Second Sonic Generations Demo Now Available on EU PS Store

After a mistaken report from SEGA stating the European PS3 version of the second Sonic Generations demo would land on the PlayStation Store yesterday, the demo is now available to download. As with the Xbox 360 version, this demo comes in both Modern and Classic Sonic flavours of Green Hill Zone, so you can try out how both hedgehogs play before the game’s release in a couple of weeks. The PS3 version of the demo weighs in at 665 MB.

The EU PS Blog says it’s available across all European locales.

Thanks to CobraRoll at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. I played the demo two or three times yesterday, but that’s it. I’m not going to spoil it. Just over two weeks now!

    1. Finally a Xbox Fan Who doesn’t act like a complete douche bag, now only if all Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation fans can learn to get along and not look down on each other! ^v^:

  2. i was at my friends house all day yesterday waiting to download it because i don’t have internet at my house =/. of course i’ll have to wait a few days to get it now..

      1. Speak for yourself, I’m in the US and I have the demo thanks to my second psn account which is a EU one.

      2. …But ‘darkgomugomu’ Australian PSN users can also download the demo now cause we use the EU PSN to:)

  3. The only issue I have with this demo is OMACHAO!!!! The worst thing is that you can’t turn him off in demo!! At least I hope that he will be optional in final game. Everything besides Omachao is INCREDIBLE. I almost skilled Modern Green Hill. Gotta go and play this demo a LOT more times!!! See ya!!!

    1. I don’t really see the problem. I barely noticed him. By the time he’d finished telling me what to do, I was a few hundred metres past what he was instructing me on.

      1. Yeah but I just don’t like him + he totally destroy incredible look of level loading screen with all these (not)useful hints and stuff. But he’s optional so I’m not complaining.

  4. I hope in he final version we can change the language to English… I the Spanish version, they call the spindash “torbellino”, which in Spanish means whirlwind…

    But it is AWESOME!!!!!

  5. the only problem i had with the demo was the trick controlls its just to..rough i hope it will be beter in the final version (there is an achievment that says “do 7 tricks then finish”)

    1. Keep mashing up on analogue stick. When Sonic is about to land, simultaneously press L1+R1. I easily get 7 tricks plus the finish during the giant Chopper scene. Hope this helps.

      1. yeah thanks πŸ™‚ but i already knew how to finish but ill just mash the analog stick upwards and get seven easy as pie

  6. I live in this US. This news does NOT help me at all. >_>

    Darn people in the other Demo post had me excited thinking I could download it from the store on my PS3. This sucks.

    Guess I’ll just use the demo they gave out in the comments for the 360…I do so hate playing the 360 though. – –

  7. Guys, I’m in the US too. Just make an EU account like I did so you can download the demo. It’s so easy.

      1. msg me on PSN (my PSN is the same as my account here) and I’ll explain the steps. I won’t talk about it here as I don’t want to get in trouble.

  8. First look at the Sonic Generations Skill Shop!

    Shadzter edit: Sorry, but we don’t allow links to magazine scans on the site or in the comment sections. We’ve had magazine publishers on our backs for it before. You’re welcome to post them and discuss them in our SSMB forum, though πŸ™‚

  9. Dang it! This isn’t the first time SEGA’s favored Europe! first came the collectors set, then the physical PC release, and now this?! And why Europe of all places? Japan would make more sense! Whats next? Sonic 4 Episode 2 is Europe only? Sheesh!

  10. it’s a good thing eu gets the demo 1st cuz the usa gets alot of thing before the uk does πŸ™‚

    1. Like what? EU got colors first before US and it was the exact SAME THING. the voices, everything.

      and colors was EPICCC!!!

      Generation is gunna be “way past cool” when it comes out..

      cant wait!!

  11. 34% when I saw the heading I had just woken up, I ran to my PS3 and I was surprised that theres a lot of other games as well, about 10 before SG!

  12. I got a problem related to the store. Are there any Canadians here that can’t connect to the store? It’s not just the EU store it’s the US one too. For some reason it won’t load. What great timing πŸ™


    1. Dude, US demo comes out on the 25th. This demo is the EU demo. Just get an EU account. It’s not that hard. -.-

      1. You know the screaming was supposed to be humorous, right? Not everyone knows how to get a UK account, by the way.

        1. well, I’d be more than happy to help. Just msg me on PSN (same as my username here) and I’ll instruct you as I had someone else earlier. πŸ™‚

          1. To be honest, after some thought, I’ve decided to just be patient and wait until the 25th. Or better yet, just wait until the full game is released, since I don’t want to have the final gameplay spoiled for me.

