Sonic Free Riders Demo Now Available on Xbox Live Marketplace

Sonic Free Riders Demo Now Available on Xbox Live Marketplace

If you have Microsoft’s new Kinect device for Xbox 360 and you’re on the wall about whether or not to purchase SEGA’s first Kinect title Sonic Free Riders, then you’ll be glad to hear that a demo for the racer has been released today on Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo, which weighs in at 401.4 MB, lets you play through the game’s first track Dolphin Resort as Sonic the Hedgehog or Jet the Hawk and is currently exclusive to Gold Members, but will likely be available to Silver Members (or Free Members as they’re now called) next week.

Thanks to Yong at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. So now people can have a level for free, get frustrated with the controls, and never buy or rent the full game as a result, destroying all hope for any further profit for the company.


  2. I don’t have a kinect…..just a WII,DS,and PSP. This sucks….Why would SEGA release it only for Xbox 360 Kinect? That makes mo sense and is a bad business move.

  3. @Burning_Blaze

    The idea that the game requires videos on “how to play it” is an indication that Sega didn’t make it properly. Also, if someone buys the game, has more than one level to play, and more than enough free time to play it over and over again, of course they’re going to be able to get the actions down. Its the people who want a game you can just jump into a play that’ll be turned off by the controls, and the demo is assuring that those people will not be buying the game.

  4. @stan
    Funny how I got through the game perfectly fine…the controls need to be gotten used to. Once then, they are fine. I have had no problems playing the game….

  5. @Stan
    And how can you assume that people who play the demo will have trouble with the controls hmm? SonicSilverSS and ukwingchunstudent seemed to have gotten used to them fine. What are the chances others will do the same?

  6. It’s not so “Free” since it requires you to BUY Kinect.

    I would have loved to try the game but yeah…

    Sega…. think about Wii.

  7. @GoldenHedgy: Hopefully they’ll port it to Wii, and if they do I want the option to play with the classic controller or something, Zero Gravity was HARD with the Wii remote.

  8. @HeroInferno:
    It was hard to play with the Wii Remote. Thankfully you could play it with the Gamecube Controller. I have no problems controlling Sonic Free Riders with Kinect though. Works fine for me.

  9. Is Sonic Free Riders alright for a 6 year old? My brother ask me to get his son Sonic Free Riders for Christmas but I dunno if I should… My brother didn’t like Zero Gravity and told me that game is garbage and I dunno if they’ll like Free Riders if the controls takes a long time to get used to.

  10. @ BurningBlaze:

    “The idea that the game requires videos on “how to play it” is an indication that Sega didn’t make it properly.”

    Uhh… Dude. Those videos are called TUTORIALS. Now, nearly every single game produced today has a tutorial regardless of how easy or hard the game actually is to control. It’s considered a standard feature, since nobody these days knows how to read a bloody manual (or even tries). Having a tutorial of any kind is in no way an indication of production quality.

  11. @Umiyuri
    I think your comment is directed to Stan. 😛
    But yeah, I don’t see whats so bad about a tutorial level. Even Sonic Unleashed has them.

  12. No thanks :/

    Good music but no…


    Rather play the Zero Gravity one :\ (The second sequel)

  13. Well this is pretty good. People can test out the game. I mean, it’s for Kinect users also. But then again, you gotta buy a Wii or a DS to play Sonic Colours if you don’t already have one. =P

  14. @Burning_Blaze

    Uh…But he looks the same :/


    Well thats your opinion…I think differently ZG had good voice actors and easy control…FR had horrible controls and bad voice actors.

    Though I gotta say Roger is doing at least better than Ryan Drummond in my opinion

  15. ALL of the Riders games has bad voice actors and bad controls not to mention that this is the first time the new actors does the voices for these character. Give them a break.

  16. @Sonfan1984

    Dude its my opinion take it easy…I only liked the first one and Zero gravity

    Like i said FR has horrible controls, voice actors etc etc

    Though i don’t like it I think Roger is doing so much better than Ryan.

  17. I’m not even attacking you, I’m only disagreeing with you. I’m just saying from what I’ve played and heard of the Riders games, the controls and the voice acting isn’t any better.

  18. Oh, you just made it seem like I was personally attacking you but I wasn’t. If I come off that way then I’m sorry.

  19. @Darkherosonic

    I definately agree….They should have it multiplaformed with Wii and possibly PS3 instead

    Or it should of at least had a controller option….but nvm the moments gone :/

  20. @darksonic
    Did you even read the comment I made to you? If not


    The reason they didn’t is

    “The same reason Sonic 06 was released only for PS3 & Xbox 360 and Sonic & the Secret Rings was release only for the Wii. They’re trying to see how different games work on different systems.”

    That goes for any other system exclusive Sonic game.

  21. @Burning_Blaze

    Oh right

    I understand most Sonic games have been for Wii ,,even BK , ZG All stars Racing ,Unleashed (was multiplatformed) now Colours too

    And Sonic Unleashed , All Stars Racing were also for Xbox and PS3 (Sonic 4 too but download)

    I just wish Sega had a controller option at least

    Or make it multipatformed like Unleashed and SASASR

    I also wanted the 4kids Cast to stay :/ GRR I got angry with SEGA for firing them >.<! but I will have to get use to the changes and so will others.

  22. I just got a Kinect yesterday. Downloaded the demo. Calibrated the Kinect and used the turn methods described in the youtube video. My best was 2nd place. Any game where you have to really try hard to learn the most basic moves is a failure in my book. The main problem is that the characters turn too slowly. I can turn my raft around better in Kinect Adventures than I can in this game.

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