Unlockable Bonus Items & Locations in Sonic Generations?

According to a listing for a Sonic Generations strategy guide at Play.com, the game will feature bonus items and locations you can unlock by collecting rings. Could the finished game contain bonus levels we don’t already know about from the leaked demo content, or just extra Acts?? The rings referred to are likely the red special rings you can gather 5 of from every Act. The red rings in Sonic Colours unlocked new content in that game, so they will no doubt do the same thing in Sonic Generations.

The ultimate celebration of 20 years of Sonic gaming. Sonic Generations delivers the definitive gaming experience for Sonic fans new and old. Sonic’s universe is thrown into chaos when a mysterious new power comes into force, creating
“time holes” which take Sonic and his friends back in time. Now they must team up to defeat their enemies, save their friends, and find out who is behind this diabolical deed.

The walkthrough guides you through every level and past each boss

Collect every ring and unlock bonus items and locations

Learn about Sonic and his friends, past and present

If you’re interested in getting yourself the strategy guide, it’s available to pre-order at Play.com for £9.99 and Amazon.co.uk for £11.69.

Source: Play.com

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  1. So, does this mean the whole game’s pretty much finished now? Since there’s a (I’m assuming) complete strategy guide available to Pre-Order.

    1. Publishers and developers normally allow the strategy guide creators access to the game and its details as it’s being developed, so they can have it published in time for the game’s release. The Sonic ’06 strategy guide is a good example, as it’s got lots of early screenshots with differences in the HUD. There’s also scrapped stuff like Silver’s Speed Chip upgrade.

      As for the game’s current development point, Iizuka recently told Famitsu it’s 95% complete.

      1. I see. Wow, they’ve done a great job not to get leaked then (At least in the Strategy Guide department)
        I’m surprised there’s still production going on with only a couple of months left to go. Surely they should start working on marketing or something now? Unless that’s handled by another department… I dunno how these things work.

        1. Well the last 5% of production is probably polishing what’s already in the game and arranging all the files (basically putting the game together) with menus, designs, etc. I don’t really know this, I’m just guessing.

    1. Ever since back when this was still being called “Sonic Anniversary”, I’ve been hoping like hell an Ark level is included.

      1. Yeah, you know, since the Ark was pretty much a major Sonic location for a good three or four years, I definitely think that it deserved a spot on the level list.

        Then again, Final Rush was really the only incredible Ark level, in my opinion. Not Crazy Gadget.

        1. Crazy Gadget was really boring. Final Rush is just genuinely fun to play because of the speed you can gain and how great you feel after completing the level without dying. 😀

        2. Most likely, it’ll be the boss fight with Shadow. That fight was not only memorable, but it was also a fan favorite, so you can expect either that or something similar to appear. Let’s just hope that it isn’t similar to the Metal Sonic fight.

  2. Oooh… Nice to hear SEGA isn’t just throwing out only nine stages… Especially considering most of them are “Green” or cities…

  3. I’m guessing it’ll unlock stages for a multiplayer mode, like the emblems in Sonic Heroes.
    But yes, all my hope behind Sunset Park and Egg Fleet and an ARK level, as mentioned by other commenters. ;w;
    Mostly Sunset Park though. I totally want a remix of that beautiful music.
    I don’t know what it means by bonus items though…Maybe cosmetic stuff like the SA2 alt costumes or other things Sonic’s worn in the past (Soap shoes, Chip’s necklet, etc)?

    1. I doubt there will be multiplayer stages since it’s been confirmed time and time again that the game is single player only.

      1. I thought there was a mention of a multiplayer mode in a recent interview? Hrm. Guess I’m finally going crazy.

        1. According to a post on Retro (Though I haven’t checked yet myself) the GAME website is listing Generations as 1-2 players.
          **Boy, I’m commenting a lot.**

    2. Well there was supposedly a co-op mode ppl thought other characters would be in buuuut I think it’ll just be Sonic. I can’t really see Modern and Classic Sonic gameplay cooperating with EACH OTHER so if there’s a Co-op mode most likely it’ll be like the Sonic Simulator in Sonic Colors.