  14. I just made a eu account using the country thialand. Am I doing something wrong the demos not showing up

  15. So I have to wait another week? Forget that! If I’m going to wait another week, I might as well just wait until the game actually comes out. By the way, I’m likely to stop coming to this site if those loud-ass commercials keep showing up on every page.

    1. You could always make an EU PSN account and download it from the EU PS Store if you don’t want to wait until the 25th.

      As for the commercials, those aren’t my area. The admins deal with the ads. If you like, you can send us your feedback to the following e-mail address:

      1. Making a UK account seems like a lot of trouble to go through. I’m done worrying about the demo, I’d rather wait till’ the full game comes out.

          1. Well excuse me for not knowing how to get a UK account. It doesn’t matter anyway, I’m done thinking about it. Mind your own business, will you?

  16. In Modern Green Hill after breaking the wooden bridge there are short slowdown. Someone else have this problem?

    1. I think they may put a button combo there in the final version, like you had in unleashed, as its the same kind of slow motion !

  17. nouh my god.
    I love this demo.
    Putting homing attack and boost on separate buttons was the best idea ever haha

    1. I just to want just get a little bit farther in Unleashed not FLING MYSELF FORWARD TO MY DOOM.

      AND NOW I CAN!

  18. Its the first time Ive got to play as modern sonic in generations, and holy crap its SO FAST !! I love it !! I thought he was fast in Generations but wow !! Amazing graphics and everything else ! Cant wait even more for it now, so so excited !!

  19. Played the demo and I’m loving it. Classic feels totally nostalgic, whereas Modern feels fresh and has a hint of Green Forest from Sonic Adventure 2. Clever move, Sega.

  20. downloading this tonight as soon as i’m in from work! hopefully it will have finished by the time i get back from martial arts (please don’t let me down wireless connection, you’ve done me proud so far!), cos i’m away for most of the weekend from friday! so freaking jazzed about this! unfortunately i went ahead and bought the collectors edition, and to appease the gf i said if she gave me some of the money back for it i could have it as an xmas pressie, as we’re both tightening our belts to save for a house! so roll on 25th december for me πŸ™
    also, is it very evil of me if i went ahead and bought a second copy to flog to some poor bugger for an astronomical price on ebay?? >:D

    1. Whew! Well thank god I’m single! Otherwise I just wouldn’t be able to handle that situation like yours Aaron.

      1. tell me about it! ah well anything to keep the mrs happy! and i know i’ve got the collectors edition coming so it’s all good! don’t think i’ll be able to resist a quick peek though! πŸ˜›
        played the demo last night, it downloaded via wireless in just over half hour! first impression of an “unfinished” job: EPIC! this is everything sonic 4 should have been, but in a way i’m kinda glad it isn’t, cos this game looks like it’s going to be difficult to top, and deserves the love and care it’s had put into it to justify as a whole game. had a crack on sonic 4 straight after, and still found problems with the physics and overall speed of the game, and i don’t think they’ll change any of that for part 2, it would make it a completely different game rather than a follow up!
        so until xmas, i’m gona have to content myself with perfecting the green hill zone as well as the controls!

        so to those of you who have either edition of the game come november 4th, think of me when you’re trail-blazing with our favourite spiked speed-demon! hopefully there’ll be a decent DLC pack out by then too! good things come to those who wait!

  21. I was incredibly nervous when it said it was unfinished and in no way reflected the quality of the final product. Oh, Sega, you sly dog, trying to fool us by saying all the problems with the demo will be fixed by the time the real game comes out! Once again you’ve cheaped out and made a spectacular mess of a game with nice graphics to swindle us all out of another wad of our hard earned cash! I should have known when the first demo came out that you’d never bother to iron out those control delay issues!

    Then I started playing.

    It’s… it’s fun? It’s fun! Oh my god it’s fun! It’s perfect! The physics! THE CONTROLS! THE CONTROLS WORK! FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE THE GENESIS THE CONTROLS WORK! IT’S PERFECT! IT’S BEAUTIFUL! IT’S SPECTACULAR! IT’S–wait. It’s unfinished. It’s perfect and it’s unfinished. Sega, what are you planning? Are you going to muck it up with less than a month till the game hits shelves? Don’t you touch it, Sega!

  22. To all U.S users that dont want to wait till the 25th, just create a U.K. account but creating a new user on your ps3. Then create a new psn saying you live in the U.K. then just google some random u.k address ( i did london) and your good to go ^_^

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