Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition Gets Near £10 Price Drop at Amazon UK

UPDATE: Both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions have now sold out.

Amazon UK has today dropped the price of the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition by £9.56 from £85.52 to just £75.94. The Xbox 360 version remains sold out, but you can still place an order for the PS3 version. Those who have already pre-ordered either version will notice their orders haven’t been updated and no e-mails have been sent out about the price cut. But rest assured that with Amazon’s ‘Pre-order Price Guarantee, you’ll pay the lowest price when your item is despatched.

Pre-order Price Guarantee: order now and if the price decreases between the time you place your order and the release date, you’ll be charged the lowest price. Here’s how (terms and conditions apply)

Don’t forget that you can still order the Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition from many other retailers around the world. Check out our list of retailers and prices here.

Thanks to frokenok3 at the SSMB and Cogniferous in our comments section for the heads up!

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    1. Yep. As I pointed out in the article, Amazon has a Pre-order Price Guarantee.
      “Pre-order Price Guarantee: order now and if the price decreases between the time you place your order and the release date, you’ll be charged the lowest price. Here’s how (terms and conditions apply)”

      1. Oh Thank God!! I’ve pre-ordered mine (PS3) when it was still at around £86, & this new price drop is brilliant – Especially helpful for me since I will be able to save more money for Uni travel.

        Do you think this would be the last price drop till November?

        1. I’d assume so. The price listed before was likely a placeholder/estimate like with most early pre-order items. This new one is probably the final one they’ve decided on.

  1. I do hope these special editions are in the game shops like Gamestation, I really want it on the 360.

  2. As per the Pre-Order Guarantee details, price decreases should appear on your Open Orders list within 24 hours:

  3. Does anyone know if the German Amazon Site will be lowering their price? I pre-ordered from there cause I live in the US. Right now it still says EUR 96.99.

  4. I can see this dropping further to 69.99 by release. If I’d have know they were this cheap I’d have brought 3!

    1. Oh… Sorry to hear that 🙁

      You live in UK right? Other retailers should put it on for preorder soon. Lets hope for the best 🙂

      I preordered 2 days after it became avlaible to do so. Man I’m so happy 😀 !

        1. I hope your right 🙁 I’m happy for you though that you managed to preorder it before 🙂

          Gaaah I’m so fustrated now I shouldn’t of waited this long :/

        2. I pre-ordered the Xbox 360 version before the price dropped and I chose gift wrapping and first class delivery which added up to £90.60. Will I still be chaged that much? D:

  5. Man, it scared be when I saw this posts title (well, not really scared)! Good job Amazon have their pre order guarantee! 🙂

  6. I went for the PS3 version. Surprised to see it’s considerably less popular. I thought that 360 and PS3 were neck-and-neck in the UK, but I suppose I should pay more attention to the statistics.

    1. No what made you think that?
      The Xbox 360 has always been more popular in the UK and has sold more total units.
      Software is also more popular on the Xbox 360. Most of the big multiformat games (i.e. Fifa, Call Of Duty, Battlefield) always usually sell more 360 copies than PS3.

  7. If you notice the PS3 is the only one that actually shows a price drop, the Xbox360 version shows no price drop at all.

  8. Maybe it’s a bit late to say this but…
    Every time a Collector’s Edition for a product comes out, I would want to have it, but I end up settling for the normal edition instead, because I feel that there are many others out there who can afford it more than me and want it more badly than I do. Heck, I didn’t even pre-order anything. I’ll just wait for the normal edition to be released locally where it’s cheaper. Also, Sonic isn’t well-known in my country, so i’ll be likely to get my hands on a copy without having to “snatch” it first.

    Just owning the game itself makes me happy. I’ll let the collectors have the extra collectibles.

  9. Wow, that’s a very good deal for a collectors edition. I thought the original price was good but this will certainly hurt my wallet less =)

  10. Well it looks like the ps3 version is sold out too. Its a good thing i saw this news article as i guess i would have missed out. I think i got one of the last preorders for the thing.

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