOGOGO!

  23. As much as i would like to see this “new” level, i might skip it since the games almost out and i dont wanna spoil it too much, since ive alreadly spoiled too much lol.

  24. Now looking back on the “red rings unlock new locations” thing, Ice Cap could be an extra secret location. That or Hidden Palace, or both! If not, there’s always the option of DLC.

          1. Well at least I know the Modern Rooftop Run was the “new level” shown and there was a demonstration of all the level entrances in the hub world. So freaking epic. 😀

          2. Aw, Rooftop Run? Kinda a disapointment. I was sure they were going to show Planet Wisp. Oh well *shrugs*. I hope that Super Sonic trailer is released Tuesday(or sooner)

  25. can someone check cyberkevin’s website im using my 3ds so i dont know if the video he recorded is on there

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