      I mean, we got the red rings and no actual bonus stages. I’ve noticed they never told us how we were gonna be getting the emeralds.

  4. Ice Cap Zone – Sonic 3
    Wacky Workbench Zone – Sonic CD
    Crazy Gadget – Sonic Adventure 2
    Sandopolis Zone- Sonic & Knuckles
    Speed Slider Zone – Knuckles’ Chaotix
    Central City – Shadow the Hedgehog
    Marble Zone – Sonic 1
    Metropolis Zone – Sonic 2
    Splash Hill Zone- Sonic 4
    Hang Castle – Sonic Heroes
    Radical Train – Sonic ’06
    Eggmanland – Sonic Unleashed
    Twinkle Park – Sonic Adventure
    and Tropical Resort – Sonic Colors

    1. Pretty good level choices. If the unlockable locations turn out to be something different, I’d sure like to see these for DLC or something.
      …Even if my PS3’s measly 40GB hard drive doesn’t like it.

  5. They better take this opportunity to top Sonic Jam, I still haven’t seen a better collection content wise. Where are the old adverts! Where is the history hall and games list with covers and music room!! Where’s the art room!! Where’s time attacks on old stages, and a Sonic World level to house them all in with little mini games!!

    *gets out his Saturn* Now look what you’ve made me do!! *pops in Sonic Jam and watches the funny Japanese Sonic commercials*

    1. Well Sonic Generations most likely has profile info on characters throughout Sonic history. Supposedly there’s a Genesis mode where you can play demos of the 16-bit games. I noticed a lot of CGI artwork for Generations are recreations of old existing artwork like Sonic’s concept art, Sonic 1 art and Sonic Spinball even as well as Sonic Classic Collection for the DS.

      Besides some of that stuff was included in Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Gems Collection.

  6. My personal wishlist of secret levels and/or DLC levels:
    Sonic 1: Marble Zone, Scrap Brain
    Sonic 2:Uh…. Chemical Plant? Iknowrite?
    Sonic 3: The whole game… too hard to decide
    Sonic & Knuckles: Lava Reef Zone
    Sonic CD: Uh… The Special Stages? Quartz Quadrant? I dunno… the stages seem kinda redundant IMHO, but they were still good, don’t get me wrong
    Knuckles Chaotix: Never played it 😛
    Sonic Adventure: Emerald Coast, or that Sky Base or whatever it’s called
    SA2: Any of the Ark levels, Radical Highway, Wild Canyon(?), Metal Harbor… again… basically the whole game
    Sonic Heroes: Metropolis, Rail Canyon, Hang Castle, or Egg Fleet
    Shadow: Any of the Ark levels, Westopolis, or Sky Troops
    Sonic 06: The game sucked, but the level design was good… so I’d say (once again) the whole game… but if I HAD to pick, either Kingdom Valley or Aquatic Base
    Sonic Unleashed: Apotos, Adabat, Chun-nan
    Sonic 4: Honestly, I’d say Lost Labyrinth
    Sonic Colors: Asteroid Coaster or Terminal Velocity

    Spin-off wishlist:
    Sonic Advance 3: Cyber Track and Chaos Angel (My 2 favorite levels in the entire franchise)
    Sonic Rush: Dead Line and Altitude Limit (Or… whatever that sky level is)
    Sonic Rush Adventure: Sky Babylon FTW
    SatSR: WHO’S GONNA RAWK THE PLACE!? (Can’t remember stage name lol)
    SatBK: Castle Camelot, Titanic Plains
    Sonic Generations: Inception Hill Zone
    Sonic R: Regal Ruin
    Sonic Riders: Babylon Island
    Sonic Chronicles: The Nocturne

    1. Thats alot of god damn boards, what made you think Sega would make THAT much levels :/

  7. Collect all the red rings, get the “General Hardware Failure” trophy/achievement… and a few Genesis games and extra stages along the way.

  8. More and more good news =)
    The DLC Levels idea would be neat, but then again, since each level “supposidly” has some amount of another level (most of the snippets recreating a popular area of the particular level) that didn’t make the final level-list, I’m actually feeling more content with the game on its own.

