[UPDATE]Sonic Colours: Blue Wisp Revealed

[UPDATE]Sonic Colours: Blue Wisp Revealed

UPDATE: The two new screenshots of the Blue Wisp in action are now available in high resolution. Thanks to an update at the SEGA of America Blog /UPDATE END

ArchangelUK at the Sonic City Blognik has officially revealed Sonic Colours‘ Blue Wisp and its powers. Using the Blue Wisp will transform blue rings into blue blocks and vice versa, which will make new routes available to you. You can also use the Blue Wisp to smack down on enemies. Two more new screenshots of the Blue Wisp are also now available.

When Sonic absorbs Blue Wisp, a cubic Wisp with three eyes, he can exercise the mysterious “Blue Cube” Colour Power. This mysterious power switches blue blocks and blue rings, meaning routes that were once inaccessible can now be explored. In addition, when using the Blue Cube Colour Power and landing on a ground, nearby enemies can be destroyed.

Sonic Stadium Founder Svend “Dreadknux” Joscelyne who has played the latest build of the game has added to that description with an in-depth explanation at the SSMB:

Here’s how it works – you shake the Wii Remote, some dude yells “KYOOOOOB!” If Sonic’s in the air, he’ll fall down and whomp the floor as that blue cube. Any blue coins turn into solid blue platforms. Any solid blue platforms turn into blue rings. Sonic turns back into Sonic immediately after this ‘cube ground pound’ to take advantage of this change before the charge meter runs down. You can continue to use the power for as long as there is charge still in the meter (in later levels this becomes necessary as you will need to keep flipping blue coins and blocks around to traverse through a particular route). Once the meter runs down, blocks and rings go back to what they were – unless you collected the rings, in which case those platforms won’t return.

The artwork is available in an even higher resolution at SEGA’s Flickr.

Source: Sonic City Blognik

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  1. Interesting concept. o.o
    And a confusing one at that.

    How does Sonic MOVE? Does he just slam down destroying enemies and automatically switching the rings/blocks’ places?

    And can Sonic GET these blue rings as actual rings? Or are they just there for style to make platforms or get rid of platforms to your liking in combinations like a puzzle? (I mean why does Sonic need to MAKE the platforms if they could just be there already since the rings are already there? XD)

    Well we will definately find out. =P

  2. @Ax
    Basically, it simply works as a ground pound. With the flick of the remote, you will pound the ground and all blue boxes will change to blue rings (and vice versa). Straight after you flick the remote you will transform back into regular Sonic so that you can ground pound again.

    You keep can keep ground pounding until the bar runs out.

  3. ArchangelUK has posted up another 7 things about Sonic Colors over at the Sonic City blog and a quote that Sonic says in the game.

  4. This sounds interesting for alternate routes.
    Boy the only fear I have for this game now is another monster of the month.

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