Sonic Free Riders Website: Characters & Tracks Update

Sonic Free Riders Website: Characters & Tracks Update

Sonic Free Riders is out for Xbox 360 Kinect in the U.S. tomorrow, so SEGA has given a big update to the game’s official website. Shadow, Silver, Eggman, E-10000G, Metal Sonic, Blaze, Amy, Cream, Rouge and Vector have been added to the characters section with new artwork and profiles, while the tracks section has now been unlocked with Dolphin Resort, Rocky Ridge, Frozen Forest, Metropolis Speedway, Magma Rift and Forgotten Tomb on display. The Final Factory and Metal City tracks revealed in the Achievements list are nowhere to be seen at the moment, but we do get a look at the alternate expert map of each of the tracks, along with an image and description of each one. Finally, SEGA have also added a voice command guide to the site for you to download.

The character artwork is available below:

Source: Sonic Free Riders official U.S./EU website

Thanks to HunterTSF at the SSMB for the heads up and obtaining the artwork!

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    Rouge was specifically put up top to get up some furries’ stiffies. I’m not a furry, but she’s human shaped…so: OMG Rouge is so HAWT!

  2. You guys really need girlfriends.

    I know I keep posting this on every SFR related post, but… I really don’t want to miss out on this game, especially with such a cool sounding storyline… it has to go to PS3 or Wii eventually, please???

  3. I like how the clothing is fitting to the characters. Rouge shows off her belly while Blaze dresses very conservatively. Love Eggman’s aviator outfit.

    Is there ANY fur on Rouge’s body (oustide of her head)or is she some weird half-Bat/Half-Human hybrid?!

  4. Is anyone else having trouble loading the website? It loads, but once it gets to the white circle/clouds area (AKA right after it loads) nothing else happens.

    …Could someone maybe read me Vector and Shadow’s profiles? 0o’ I don’t intend to get this game, but I want to hear about these characters. And yes, I tried both U.S. and EU sites. Both hit the same problem. I’m thinking the site is being overloaded right now or is still trying to get the updates in place.

  5. Ew, some of you think ANIMALS are hawt. That makes me want to puke in my mouth. People always ask why SEGA tries to make Rouge look hot, some of you commenters are the reason why.

  6. @DieHardSonicFan Big would need a special made hoverobard because he’s so fat he defys gravity.

  7. Eggman has so much class when he wears that scarf.

    Also, Sega should help fix “the reputation of Sonic” by putting all the furries into a big rocket and blasting them into the sun.

  8. I just got the game and kinect on midnight release and I only got three words..


  9. @JasonTheJackass

    Well she’s an anthro, so she’s an animal with human features and traits. I mean she’s a freakin insect practically with 6 limbs! (Bats don’t have wings. Their “wings” are actually their hands with webbed skin between the really long and skinny fingers. The point that sticks out the tip is their thumb)

    So I’d say Rouge’s design is like a half human half bat, but it’s because she’s an anthro. =P

    In the Sonic series, they make it seem possible for any 2 species to “date” because they all can talk and be “civilized”. Examples are Madonna/Sonic, Sally/Sonic, Knuckles/Rouge, Rouge/Shadow, Sera/Sonic, Amy/Sonic, Tails/Cosmo, Elise/Sonic, Blaze/Silver, and I’d say Tikal/Knuckles but besides her being a spirit, aren’t those 2 related? o.O; lol XD (NOTE: These are not actual couples [except Sonic/Madonna, Sonic/Sally and Tails/Cosmo but those don’t really even count] and are just examples based on “fan couples” of how the species obviously doesn’t matter. XP)

    Lastly, I agree with the opposition. How can a real life person be attracted to these non-human, non-realistic, non-REAL AT ALL characters!? Put Rouge’s and Blaze’s body-shapes on a REAL HUMAN and it’s called DEFORMED! XD

    Just remember, guys, you’re not their type anyways. XD

  10. FANGASM. They have hi-rez art of Robotnik in his Riders outfit.


    IT’S THE SCARF. BEST RIDERS GAME? ALMOST. (If it was released on multiple platforms, then I would say best one hands down.)

  11. Too bad I don’t have a 360 or plan on getting one. If we are still on the subject, Blaze is my fav female.

  12. This game is gonna be an awesome game! Imma sonic freak. Blaze and Wave look good. I don’t think Roger will do a good of a voice as Jason. I’ll miss that little buddy! And everyone else’s voice that got replaced….

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