Pics of the Sonic Colours Figure, Argos Drops Price

Pics of the Sonic Colours Figure, Argos Drops Price

EB Games Australia is now listing the Sonic Colours: Special Edition that other countries have been listing for a while, which comes with a Sonic Colours themed action figure, but until now we’ve not seen a picture of it. Two pictures are now available, but why two you say? Because it appears you get different Wisps with your Sonic figure depending on which version of the game you purchase. The Wii version comes with a White Wisp, an Orange Wisp and a Cyan Wisp, while the DS version comes with a Yellow Wisp, a Red Wisp and a Blue Wisp. Seems odd that the Blue Wisp would come with the DS version, since it only appears in the Wii version. If you pre-order, you can still get the free Sonic hat too.

Argos, who we told you will be giving the figure away with pre-orders in the UK, has now
slightly lowered their prices for both versions. The Wii version has been dropped from £33.99 to £31.99 and the DS version has been dropped from £25.99 to £24.99.

Thanks to Blue Blood at the SSMB for the heads-up!

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  1. Lookin’… alright, I guess. And don’t worry, folks. The final figure will look better than that. That’s just a prototype. It looks okay, but it’s a bit off. Jazwares has the most accurate sculpts for Sonic action figures, so we shouldn’t be too worried about this one

  2. Oh that silly Argos store and its price drops. The question remains on whether the prices will actually stay like that, in the past they’ve dropped prices and then bumped them back up.

  3. But…doesn’t everyone already have so many sonic figures?Oo How about a whisp plush? I wouldn’t mind the little wisps separately actually,kind of cute :). I’ll just wait to find them on ebay I think. *counts five sonic figures in her collection,including plushies*

  4. Too bad it isn’t a figurin, but I have to start my Sonic Merchandise collection.
    Here I come special version.

  5. Do the wisps actually float? :DDD
    I’ve never noticed how long Sonic’s arms are, until now. The ones on the figure aren’t really that far off. :O

  6. Looks like a magnet on Sonic’s right hand.
    I’d get my family to pick this up for me, but then I realized a PAL copy of the Wii version wouldn’t work here in the states.
    … They even get the free hats.. o_o

  7. I like the wisps but……. as for Sonic I really can’t say anything 😛 I really hope the final product looks better.

  8. @ Jix Hedgehog:
    If you plan on getting the DS version, that’s region-free, so you could import that with the figure, as well as the hat if you get it from Australia.

  9. Still waiting for Cubot and Orbot packaged with a Robotnik dressed in ringmaster regalia.

    I know you can do it Jazwares.

  10. Typical, if they release a sonic figure in America it looks awesome, but when they release one here in the UK it looks bad.

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