Sonic Colours Makes UK Top 20, Free Riders Drops Out

Sonic Colours Makes UK Top 20, Free Riders Drops Out

Chart Track has released the UK chart results for last week and with a full week of sales behind them compared to last week, we can now get a good idea of the UK’s response to Sonic Colours and Sonic Free Riders. In the all formats top 40 chart, both versions of Sonic Colours have together risen from 36th to 18th position, while Sonic Free Riders has dropped out of the chart completely after ranking 38th last week with only 4 days of sales behind it.

In the individual formats top 40 chart Sonic Colours placed at the lower 29th position on Wii and 35th on DS. In the top 40 Wii only chart Sonic Colours rose from 11th place to 7th, 2 places higher than popular shooter Call of Duty: Black Ops and 1 rank lower than old rival Mario’s universally acclaimed title Super Mario Galaxy 2. As for the top 40 DS only chart, Sonic Colours climbed from 12th position to 4th, being beaten out of the top 3 by Art Academy in 3rd, New Super Mario Bros. in 2nd and popular puzzler Professor Layton and the Lost Future in 1st.

Sonic Classic Collection has jumped 4 places from 20th position to 16th, proving Sonic’s Mega Drive titles still have sales power today. Finally, Sonic Free Riders has descended in the top 40 Xbox 360 only chart from 16th place to 19th. Other Kinect launch titles in the chart have also dropped positions compared to last week, but still beat out SEGA’s mascot racer.

So, with a full week of sales behind the game, Sonic Colours has shown some positive momentum after last weeks disappointing first 2 days, while Sonic Free Riders hasn’t seen the same benefit of more sales time. Will both games improve from here? Check back next week. Meanwhile, share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Chart Track
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  1. Glad to see The games doing well.
    Shame about Free Riders, mainly because of accessibility most likely, I’d have bought it otherwise =P

  2. If free riders would’ve been for some other things other than the Kinect, it would’ve probably done better, but considering it costs so much, it isn’t too much of a surprise that it didn’t do too well compared to other titles.

    Good to see that Sonic Colours is doing well. It was afterall, to be expected.

  3. I just ordered SMG2, NSMBWii and Sonic Colors in one order. Seeing these charts, is it considered a SIN?

  4. @Shad:
    We don’t have Black Fridays in the UK, but Amazon has brought it to the UK (on their site at least) for the first time ever this week from today until Friday.

  5. Quite a rise for Colours!
    I was about to rob a bank and buy all the games myself too.

    …I probably shouldn’t do that.

  6. Well and look at that
    Amazon UK Bestsellers Rank: 27 in PC & Video Games

    I hope this game turns into what is often called a slow bruner: a game might not chart high, but stays on the charts forever.

    Sales don’t influence how fun a game is, but it’s good to see s friendly, bright and colourful game in the charts that isn’t licensed, shovelware or a Nintendo game. We need somes inspiration for other platform game developers.

  7. I knew Colours would go up eventually…it just needed time :)….It deserves to be in the top ten place 😀

    Free Riders would have done so much better if it was multiplatformed or at least had a Controller option 😐 and some other things….but not so bad

    SCC has been out for a while now…:O) glad its making a comeback in the charts…not bad at all 😉

    Despite some upsetting news and mixed news earlier this year…I think 2010 has almost ended well for Sonic 🙂

  8. LOL I told you guys 2 days was not enough to judge a games sales. Looks like I was right.

    I have a good feeling it’s selling well in the states too. It was the #1 game on GameFaqs for a few days. My local GameStop sold out of copies and the Wal-Mart I work at sold about half it’s copies.

    If it outsold CoD BlackOPs, that’s a REAL good sign!

  9. Oh, how pleasing; it’s always good to know that Xbox 360 games are STILL outselling PS3 games in this fine nation…

  10. With Sonic 4, Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Colors all released now, it seems that we have very little to talk about anymore. What have we to look forward to?

  11. @sonictoast:
    Well, we know there’s a 3DS Sonic game on the way, though we’ve seen nothing of it, Episode 2 of Sonic 4, and there’s bound to be a game for Sonic’s 20th Anniversary. We’ve just got to wait for the announcements, which I reckon will be after Christmas, so as to not distract sales potential away from this years games.

  12. The public fell for it, a PS3 version shall be ours! I’ll have to give Sega a PROMOTION!

  13. Where i am my game store has sonic colours in 4th on the Wii chart , while the DS one, i haven’t seen it in the DS chart weird enough ??

    Sonic free riders is understandable its not a good game, just check out metacritic its got mostly negatives
    with a rating of 49.

    not to mention when i was at game, people were saying “Avoid Free riders its the worst kinect game on the system, bad story, bad VA, Bad controls there’s no fun to be hard, unless your one of thous sonic nuts that think sonics real and love anything with his ugly mug on it”

    i just feel the riders series is nothing more then a cash cow game, just rushed out for cash.

    plus we’ve got sega all-stars racing who needs sonic riders when you’ve got a great kart racer, Sega-all-stars racing with alot of fun, just wished there was more variety in the tracks….

    I look forward to sonic colours for Xmas , but im not getting the DS one, some odd reason it doesn’t grip my attention, probly because im getting bored of DS.

    Wonder what Sonic Rush 3-D will be like?

  14. I’d kinda figured that Free Riders isn’t going to do so well so it doesn’t really surprised me that it got such negative reviews. I’ll buy Free Riders if it wasn’t only for Kinect.

  15. Wow if Sega keeps the sales up like this in the uk AND america we might actually get a hd port next year or the year after. but for now i’m enjoying colors on the Wii and it’s beast!!!!! i’d probably just get the hd port for the achievments and avatar stuff though LOL!

  16. Embarrassingly, I’ve heard that Sonic ’06 was the best selling Sonic game… this might actually not only be a best seller, but at the same time, introduce new fans to the series. This game is the start of something very special, I tell ya!

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