Aaron Webber Gives More Hints at Sonic Boom Event


Aaron Webber was recently on Gamespot’s Daily Demo. He discussed Sonic Generations for awhile and also talked about the upcoming Sonic Boom event on June 8th at Club Nokia. Some hints of what to be expected include “Musical Guests” and “stars from Sonic’s history”.

As always we’ll keep you informed as more details of this event emerge.

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  1. Wow you can see this guy likes Classic Sonic from miles away. Both Sonics are awesome can’t wait for new details.

  2. Over 13,000 votes for classic sonic on sonics Facebook modern only has over 4,000, i don’t hate modern but when you compare him to classic , classic is just likeable, iconic and appealing, plus Classic is naturally cool, while modern looks like his trying too hard. Cant wait for this game.

    1. Are you saying you agree to that GameSpot guy, Sonic is Sonic no matter what! I’m sick of the whole modern vs. classic thing, so please stop it.

  3. For “Stars from Sonic’s History,” I can easily predict the following to appear:

    – Jaleel White (aside from being the first voice of Sonic, he was recently the voice of K-999 on an episode of The Problem Solverz)
    – Ryan Drummond (You KNOW he’s demanded)

    And Musical Guests might as well include Crush 40, Bowling for Soup (they did Endless Possibilities and the theme song for Phineas and Ferb), and others.

    1. ofcourse ryan drummond is coming back ….i feel a voice acting battle coming up

  4. Modern Sonic just looks simply badass.

    Classic Sonic was badass back in the..you know…90’s.

  5. Well I can tell you guys I doubt any voice actors are coming I have contacted practically most of the major members of all three casts notably Mike Pollock and he and the others told me SEGA has not contacted them about it it mst likely will be Takashi Izuka Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima as Special Guests

  6. Sonic is Sonic no matter what! Iā€™m sick of the whole modern vs. classic thing, so please stop it.


    wy mario fans aren,t angry about mario cuz he is modern they don,t want classic thay don,t fight they are helping nintendo that are fans

    but the sonic fans … ” no this game is bad cuz sonic has green eyes “”” or .. “” i think im not gonna get this game cuz its gonna fail””” or… etc… guys are u sonic fans or haters??? if u are a fan HELP SEGA DON,T SCREAM THAT THE GAME IS BAD SO U GIVE SEGA A BAD FEELING AND THEY DOING THIER BEST TO MAKE US HAPPY ////

    sega u making the best game ever what ever u make i like it… šŸ˜€

  7. *sigh* I guess I’m the only one not on the Ryan Drummond bandwagon. I’d like to see Jason Anthony Griffith again at this event, personally. Don’t jump me for it, but I like Griffith the most as Sonic…well, besides Jaleel White.

    1. Meh, tho I preferred Ryan’s voice over Jason’s, neither had the most spectacular acting, but merely standard. Nothing great, nothing terrible. I liked both tho, just Ryan a little more (voice-wise. Acting wise I saw them as “equal but different”)

      So I can understand why you wouldn’t like Ryan. A lot of people did like Griffith. There’s a lot of bias people who will use their persona urges to guide their dicision in a bias manner rather than actually judging the voices for what they were (thus will claim EVERY SINGLE THING they do is either “perfect” or “complete crap” without a chance of ever changing. Doesn’t sound very realistic huh? XD)

      I doubt Ryan or Jason would return, but it’d be nice to see Ryan, Jason and Roger at an event together, or at least in a photo together. =D lol

  8. Yeah, I forgot Aaron liked to wear the nostalgia goggles. LOL.

    But then again, he was the guy who brings the news of Sonic to the masses, and in this era where the children of the 80’s/90’s are now in control of media and information, Retro is in. He’s just appealing to the common denominator to sell the product a.k.a doing his job.

    But I agree with the other posters, SONIC IS SONIC NO MATTER WHAT, STOP IT PLEASE

    or something along those lines, lol.

  9. ‘Musical Guests’ most likely means musicians. It’s a possibility that Jun Senoue plus Crush 40 might show up. While Masato Nakamura (Sonic’s first composer) as a guest star would be nice, he’s probably busy on other things.

    ‘Stars in Sonic’s history’ is a bit harder to decipher. If ‘stars’ means well known people, and ‘Sonic’s history’ means seniority. Then Iizuka and Senoue could be part of them, since both of them were relatively quite seniors in the series.

    It’s unlikely though Naka and Ohsima will show up, since they’re busy on other things. It’s also unlikely the voice actors (especially old ones and very old ones) to show up, it will be interesting but unlikely though if they have Junichi Kanemura (Sonic), Taeko Kawata (Amy), and Kouji Yusa (Shadow) as guest stars.

    Of course unless ‘Musical Guests’ means something more ‘abstract’, like Hatsune Miku and the rest of the Vocaloids. šŸ˜‰

    Hmmm… ‘Musical Guest’ + ‘star in Sonic’s history’ = Mina Mongoose? LOL!

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