Sonic CD Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Edition to be Released

So far we have seen both Sonic Adventure titles as well as the Sonic Heroes soundtracks re-released this year in abridged formats, along with the two upcoming Sonic Generations soundtracks which are already on the way…not to mention the Masato Nakamura release of the Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 original music and demos! To add to that, the soundtrack to Sonic the Hedgehog CD will now be seeing a release later this year! Unlike the other soundtracks, this will be the first time this soundtrack has made it to an official release, with select tracks only appearing on other compilations.

The release date is scheduled for the 23rd of November this year, with a RRP of ¥2400 (about £21 / $32). To date no track listing is available.

So, SEGA…when will we be seeing a US soundtrack re-release? Oh really? Thought not.

To pre-order the CD, head over to CD-Japan.

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  1. Surely this must mean there is an S3+K soundtrack in the works… they’ve done every main game up to Heroes aside from it!

  2. TSSZ: “There’s no blatant word on if we’ll see extended cuts in this soundtrack, but the Japanese description lists the disc as the “first complete recording of the complete edition.”

  3. I have never checked the PC release since I was never a huge fan of the American soundtrack, but you can pop the Mega CD version disc in a CD player and you can listen to all the tracks, except for the past mixes for some odd reason. Used to do it a lot when I was younger and didn’t have a computer to make my own soundtrack compilations.

    Even so this will be a great buy, I’m loving this year for all it’s Sonic merchandise and collectables!!

    1. the P-Mixes were stored someplace else on the disc thats why they couldn’t be available when you play in a normal cd player.

    1. Yip! I managed to find a copy of that on eBay quite a few years ago. Wasn’t a bootleg either, I was quite pleased. I still think my pride and joy as far as collectable soundtracks goes is my Sonic the Hedgehog Remix one 🙂

      1. Or, another idea, would be to record gameplay from sonic cd with sonic immobile and record the song from there.

  4. O.O wait what?! Wow.. the OST after all these years, its about time.
    I wonder if the music director will have commentary on each track in the linear notes. ^_^

  5. Sonic CD USA soundtrack was put out in 1993 its called Sonic Boom, I have it. It came with Sonic 3 through toys R US. IT does not have the Music that was done with the Sega genesis and sega CD sound CPU only the USA CD redbook audio and it is missing a few tracks. They are also Extended mixes they are longer than the music on the game disc and sound better.

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