SEGA Resets Sonic 4 Xbox 360 Leaderboards

SEGA Resets Sonic 4 Xbox 360 Leaderboards

In the last few hours SEGA has completely reset the Xbox 360 version of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1‘s online leaderboards. Announced at the SEGA Forums late yesterday by SEGA of America’s RubyEclipse, the move has been made to clear the huge amount of cheating times/scores, which consisted of impossible 0″00″00 times and 99999990 scores. The downside to this wipe however is that all of the legitimate players times and scores have been removed from the boards too, meaning those players will have to upload all of their records again.

Will this reset help the situation? It appears the answer is no, as already someone has uploaded a 99999990 record to Splash Hill Zone Act 2’s Score Attack leaderboard and taken top place, so it may be only a matter of time before the boards are ruined again. No announcement has been made by SEGA regarding whether the other versions of the game will receive a leaderboard wipe.

Do you think this is the correct way to deal with the leaderboard cheaters? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. definetly. There shouldn’t be any hackers whatsoever, and if this continues, SEGA should just bann whoever gets the impossible times. Doesn’t anyone else agree?

  2. It’s pretty sad that people can be so desperate to get on a leaderboard that they’d hack it. The peple who actually earn a spot on the leaderboards are kicked off by hackers. It really doesn’t seem fair. There should be a way to block the hackers. But thats just my thinking.

  3. I was #1 at some levels before the complete reset …
    Ok i know i can beat some of my times and get the record back , no problems if i know hackers will never comeback .
    But 1 hour after the reset , one hacker is already back …
    Whats the point of a complete reset without do anything more ??
    Sega need just remove the hackers , not the rest …

  4. i been wondering the same about the psn scoreboards for lost labyrinth zone act 1 in score attack mode. I have only like…1300000+ points and i see people are in like 1400000+ n’ shit. what is the key to scoring in that score area? i know you gotta beat LL1 before 1’40 to get a nice chunk of points. Unless I’m doin’ somethin’ wrong as fuck… :/

    PSN: todd18

  5. @ kirbyLinkfan

    how you think i feel when i run into hackers on mariokart over wifi? shit is so sad that they cause so much confusion when people are trying to fight to finish. i’ve been targeted multiple times by my Vr rating being maxed majority of the time. shit gets old… :/

  6. I really hope that SEGA doesn’t wipe out the Wii leaderboards, I have a record in third place in Time Attack in Carnival Street Zone Act 1 with 34 seconds on the clock. My name is BKroehling, go check.

    What SEGA SHOULD do is have a computer mathematically calculate the fastest possible time, and then whatever time is faster than that be disqualified from the boards. That way all of the true speed runners can still keep their place, while the cheaters can be blocked.

    Everyone’s a winner (except the haxors of course)

  7. @strickerx5 I think you put it best,sounds like the better road to take,cheaters never prosper right?

  8. Another reason why the Wii version is better.

    The worst they have are japanophiles with near-impossible times.

  9. I say those hackers need a visit to the Banhammer Chamber.

    Man, they need the GameCenter update already!!! My time for Splash Hill Act 1 is 0’36″15 with standard Sonic, and I wanna see how other iOS users compare…

  10. ok, so Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure was ignored… and Sonic 4’s leaderboard is more important?

  11. @Burning_Blaze:

    Right. I can’t stand leaderboards. They are absolutely pointless.

    The only time they are worth something, is when they are moderated.

  12. What they should do is set a limit for each Act. They would do it so that a computer does a perfect run of each act(For both times and scores), and that sets the limit. If anything under(Times) or over(Scores) exceeds that limit by a large amount the game would not allow that time or score to be uploaded.

    That’s the only way it seems to keep hackers from cheating on leaderboards.

  13. Cheaters are in every game and there is no way to stop them. Yes they can get banned, but they will just come back with another account and do the same thing like the THEno1SonicFan noob.
    XboxLive: Dark Lord Sonic
    Number 1 as Big in Ice Cap and Emerald Coast without cheating in Sonic adventure.

  14. Lol I could imagine Dude: Yes! I Finaly Made it To the Top Leaderboards No hacks *goes get my camera* D: What No! Well even on the wii Hackers are = to n00bs. They need help and attention.

  15. Glad I got in with the rest of the legit players on release day 🙂
    Not that it matters now, but it was still fun

  16. Oh dear, there goes my time, oh well, gonna go and get a better time and upload on Splash Hill Act 3…

  17. There’s something to point out.

    If SEGA can’t even handle Leaderboards correctly, if the games were to be multiplayer online, everything would be screwed.

    If they can change the points, why not the SPEED VARIABLES AND SO?
    Oh man… no good results for sure.

  18. We all knew this was going to happen eventually. Its not a big deal for me since the fastest time I ever got, even with supersonic, was like 52 seconds and that only placed me in 93rd place xD

    btw happy thanksgiving to all the US people on here

  19. I’ve tried to go on these people’s profiles to report them as a cheaters, but nothing has happened. We need to ban these people, not reset the leaderboard.

  20. Damn haxors… Hacking and going online, reminds me of one time I went online on Brawl and someone had hack so they were Giga Bowser from start to finish, no surprise I lost to that (explicit word here)(why’d I not instantly quit?) . If I had my way hackers would be punished by someone thowing a computer monitor at them, hard. Cookie if you get the reference.


