Teaser Image of Sonic 20th Anniversary Statue Appears

SSMB forumer Woun has kept their finger to the pulse with SEGA Japan’s 20th Anniversary twitter feed, who treated followers to a sneaky peak of a piece of official 20th anniversary merchandise we will be hopefully able to get our merch mittens on soon! There’s no indication of sizes, costs or availability yet, so I all of you fans hungry for some anniversary goodies will have to wait for more details to come to light. Still, gotta love that nice shiny base!

Stay tuned for more details!

UPDATE 1: Looks like this item will be a Japan UFO catcher figurine, roughly 18cm tall, and will be released i late June.

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  1. Not to leave Jazwares ignored, THEY’RE coming out with Sonic Generations Stuff, including Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic stuff, like plushes of Classic Sonic and Classic Amy (who, like her model in Sonic The Fighters, has no panties).

  2. Also(if i got the Japanese right) on the official twitter of Sonic says the statue will be 18cm.

    1. The Fighters model doesn’t, no. I don’t know how they missed that, since it’s visible during her victory pose.

  3. It almost (if the hand was a little further away from the shoe) looks like the Madcatz Wii charger statue (Peace sign)

  4. Can somebody please send me one if they manage to win it in a UFO catcher? I would love you forever and ever and ever!

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