Orchestral Sonic Medley to Feature on Video Games Live CD & DVD Releases

Orchestral Sonic Medley to Feature on Video Games Live CD & DVD Releases

Those of you fortunate enough to have made it to one of the many worldwide live performances of Video Games Live, an orchestral showcase of some of the greatest suites from classic video game titles hosted by Tommy Tallerico and Jack Hall, may have had the opportunity to experience the magical rendition of the Staff Credits from Sonic the Hedgehog 1.

According to Destructoid, fans of the show can expect a CD and DVD release of the show performed recently by the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in New Orleans. Alongside the Sonic Medley, the CD and DVD will also feature music from Zelda, Super Mario, Halo and a rocking version of One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII, complete with Tommy rockin’ out on his axe. The CD run time is currently pipped at 75 minutes for the CD, so you’re really getting as much as they can shove on there! The DVD will include over 3 hours of bonus material and behind the scenes footage in addition to the 100-minute performance.

Video Games Live: Level 2 will be released State-side on October 19th, 2010 – so far there are no details on prices or a worldwide release – but I guess there’s always the option to import!

To check out the full track and set list, follow this link!

If you haven’t heard the medley before, check out this video from their London Hammersmith performance…


…and if you haven’t seen me on stage making a fool of myself that year, enjoy this video. Yes, Tommy is wearing my hat. No, I didn’t win.


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  1. The website states (or it did when i read it) that it was USA only. Before I noticed that, I sent them an Email asking if there would be a worldwide release and got no reply. I’m guessing the answer is no.

  2. @DeadCaL

    This will be a worldwide release. What do you think they’ll be selling in the lobby when they go on the various world tours?

  3. I was hoping to see them this year, but the date got pushed back to 2011 and now it’s not even on the site…
    So it’s awesome that they’re releasing a CD and DVD! I’m toally getting ’em. |D

  4. Went to the E3 Video Games Lives, everything was fantastic, they had lots of guests on stage.. unfortunately, they didn’t do the Sonic performance… would have easily preferred it over “One Winged Angel” with pics of cos-play… bleh.

    One of their concerts was playing through-out a week on local PBS TV channels, Sonic was near the beginning.

    But yeah, if they end up going to a town near you, check it out!

  5. Tommy seriously sounds like Tom Hanks. I noticed this at the beginning of the show, and couldn’t imagine him NOT being Tom Hanks.

    Anyway, at the first VGL I went to, they didn’t play Sonic! But they came back and Sonic was the first medley they played. Just hearing the trumpets warming up with Starlight Zone put chills down my spine, let alone the entire performance.

  6. ^ That would’ve been awesome.

    The show was over for us, they came back and gave us CastleVania

  7. Wow, that sounded so great. It made me so happy. I thought the compilation of clips was pretty well done too. Funny how they skip from Genesis straight to Dreamcast. I was very happy that they included Spinball in there.

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