    Personally, I’m actually really excited to play Crisis City. To this day I have never played Sonic 2006, and that level has always looked amazing to me every time I saw a video or screenshot of it.

  9. If this is true, I wonder how many extra locations will be unlockable? Ice Cap and Lost World please!!!

    Items….. hm, not sure exactly what they would be referring to. Powerups? Or maybe there’s some concept art and extra stuff like that we can unlock.

  10. This is one of those games, where these guys could release level packs and make a fortune. If they do, I will be very excited!

  11. It’d be interesting to see a 3D model of Angel Island that you could turn around like with the planet in the world map for Unleashed, only in all angels like most 3D character profiles. lol

    Doubt they’d do that but still seems like it’d be interesting.

  12. Check this out:

    Green Hill (3DS + PS360)
    Casino Night (3DS + PS360 DLC)
    Chemical Plant (PS360)
    Mushroom Hill (3DS)
    Sky Sanctuary (PS3)
    Stardust Speedway (PS360 – Metal Sonic Fight)
    Launch Base (3DS – Big Arm Boss Fight)
    Flying Battery (PS360 – Classic Sonic Spagonia)
    Emerald Coast (3DS)
    Speed Highway (PS360)
    City Escape (PS360)
    Seaside Hill (PS360)
    Crisis City (PS360)
    Spagonia/Rooftop Run (PS360)
    Planet Wisp (PS360)
    And that’s only the ones known! There’s still all the
    unlockable levels, DLC levels, the rest of the 3DS levels,
    and the other levels that will appear within boss fights
    or other levels!

  13. No trust me, if there were new levels that aren’t future DLC, they would have been found in the demo because the demo has the archives for the Casino Night DLC in it’s list, so anything non-DLC related would be there.

    BUT THERE IS A SHOP FEATURE! Ok so remember how in some video, when the player got a rank how you would see that thing pass by that had a credit card with Omochao’s head on it? Well from what I understand, that’s for a shop that Omochao runs. Since the Chaos Emeralds appear to be collected as the story progresses, I’m guessing that the Red Rings will unlock items for purchase in the shop and by completing levels, you will earn currency to pay for items.

    Now I don’t know what will be in the shop but my current predictions are: Cutscenes, Songs, Artwork, games for the alleged Genesis emulator, and other cool bonus features.

    1. The Demo didn’t have files for everything that was gonna be in the final build. The demo is considered a misrepresentation. Some things suggested in the demo won’t be in the final, or will be changed, and there will be some things in the final that weren’t in the demo.

      Just like those things you guessed. Can you tell is what the items will be? What about the info for the many characters throughout the history?

      I’m not saying you’re right or wrong, just that you don’t know for sure. I think the Casino Night Zone DLC was only there because SEGA had already decided work on it by that time I mean there was already a freakin ad for it and everything. Plus it was for preordering the game, not buying it as an extra later on. Ya never know.

      But why are you even going through all this and spilling it to us? It’s really sad that this game, which is the best game to NOT spoil as it has so many forms of the “suprise factor”, is being spoiled. Usually I don’t mind spoilers but doesn’t it kinda suck that you can’t just play the game wondering what stage they chose next? Oh well.

      1. If I was trying to spoil surpsises in the game, then I would have uploaded a video on to YT with a certain spoiler I found, but I haven’t because I don’t want to spoil it. I’m pointing out what I know won’t be in the final game so people aren’t disappointed by what isn’t there.

        One quick note: “I think the Casino Night Zone DLC was only there because SEGA had already decided work on it ”
        The reason it’s there is because it’s on-disc DLC and it was always planned to be but by that logic, if they proegrammed DLC, then they already would have already started working on any non-DLC levels that will be on the disc. It’s not like they decided what 5 of the levels would be then said “let’s make a Casino Night DLC level” that’s not how development works, if they are working on DLC, then they already decided on all the levels that will be in the game and would have worked on all of them to an extent. Remember, this game was made over the course of 3 years, they aren’t going to make a new level in the seven months left unless it’s for DLC that they intend to release and patch into the game.

        You are right to say I can’t be 100% certain, but I’m 99% certain that what we saw on the list is what were getting and that there aren’t any new levels that aren’t future DLC.

