SEGA Japan Planning Special Surprise For Sonic’s Birthday?

Brazillian Sonic fansites Power Sonic and Sonic Zone are reporting that SEGA Japan has revealed news to press that the company will be bringing lots of Sonic content on our favourite blue hedgehog’s big 20th Birthday. SEGA is said to be adding lots of items to its official Sonic Channel website, some news to its official Sonic Generations website and unveiling a surprise. Could this surprise have something to do with the Sonic Generations demo that was recently approved at the Australian Classification Board’s website or the possible Nintendo 3DS version of the game in the works? I guess we’ll find out June 23rd.

Sources: Power Sonic and Sonic Zone

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  1. i hope the surprise is an early release date instead of waiting so long for the holidays.Or the demo release could be sweet for now.

    1. I dont wan’t that at all! If it gets a early release it might suck because not enough work was put into it, I’m glad they are waiting until the holiday season so they have enough time to make this game amazing.

      1. You know they say Holiday release for every game to get the maximum profit. So the fact they started now just an advantage.

  2. Whatever it is, its going to be sweet! A demo would be nice too πŸ˜€ And why SEGA Japan? In the last 2 articles, some guy was saying how SEGA of Japan was secretly working on a Wii Sonic game. Idk if that guy was telling the truth or not, but what that guy said, and what this article is saying, maybe their could be another Sonic game?

    1. There’s been no word of a Wii game so far, not even rumours. So far, we have that GameStop listing for a 3DS version of Sonic Generations, as well as that listing for a Sonic 3DS game on that leaked 3DS developer project list from last E3. We also know Sonic 4: Ep 2 is in development, which will likely hit Wii again. It’s possible that SEGA could announce a Sonic game for Nintendo’s new console they’ll be unveiling properly at E3 this year.

      I don’t think this surprise will be an all-new game announcement though, as June 23rd is so soon after E3. If they were to unveil a new game, they’d do it at E3, which is over 2 weeks before then.

      1. Actually, yes, there has been word of a Wii game. In this month’s issue of Nintendo Power, on the very last page they said something about announcing another Nintendo Sonic game. Look for an article on the front page of TSS called “Rumor: New Sonic Game Announced in Nintendo Power Next Month”.

        1. Thanks. I had remember that, but forgot about the possibility of it being about a Wii game, too, but the art used on that page only encourages the Sonic Generations 3DS GameStop listing and Sonic 3DS E3 2010 listing. I think that’s all the NP reveal will be, if they reveal a game at all.

          1. Oh! Shadzter, I didn’t know that was you that I replied to! (I didn’t look at the name of the person who posted). Sorry for kinda snapping at you.

            And you do have a point, it could be a 3DS exclusive. I had forgotten about that possibility.

        2. A new Nintendo Sonic game being announced does not mean there has been word of a Wii game. It means there had been word of a Nintendo game. The 3DS is Nintendo too. The only Wii game is Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. =P

      2. Could they be holding Sonic Generations for a possible future release on Nintendo’s new console instead of Wii, to make it justice? (There’s always hope.) Anyway, back then when Dreamcast was still alive, I couldn’t get the games because I didn’t have a Dreamcast. But now they’re so common you can get them for any console. The same applies to the old Genesis games. So I suppose Sonic Generations will be available in a Nintendo console besides DS in a (far) future. Sonic games are my favorite, but I’m definitely not buying a Sony or XBox console just because of it. I prefer Nintendo’s franchises, Zelda, Mario, Super Smash Bros., Metroid, PokΓ©mon… And Sonic is a single franchise. I loved when Sonic started showing up on Nintendo consoles.

  3. this is getting really really interesting and awesome i can’t wait to see what is the big surprise on june 23 ^_^

  4. Does anyone remember how Sonic Adventure 2 had that awesome birthday pack?, well I do. Sonic Generations should have one too. The contents would be as follows:

    The Game itself
    The Game’s full soundtrack across 3 disks (all gold)
    A commemorative Sonic Coin (classic Sonic on one side, modern on the other)
    A “History of” booklet detailing the last 20 years of Sonic’s history
    An art book
    An extra disk loaded with bonus content
    A small statue of classic and modern Sonic (encased in glass)

    Everything would come in a nice dark blue leather case with gold finishings with both Sonics embroidered on the front. Sega, make it happen!

    1. Who here thinks they should have a genesis edition and a Dreamcast edition of Sonic generations? Each could have like certain artwork and a guide history of the certain sonic(genesis or dreamcast/modern) and a soundtrack. along with like justin said but depending on the version will depend on the sonic statue. a disk with loaded content wouldn’t be bad but the game already has enough content already! πŸ˜€ (oh also the genesis edition would look like the genesis box but with gold finishing and a smooth hard case. same with the dreamcast edition.)

      1. Like, playable Genesis and Dreamcast versions? Personally, no, I don’t think so. That would be a waste of time and money as both of those consoles have been discontinued for years.

        1. no as in a box art using the genesis and dreamcast looks. i don’t want the edition to change the gameplay! that’s just ridiculous πŸ˜€

          1. Oh! Ok, now I get it! Sorry about that.

            Anyway, yeah, that would be cool. If SEGA has some extra time and money, sure, I can go for it πŸ™‚

      1. I agree! I still have my tenth anniversary special edition SA2, a 20th anniversary update on Sonic’s history would be legendary. One can only hope! πŸ˜€

  5. I’m already too pumped for SG so now I wanna know about S3DS. If its a new Sonic Rush title then I will be kinda disappointed but hey, maybe it can work.

  6. Sonic Collection featuring nearly all sonic games including segasonic arcade, Knuckles chaotix and Sonic pocket adv, though ive played them all, i would love to play segasonic arcade on a home console, way back in the arcade i went to the game was tough to play with that trackball lol.

  7. Dudes, is Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing Arcades are released for arcade locals in USA, and UK, yet.
    All Chuck E. Cheese’s in USA didn’t get Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing Arcade so lately…

  8. For anniversary year I would like to see japanese animation story of Sonic, animated by TMS Entertainment (AKA Tokyo Movie Shinsha), based on the old Sonic games.

  9. Right after I read surprise + his birthday, I immediately thought of SA3. But I’m just an Adventure freak anyway… xD It’s probably either a demo, Ep 2 info or that 3DS game. Now that I think about it, A Rush 3’DS’ would be pretty interesting too.

  10. Some info on unfinished business first (Chronicles 2 + Episode 2) then we’ll discuss further matters

    1. sorry that was my little bro talking there. i really don’t know why he said that πŸ˜›

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