[UPDATE]Sonic Colours: Aquarium Park Wii & DS Screenshots

[UPDATE]Sonic Colours: Aquarium Park Wii & DS Screenshots

UPDATE: Two more Wii screenshots have been added, courtesy of the Sonic City Blognik. Looks like the Aquatic Park boss will chase Sonic at a point in the battle. /UPDATE END

Two batches of Sonic Colours screenshots have hit the net this morning, one Wii batch and one DS batch. The screens are taken from a new water themed stage, which is revealed at SPOnG to be titled Aquatic Park. You’ll notice right away that the stage strongly resembles Sonic Unleashed’s Chun-Nan stage, with plenty of Chinese themes all over the place and even the Egg Pawns are in costume again, this time dressed as Samurai’s. Sonic is quite out of the norm in this stage, since he treks underwater without dying like he usually would in his 3D games, so could we see the return of the classic drowning countdown and air bubbles? This stage also gives us our first in-game glimpse of the Wii exclusive Blue Wisp in action, which turns Sonic into a cube to turn blue rings into solid platforms and vice versa, SPOnG explains.

With a shake of the Wii Remote, Sonic transforms into a blue block, which acts as a switch to turn blue rings into solid platforms and vice versa. It’s a good way of finding some alternative routes through stages.

Also revealed, are the stages bosses on Wii and DS and some more shots of the Wii versions co-op mode. You can check the screenshots out below and discuss them in the comments.



Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the screenshots.

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  1. Wow. Anyone else getting the feeling that this game is like multiple games in one? It feels like Sonic Unleashed, better versions of Sonic 06, Sonic Adventure (3) and originality combined.

    Sonic dying in water depends on the focus of the spot. xD Like Sonic Adventure, you can go in water and it’ll have a countdown til drowning like the old games and even have areas you can walk around in underwater, but in other areas or levels it’s an “out of bounds” type of thing like in Emerald Coast. I think they only allow Sonic to tread water areas if it’s not like real deep water. xD Labyrinth Zone, Aquatic Ruins, Aquatic Mine, Ice Cap (SA) and such like they you can walk. Deep in the ocean and or swamp, not so much. =P

    But this stage allows DRILL underwater. Cool xD. I wonder how fast he goes under water. lol. What would boost look like? And is this the first time to see fish swimming around Sonic while he’s running?

    And for the blue wisp.. I can’t believe I guessed right! O_O lol

    Man this game looks awesome. :O

    PS: check out the view in the 3rd Wii screenshot below the article. =D

  2. Svend posts a lengthy positive preview this afternoon? Awesome.
    Water returns in 3D? YES!!
    This game… isn’t human anymore.
    Seriously to good to be good.

  3. @Eggman123

    I know…0_0 Why is this game so awesome? Rotating platforms like the classics?(complete with chains that are grouped in circles), Awesome Underwater locales? In 3D? Badniks? Underwater too? In 3D??

    Why, Sega, Why????!

  4. This is just incredible…return of underwater levels! 😀 Hype meter for game now is through the roof! Come on November 16 here in the U.S.!

  5. Favorite stage so far! Hell YES! I would like to point out that they arnt samurais, they are sailors. Look at the hats and ascots. But the depth is amazing! and its very creative to use the drill as a way to swim really fast when underwater, also love the blue block, its like a platform switch really.

  6. So… Sonic turns into a cube, and any rings he touches turn into a platform? Doesn’t that kinds break the rules a bit?

    …YESH!!!!! Underwater levels!!!! I’m so totally getting this!!!!

  7. Oh my god..
    Crabmeat, too.
    Stop it game, stop it!!
    You’re gonna tear down the existing reality as we know it!

  8. Does this marks the first 3D Sonic game where Sonic can actually go underwater? I see him using the drill wisp underwater and theres air bubbles, too.

    But other then that, awesome! 😀

  9. @ Inferno

    Actually, it just turns all BLUE RINGS into platforms, or vice versa, and Sonic doesn’t touch them, they turn the second Sonic activates the power.

  10. Awesome! This level reminds me of an underwater Chun Nan, it’s very pretty too. This game is looking more and more amazing with each update and I believe that it has the potential to bring Sonic back on top!

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