Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition Sold Out in the UK

Following today’s price drop, Amazon, the UK exclusive carrier of the Sonic Generations Special Edition, has now sold out of the item on both platforms, thus rendering it sold out in the UK. But don’t worry if you missed out, you can still get it imported from one of many retailers worldwide. Check out our list of retailers and price here.

Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB and Rogodre in our comments section for the heads up!

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  1. Well it looks like the price drop was a push to give the last packages.

    Good going Sonic gen. Sold out on both platforms and two times now. the Australian retailer got some more if i remember correctly.

    1. Yea EBGames in Australia and New Zealand are listing it now, but I don’t think they shop overseas. Mighty Ape has sold out twice now for the PS3 edition. They still have some of their second allocation of Xbox360 copies left tho if your fast!

  2. Please tell me that SEGA is going to be handing it to other retailers soon… Because if not. Im going to feel really dissapointed and annoyed that i didnt pre-order it sooner rather than waiting for GAME to confirm they’re selling it…

    1. I’d have thought other retailers would have listed it by now if they were getting it. The GAME Group has the Special Edition as their exclusive.

  3. I do hope Game or Gamestation would do the collector’s edition, if they can do things like Gears of War collector’s editions, the why not Sonic Generations 🙁

      1. Man, I never knew Gameplay was owned by GAME. They really do have a stranglehold on the UK market. And here was me thinking I was sticking it to the man by ordering from Gameplay…

  4. Managed to get mine pre-ordered last week while at work. Someone must have cancelled a pre-order while i was browsing it or something. 360 pre-order! In before the lock! Can’t wait for this gaaaame!

  5. Wow! Glad I have my PS3 copy ordered on 9th September.

    Good Luck to everyone. There is still Amazon Germany and some Retailers in Spain.

  6. Oh well, I never had the money for a collectors edition anyways. I’ll be happy to have the regular copy 🙂

  7. Glad I ordered mine early! 🙂 The price drop confirmed earlier helps too! So excited, it’s probably going to be the rarest item in my collection besides my Yuji Naka signed copy of SA2!

  8. Didn’t pre-order Collector’s, did pre-order Special Edition. I’m gonna have to fight for my copy aren’t I?

  9. I ordered the Special Edition then brought the Collector’s edition- I’m wondering if the content on the Special is available with the Collectors and I can save myself £30

  10. I already pre-ordered mine at gamestop 2 weeks ago. I don’t mind if its a special edition or not, I just want to play the game, lol.

    btw your supposed to get that special code thing to download the Casino Night DLC right? do you get the code once you get the game or is it on the recipt or something if you already pre-ordered it?

    1. It looks like it’s included in the set – the card at the bottom right of the image seems to be a DLC code.

  11. I hope SEGA takes this as an indicator that people want this, now put it in canada and the US? 🙁

    1. Unfortunately I think Sonic is proportionally more popular in the UK. I don’t think they’d change their plans so close to release.

  12. Don’t think I’ll be getting it anytime soon now 🙁 I wish SEGA would hand it to other Retailers like GAME I just don’t have that much money to get the Collector Edition from other retailers around the world I really regret not pre-ordering it sooner :/

  13. I was gonna wait and see if GAME got it, but I’m glad I gave in and preordered the 360 Collector’s Edition on Amazon before they ran out. ><

  14. Does anyone know if the German Amazon version will have all writing in German? If it’s in English then I wouldn’t hessitate. Can anyone shed any light on this issue?

  15. @Shadzter

    Mighty Europe are selling Generations Collectors Edition for $199.99 what is it in pounds… I’m in Europe 😛

    1. Depends what if it’s New Zealand dollars or Australian dollars. New Zealand dollars is about £95-£99 plus shipping and it’s $169.99 in Australia which is about £107 plus shipping.

      Or for Euros for Australia= 123 Euros
      or Euros for New Zealand= 114 Euros.

      Does this help? 🙂

      1. YES YES 😀

        OMG Thank you so much 🙂 I thought it would be more expensive so I started to accept that there would be no chance for me to get but now Thanks to you I now know I still have a chance to get it 🙂 Thanks again plus I know you pre-ordered it before hopefully you won’t get charged 😛

        Tomorrow I’ll pre-order it right away 🙂

  16. A UK site called ‘Propel Gamer’ has it listed at £149.99? that price is way above retail. I think I will have to order the standard version.

  17. Does anyone know if Amazon uk will be getting this back in stock? i asked them in an email, all i got was a reply back saying to sign up and i will get a notification when they come back in stock.

    But no word on IF it would be coming back in stock.

    Not interested in other language versions as i don’t want that text on it, only english.

    Anyone know where to order??

  18. *sigh* Being American kinda sucks! XD Hopefully some nice people put the Collector’s Edition’s items up on ebay on time for Christmas! (that doesnt cost $500!) I need that statue! XD

  19. I have preordered the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition to keep new and sealed and I have ordered the Sonic Generations Special Edition so that I can actually play the game. 🙂

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