        1. Nah nah nah. That’s not what I mean. “with a certain spoiler I found”. I’m talking about that. You found a spoiler. I just don’t see why you would go looking for them tho. At least not with this game of all games. o:

          “The reason it’s there is because it’s on-disc DLC and it was always planned to be”
          That’s basically what I just said. It’s is DLC added if you pre-order the game. The other DLC is stuff you buy seperately though. Naturally, I’d assume the pre-order DLC would come first if at all.

          All I was saying is that the demo build is an early build can only really tell you about what they planned before the demo was released but not any of the decisions made after.
          The demo had the list of stages and pre-order DLC. These are all things you can get for just buying the game (one being how you buy it). There is no other DLC mentioned tho, and they might not have included it in the demo build because it wasn’t finalized until afterwards. It’s not part of the main game and is not a priority. So them working on it after the other stages isn’t so hard to believe. Shortly before the demo, they weren’t even sure which level to choose for Sonic Heroes but already had Colors’ stage finalized.

          “but I’m 99% certain that what we saw on the list is what were getting and that there aren’t any new levels that aren’t future DLC.” o_O That’s… not disagreeing with what I said at all. lol Unless you mean the fact that they could’ve added stages to that list later, then yeah they could’ve. They didn’t, and they already revealled that the list was final, but they could have. I mean, like you said, the game’s been in production for 3 years. But only Green Hill and City Escape were in the demo. 2 out of 9. That wasn’t even the first and second stage, it was the first and 5th stages, and they weren’t even the finalized versions of them. Who knows why they did what they did. But the game comes out in about 2 months. (Man time flies.)

          1. Um City Escape wasn’t in the Demo. The only levels that were entirely in the demo were the two GHZ levels. But that doesn’t mean it was the only finished level, the other levels weren’t in the demo because that demo was intended for GHZ play only so they removed the other levels.

            “There is no other DLC mentioned tho, and they might not have included it in the demo build because it wasn’t finalized until afterwards”.
            I think you’re missing the point. It is quite possible they will release more DLC, but the point is if they are already working on ANY of the DLC then they must have decided on all the main levels that aren’t DLC because they are priority over DLC so the fact that we see code for DLC already in there means that the nine levels we discovered are the only nine levels that we are getting unless they release future DLC. Like I said, it takes 3 years to make a game, they probably had these nine levels all figured out a year ago.

            “they weren’t even sure which level to choose for Sonic Heroes but already had Colors’ stage finalized. ”

            Are you referring to when the list was leaked by someone for ARchie comics? If so then I should be compelled to say that Seaside Hill was probably already decided upon and they had worked on it greatly at that time and any uncertainty was on Archie’s part, not SEGA’s.

            My point is the only way were getting more levels is via DLC, so don’t give up your hopes thinking you can unlock stages like Ice Cap or something. The demo may not be the ultimate source of accurate info, but as far as what levels will be in the game, it’s 100% reliable.

  14. Lol we have 3 More Stages left for the 3ds and then theres like a 2 extra stages for Classic Super sonic and Modern Super Sonic
    Soo in a total we got like 9 stages and theres like 1 stage liek Terminal Velocity Ds where theres the time eater chasing you or some shit idk

  15. Since blaze arrived at the birthday party i think she might be a boss for one of the Sonic Rush levels Sonic Rush Adventure levels because in Sonic Rush she was the 7th Zone boss

  16. This strategy guide is English? If so then I am making my own Generations special edition importing stuff from Japan (soundtrack) and UK (strategy guide)

  17. I’ve been disappointed of how you would get nothing for getting all S ranks in recent games (Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors,…). I hope S ranks unlock most of this stuff in Generations.

      1. What the heck? It didn’t post my whole comment. And it’s not even what I typed.

        Wait hold on…

        I like to move it move it. o0

        1. 0.0 Weird. I said I like ice cream with oreos to move it move it. Wow. I didn’t know those symbols did that.

          Okay, so enough fooling around. My first comment said:

          I know right!? D:
          That’s probably one of the contributing factors as to why SA1 and SA2 were so popular.
          Like Sonic 06. We all hear about how it was unfinished but a good example is how the planned content was never added. You beat the game and thent here’s nothing left to do. You can collect medals but you know what they give you? Nothing. Nothing at all. What a bummer.

