Sonic Generations: More Rooftop Run Details

A Sonic Generations preview from Digital Spy and SEGA’s latest batch of screenshots left us wondering if Sonic & Knuckles‘ Flying Battery Zone would feature partially within the game’s Rooftop Run stage. Now, thanks to a new preview from PlayStation Universe, we know that is not the case.

Before we talk about Classic Sonic, I want to clear something up. Other previews have been vague on what happens at the end of the Classic Sonic version, and some fan sites have suggested that you may see other old levels within levels due to this. This is simply untrue in Roof Top Run, which we’ll explain in due time.

The preview then goes on to detail exactly how the section with the airship plays out.

Due to the amount of classic and even modern levels that Sonic Team has not been able to directly include in the game, recreating all these stages from scratch for each Sonic allows them to take inspiration from other sections. In City Escape and Roof Top Run, Classic Sonic sees the return of the floor springs from Sonic 2 (the ones where you run over them and they cause Sonic to spring up and do a barrel roll in the air), and a platforming section reminiscent of the boss in Labyrinth Zone of Sonic 1 awaits the Blue Blur as he makes his way up the Clock Tower.

Some Sonic fans may remember you had to do this with the Werehog in Unleashed, but let us assure you, it is nowhere near as frustrating or fiddly. Once at the top, the “airship” is in range, and you rev up a Spin Dash to go into it, only to exit it a moment or so later, the camera tracking Sonic from outside the airship as he zips around it from left to right, implying he’s damaging it as he goes. As he steps onto a platform at the base of the airship, he sprints towards the goal post in a set piece based on the bombing run in Sonic 3’s Angel Island Zone.

It certainly sounds like an interesting set piece. Hopefully we’ll see footage of it soon at any of the various upcoming gaming events Sonic Generations will be playable at in the next month.

Source: PlayStation Universe

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  1. How can they include Sonic Unleashed but not have the werehog? Once again, that is like Sonic Colors without wisps.

    1. You never know… We don’t have all the details yet. The Werehog could indeed make a cameo.

      (I for one would like that, and all the other Werehog fans. All three of us.)

  2. The Bombs that came from the airship, in Angel Island Zone, and it will appear in the end of the Rooftop Run stage for C.Sonic? Awsome Nostalgia! πŸ˜€

  3. My God Sonic Unleashed Could be a cantidate of the 3DS version to !!! it was confirmed by sega about 60% and think about it we had a stage from a non hand held game so I hope its Empire City is they add Unleashed =D

    1. If Jungle Joyride or Dragon Road get in the game, it’ll be an instant buy for me. Otherwise, I’m only getting he 360 version.

      1. @Kris – Dont count on Unleashed stages. The 3DS version is only getting stages from the genesis games, dreamcast games, and DS games. The Rush titles idc about which stage they choose…all I’m interested in is what SA2 stage SEGA chose. I’m guessing its gonna either be either Final Rush, Green Forest, or Metal Harbor, though my bet is on Green Forest.

        1. Nowhere have I seen it to be 100% confirmed that we have dreamcast games other than the small clip of the orca screen shot. This could be like what this interview said that sonic is running away from bombs like in Angel Island Zone. That Orca screen could be sonic running from it to then enter what is inevitably Neo Green hill zone

  4. Actually, I would love it if they put little bits of other levels inside of levels. Like maybe mixing the Crises City level and adding some of the Central City levels from Shadow the Hedgehog into it.

  5. To be honest…. I’m not seeing the Flying Battery Zone at all. I mean I get that it’s got a section under the fortress itself like this war balloon but the metal looks more like Wing Fortress Zone, but it also looks WAY too small for either of those. lol

    1. Try to compare death egg’s size at the end of sky sanctuary (sonic & knux) to what the size of the level “death egg” actually is. See? Size can be.. weird in sonic universe πŸ˜›

  6. nahh i would keep my hopes up for a Unleashed or 06 level in the 3DS and i seen some people mad at sega for not including a secret rings free rider and black knight stage to the game what do you guys think?

    1. Secret Rings, the Riders series, Black Knight, those games are spin-off titles. They’re not part of Sonic’s main series. I believe that’s why Sega didn’t include them.

  7. This is good, because honestly, Spagonia was very bland…. The only thing it had going for it was the 1000 rings. And the music. :/

  8. When it says “Labyrinth Zone boss”. does it mean the first bit or the actual boss? I can’t do either, so it doesn’t really matter, but…

  9. If the 3DS Version has GBA levels in it, I’m hoping for Music Plant from Sonic Advance 2. That level was “nifty”, as the kids would say.

  10. I hope they don’t dump the werehog in later games.

    Werehog is awesome if it’s done right.

  11. So it’s as i said. It looks nothing like Flying Battery. If you looked at screenshots to compare, that would have been obvious. Completely differenr colour scheme. I’m not even sure FB is a blimp.

  12. it i wonder wat sonic game is gonna be like after generations? hopefuly something like adventure 2, more playable characters

  13. im so curios on how story is gonna turn up in this game, hopefully a cinematic opening cutscene like they did in unleashed, best opening ever!!

  14. Whoa πŸ˜€ Things are getting much more exciting now Wow I’m really hyped for this My Internet is back…for a while so I’ll have to browse through a lot of past things aaaah πŸ˜€

    1. OHHH, that’s why you haven’t commented in a while! Haha, oh ya, and this is Rickyrick, but I changed my nick to Ricardo πŸ™‚

      Anyway, good to know your back….again..xD

      1. XD Yeah Sorry I couldn’t comment sooner I was really ticked off when it happened….Waited for weeks but I somehow managed to get it back but hopefully there won’t be anymore interuptions again…XD

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