Free Figurine With Sonic Colours Pre-orders At

Free Figurine With Sonic Colours Pre-orders At

It appears the UK will be getting the Sonic and Wisp figurine that is being packaged as part of a “Special Edition” with Sonic Colours in some parts of the world. UK retailer, Argos is now listing the figurine as a free gift with pre-orders of either version of the game.

Free Sonic wisps figurine when you pre-order at Argos! Get your figurine of Sonic and the whisps which appear in Sonic Colours, delivered free with your copy of the game of the day of release.

It is odd that the figurine is being given away free with pre-orders in the UK, since the “Special Edition” with the figurine is listed at a higher price than the game alone, so could there be more than just the figurine bundled with that edition? Argos is listing this as an “Online exclusive” offer, so it appears they won’t be stocking it in-store. No other UK retailers are currently listing the gift. Argos also appears to be SEGA’s retailer of choice for pre-orders of the game at their website.

If you’re interested in the figurine, you can pre-order the Wii version for £33.99 and the DS version for £25.99. Will you be pre-ordering at Argos for this bonus?

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  1. I hope AAUK says something about the SE soon. I’m not sure if I should order the german verion of it or this :-/ If it’S the same thing, I’ll get this version.

  2. @Marcellof
    Yeah, I can’t imagine why SEGA would charge extra for the figure in some countries, but not in the UK :-S There must be something else to make it special. Judging by this, the UK isn’t getting the special edition, just the figure as a free gift.

  3. The website says ‘New – Online exclusive’, so I’m guessing it won’t be available in store.

  4. I can’t wait until Iceman sees this…. “Argos man… What kind of store is that? Theres nothing in it!”

  5. £33.99?! Sod that for a game of wisps and hedgehogs. I’ll go Zavvi instead.

    Then again, the figures will probably be sold separately anyway.

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