          1. Until the DX edition of Sonic Adventure the medal things in the original Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast gave you nothing too. I do agree with you tho, when you have a collectable that takes ages to master and complete the set, like the medals and ranks, it is nice to at least get something that is worth all the effort you put in. Self satisfaction doesn’t really cut it lol

          2. That didn’t stop me for beating all of the games 100% (Except Battle those stupid rare battle moves..). Regardless if there’s a reward or not you should play any game to it’s fullest to get the most out of it.

    1. I’m not saying I agree with you, but there’s a pink chair and a blue chai stood next to eachother O.O

  18. im just hoping another level from every game all ready selected
    Sonic 1: Green hill zone and star light
    sonic 2 Chem Plant and metropolis
    Sonic 3&K Sky Sanctuary and Ice Cap
    Sonic Adv Speed Highway and Sky Deck
    Sonic Adv 2 City Escape and Green Forest/Final chase
    Sonic Heroes Sea side hill and Egg Fleet
    Sonic 06 Crisis city and Kingdom Valley
    Sonic Unleashed Spagonia and Mazuri
    Sonic C0lours Planet Wisp and Star Light Carnival

  19. I was thinking, they reused all the badniks from Sonic Colors except for Sandworm…so maybe we get Sandopolis?

  20. If there are unlockable locations, I’d like to see Cosmic Fall, Power Plant and Hidden Palace.

  21. I’m hoping for Diamond Dust zone in at least one of the versions; I just love the music to that level and it just makes the perfect Ice themed level. Well, Ice Cap does that too, and it’s more of a staple in the Sonic games…. but still! xD

  22. …Dude.

    I’d so like to see a remade version of Black Comet from Shadow’s game. That level was such a pain, but it was also…Well, fun. And Sonic was a helper, so it won’t be like “what is this place?”. I imagine Shadow will be busy smashing his skull into a wall, remembering the agony of going through the area (yet silently laughing that Sonic has to go through it on his own, without the awesome sidekick powers).

    Yeah Sonic, try going over liquid instant death without a wonky saucer vehicle! *Hears Sonic will run on it* Son of a –

    1. I agree but I think the name of the level was final haunt where Sonic is Shadow’s partner and in Black comet knuckles is Shadow’s partner…I also wouldn’t mind the space levels from Shadow or even Sky Troops but not Lost Impact I just hate that level XD

      1. C.J? Man glad to hear from you again. Dont know where is truesonic tho. Visit SSMB! I registered there and it rocks! (Its sonic stadium message board up there)

        1. Glad to be back I’m sorry I wasn’t here before my Internet Connection was cut 0ff and had been down for a few weeks but I’m back and of course I’ll register on SSMB I was planning to before after you told me but then you know what happened

          But as soon as I catch up on stuff I’ve missed out I’ll check it out and try to register later today I was using my phone at one point on this sitebut it was too slow to go through the news and posts about generations and also comment

          1. I am in Greece now (I live in Poland) I am posting from phone. Because its too addicting!

          2. I am in Greece now (I live in Poland) I am posting from phone. Because its too addicting to talk with Sonic fans.

          3. @Hunter297

            Oh Yeah it is at most times really addictive…I’ll talk to you later when your able to talk more next time

  23. Uh huh you get the freakin red rings and you learn about the characters. what happened to super sonic like in colors

    1. Well wait you do unlock more levels. maybe the original levels 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  24. “Sonic will have his true feelings for Amy in this game. You see.” Oh, Kinda like how Tails died in Colours?

    Srsly, sonamy FTW!

  25. I HATE the red rings. If I have to collect every d**n red ring to unlock something cool, I’m gonna be so pissed off.

    1. I agree they were pretty annoying. I just hope there are more rewards than Colors had. Collecting every single red ring and going through the boring Sonic Simulator stages was a real hassle, even to unlock Super Sonic.

  26. we better have Final Hazard from SA2, that game formed a Cult for Shadow and it would make many Shadow fans insane

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