Microsoft Gets Their Riders Crossed

Microsoft Gets Their Riders Crossed


Microsoft’s new Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 is hitting U.S. stores shortly and what better way to help grab interest than for Microsoft to show all Xbox 360’s Xbox Live users the launch game line-up in an Inside Xbox video, what could possibly go wrong? Well, it appears the Inside Xbox team haven’t paid too much attention to SEGA’s Sonic Free Riders, because they seem to have it confused with the original Sonic Riders title on Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube. When Microsoft’s Bridget O’Neill gets to the game at the 02:34 mark, a trailer for Sonic Riders is on display, logo and all. Before the end of the video the Sonic Riders logo (seen below) is shown again and O’Neill refers to the title as Sonic Riders, too.

You have to wonder, how does the company behind the Xbox 360 confuse an original Xbox title with an Xbox 360 game, especially one that’s launching the next day, only on their new Kinect peripheral? Now, I wonder what SEGA would have to say about this comical promotional failure…

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  1. Thats way past uncool for SEGA. When I read the title I thought it meant Sonic Free Riders is gonna be made for Wii and PS3. But I have an XBOX360 and i’m getting Kinect so it wouldn’t matter to me

  2. It’s Microsoft, makers of windows 7 and also the people behind Vista of course the failed they did when they made the actual xbox 360 console! oh and did I mention VISTA!


  3. Seriously, how can Microsoft mess up the promotion for arguably the best launch game on their new system?

    I’ve lost even more respect for them and Kinect now – and I didn’t have much respect in the first place.

  4. It is possible that they did not want to show footage of it, or that SEGA didn’t want it. You never know. Plus, even if it is Microsoft’s fault, it is easily confusable for a non-Sonic player.

  5. Thats it! I’ve Had it, the only way to solve this problem is by Lowering the Price of Sonic 4 :)! Well that dosen’t help SEGA if there sales dropped. Pack Sonic Free Riders With Kinect!

    But this makes me think……..What if they remade the original “Sonic Riders”?…………

  7. Oh Epic Fail.

    Idiot non-sonic fans, mixing up thier titles. The best game in the kinect and they go and screw it up.

  8. @ hook131

    I would hate them. Sonic Riders 1 just flat-out sucks. Zero Gravity is much better.

    It just goes to show you how much corporations don’t care about games, they just look at their mascot and see money.

    LOL @ 1:53 “ur mom!”

    I just hate it when I see Wii Sports and then look at something like Kinect and Playstation Move(An OBVOIUS Ripoff of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk) and then go “OMG! They just totally ripped of Nintendo!!”

    *actually watches video XD*

    That’s Hilarious! They didn’t even show any gameplay footage! I even heard the theme for Sonic Riders!!! Crystal’s Right, and IGN agrees with them!

  9. @Inferno the fox I do actually agree about both your statements, when I first saw the PS move I was like
    Believe me I saw it coming….. I see the PS3 fanboys from school and I try to explain to them that it’s a copy of a Wii remote but this was literally the reply: “But it’s got a coloured ball on the end!” WTH!

  10. @hook131

    It may have been created as seen from Wii’s success, but it’s in no means a copy. If it were, it would function exactly the same as the Wiimote. But it doesn’t, it has improved tracking than the Wii remote, and it’s form factor is a lot different. It’s not a copy…

  11. HOW!?!


    You mean to tell me that throuought the ENTIERTY of the video editing process that everyone knows took a great deal of time that during that ENTIRE TIME OF VIDEO EDITING that no one said “Hey……….this ain’t right?”

    If Microsoft finds a way of failing any harder than this, We seriously need to give them a reward. Anyone that fails that hard deserves one.

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