  21. @ Wordy

    I don’t think it works like that. I think they can only wipe the entire scoreboards; they can’t go through wiping individual ones. It would make it a damn sight better if they could though.

    I agree with what some other people have said; they should run a computer simulation to determine the fastest possible times/highest possible scores for each Act, and automatically disqualify anything that goes over that threshold. The only problem is if the hackers find out what that threshold is…

  22. 3rd time i try to post this message …
    The reset was completly useless , because 3 players have already hacked the leaderboards .
    Next time SEGA need just remove the fake times and score , not reset completly it .
    Sega need update the leaderboards every weeks or something like that , or an update for stop the hack .
    But no more leaderboards complete reset !!!!!

  23. I cant tell anyone how much it pisses me off that these people have so little a life that they go and hack a fake time on the leaderboards.

    I seriously feel like this is such a dick move that these people should serve jail time.
    There is just no excuse for it in my book.
    Freeking bastards ruin it for everyone else.

  24. There goes my time.

    Wiping the leaderboards is only temp solution as we’ve already noticed. Updates to fix the issue and methods to punish the cheaters must be enforced.

  25. well I agree with Wordy…

    They can just take out the very first few that have the impossible scores and not having to go through the whole list.
    Sega’s doing this because of the 999999999 scores and 0’00’00 time.

  26. When will people learn, you can’t trust ANYBODY on random people multiplayer in any game.

    If there’s a way to cheat, they’re doing it.

  27. I don’t see why SEGA don’t set a score limit for each level, theres only a certain amount of point you can probably get. For the time, well, some go well to far like the 00,00,00 time.

  28. Oh dear :/ Unfair for the other people!! but not suprised really..

    What has the world come to these days O_O….?

  29. I think game developers are better off scrapping the leaderboards idea altogether, there will always be hackers out there showing off their hacked scores to the public. Why do they do it anyway? It just makes them look more retarded than they already are.

  30. @Rabid-Noodles Agreed, it’s pretty much the only method, unless the hackers manage to equal the time score set by Sega too..

  31. darkherosonic says:
    25 November, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    that’s no fair.Then the true players who didn’t cheat will get wiped too………….. 🙁
    Yeah like me lol

  32. While having a minimum possible time sounds like a good idea, hackers can just set their time to the pre-set minimum, and then flood the leaderboards again. You wouldn’t be able to tell who’s there legitimately or not.

  33. I’m not too bothered, personally, as my scores weren’t amazing anyway. I still have my ‘Contender’ achievement, and thats all that matters <3

  34. There goes my 0″00″01 record.

    Oh wait, I don’t have Xbox 360.

    Let SEGA bann hammer these guys.

  35. Solution.

    Dont’ put Leaderboards. I was already #1 legit with Sonic, now it gets reset…


  36. SonikkuHedgehog says:
    26 November, 2010 at 8:42 am


    Dont’ put Leaderboards. I was already #1 legit with Sonic, now it gets reset…


    You lie , a japanese guy was 1st with Sonic only , Tongshu or something like that …

  37. Solution: For those who cheat or hack in Xbox they must have a console bann and xbox live account ban. Maybe they will create another account on xbox live but if they want to return, they need a new console;)

  38. I hate cheaters, they did the same thing with the leaderboards for “Sonic Rush Adventure.” Do they really think people will respect their top “fake” scores? They just wanna see their names on the leaderboards.

    I think Sega should make it so they can delete individual scores personally.

  39. I wondered why I wasn’t on the leaderboards at all anymore.

    Only thing is, I can’t seem to upload my times anymore, either. =/ It just says ‘updating leaderboards’, then I don’t appear. Do I need to set a new record before it’ll accept it?

  40. Leaderboards are completely worthless in every single game they exist in, because no matter what is done, the hackers will always be there to ruin it for the legit players. Do away with leaderboards entirely. Not really a big loss.

  41. Screw leaderboards they only show how people are sad in life by cheating and saying hey look at me I have no life and my parents abuse me daily! (sorry for that but that’s how those leaderboard cheaters be) thats why when I play mario kart wii I see the rankings of people behind me and my rivals as well as the top 10 I like that and I know about 1/4 of the 10 are legit the rest are not. but if I was SEGA I would delete the times and ban the IP adress from adding any times or scores to any games from them. Microsoft should do the same just pick and pick at them until no one cheats again. if not ban their IP again and elminate their Xbox live accounts so their is no way of getting back on unless they change the IP or move.

  42. I only throught that people was cheating only on the Wii version(I download the game on the Wii, also I don’t own a Xbox 360(I want to play Sonic Free Riders but I can’t…anyway)) I didn’t know they can even cheat on the XB 360 version. How about the PS3 version? Or can the PS3 get hacked to cheat on it?

  43. @Beau

    Same thing with Sonic Colors. I actually wanted to compete in the leaderboards and I did get my glory of not having hackers on the leaderboards the few days before the US copy released, but soon my score was taken off the leaderboards because of hackers. I eventually hacked the leaderboards myself after I figured the leaderboards were useless because all the scores were hacked.

  44. I hate those cheaters. They really need to get a life. Now people who are good at Sonic Colors and Sonic 4 can’t see their times.
    P.S, when will you put up the Sonic Colors review. I’ve been waiting for a while.

  45. im the king of sonic the real true number one fan and i dont want to cheat i wouldnt be number 1 fan and those guys i dont even know why they want to do that they still suck i even text one of them saying there a noob and he reply saying since i hack it dosent call me a noob

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