Sonic 4 Wii Footage, Preview from PAX

Sonic 4 Wii Footage, Preview from PAX

Well, I’m finally getting around to uploading the stuff I got from PAX. This is the first piece I’m putting up: footage for the Wii version of Sonic 4. Jason tells me there hasn’t been much footage of this version, so he told me to get some. Not sure if you’ll notice the differences, but the only real changes are more noticeable jaggies and darker colors, the most notable of which being the darker color of Sonic himself. The Wii’s D-pad was a really nice change in control from the crappy D-pad on the Xbox 360, so unless I can get my hands on a good 360 retro controller before the game comes out, I might find myself buying this version instead.


As you can see, I screwed around in the demo a bit. Mostly, I was experimenting with the game and trying to find things I didn’t see last time. The game was, of course, fun. As I’ve said before, the game focuses primarily on momentum, with many of the boosters only acting to keep you moving along, or help you up steeper areas that don’t give you much room to build up speed. I skipped a couple, some by accident and some on purpose, but that didn’t impede my progress much.

I will say this, though: upon repeated play, the different physics have become glaringly apparent. They don’t do anything to actually hurt the fun, but really, if the fans figured out the equations to Sonic physics years ago, would it really be that hard for you to realize them in Sonic 4, Dimps? It almost feels like the game is “faking” the physics at times. Yes, Sonic could go through loops, but he couldn’t horizontally on them! That said, Dimps has successfully made the closest thing we’ve had to a classic Sonic game in 11 years in this demo.

Naturally, this is the E3 demo. Aaron Webber confirmed this for us before the show even started.  It’s still a really fun game all around and I’m looking forward to the final product, which will hopefully change the physics enough to please those who want something even closer to what the classic games where.

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Nuckles87 has been an editor at Sonic Stadium since 2007, and has been covering events like E3, PAX, and SDCC since 2010. An avid retro gamer, he runs a monthly stream on Twitch where he explores obscure Sonic oddities, and how aspects of the franchise have evolved over the decades.


  1. come on move along nothing to see here but the same ish sega has been showing for months lets go

  2. Obviously, I’m just pointing out what I found.

    Yeah, Colors was there too, and that was new. I got some footage of that as well, but the write ups not at the top of my list.

  3. When will the Colors footage be up? And great preview Nucks, and LOTS of Sonic 4 footage, woah. :O

  4. This isn’t even close to Sonic Rush, Shoryuken. For Rush, the boost is a CORE gaming mechanic, the spin dash is useless, there is absolutely no focus on momentum, and the level design is completely different. The whole game is built around using and maintaining the boost.

    Sonic 4, from what I’ve got to play, is a great game with some questionable physics that keep it from being exactly like the originals. It’s FAR from a mess.

    If this was nothing more then a nostalgia cash in, this game would have been released months ago. This ISN’T a Sonic Rush 3, and the fact that you still think that makes it clear to me that you simply haven’t played this yet.

    I’d go into more depth, but I’d just be retreading stuff I’ve already seen and shown in the two previews I’ve done so far.

    And for the record, the game I was referring to “11 years ago” was Sonic Pocket Adventure for the Neo Geo, another Sonic game made by some members of the Dimps team before they left SNK to form the company.

  5. The people who is still calling Sonic 4 ‘Sonic Rush 3’ probably haven’t even played the game yet. Sonic 4 doesn’t play anything like the Rush titles

    Sonic Colors for the DS is more of a ‘Sonic Rush 3’ then Sonic 4 will ever be.

  6. Shoryuken, I’ve put your comment back in pending and am reporting it to the mods. I have absolutely NO problem with anyone disagreeing with me, even vehemently, but I will NOT have you cursing or insulting me, let alone anyone else, in TSS’s comments. I did NOTHING to warrant such a response except offer a dissenting opinion based on actual experience with the game.

    I will not recommend you for a ban, but I would like you to keep in mind that if you are banned, more then your IP will be kicked off, and when you come back it will be a simple matter of picking you out and banning you again.

    Now, you may continue to argue, but you WILL be respectful.

  7. You should go ahead and ban him anyway. How many times did you guys warn him about insulting and being really disrespectful towards others in the comments and he still does it anyway.

  8. Wow, Shoryuken is still at it? But, eh, anyway. Yeah, this game looks really fun, I honestly can’t wait for it, and Colors to come out! : D

  9. Shoryuken, that’s enough. I told you to be respectful. I was nice, but you refuse to be. I’m putting that comment in pending and requesting your ban. Any further comments on this article from you will be deleted in the meantime.

    You’ve got to learn to be respectful if your going to get anywhere in this world, let alone not get banned from every place on the internet. If you don’t learn to be tactful and courteous, you’re going to have a very sorry time.

    I am completely willing to debate and even change my opinion. Brad Flick has taught me a lot regarding Sonic’s physics, and as you can see I complain about them here. If you could have learned to treat me as well as I treat you, our discussion could have gone somewhere. I certainly had a couple things to say in reply. But so long as you are going to act like this, what’s the point?


    Edit: You had your chance, you blew it. I’m sticking by what I’ve said here. Besides, just because I’m requesting your ban doesn’t mean you’ll get it. It’s up to the mods. But other members of the staff have already lodged other complaints against you. This isn’t about your opinion on Sonic 4. It’s about your conduct.

  10. woah this is pretty good! iv seen footage before but this version looks abit more udated, dont ya think.

    srry for my noobish spelling and grammer

  11. Okay, I am just so sick of this. Those people that are saying that slightly different physics is going ruin the entire game just need to be quiet and wait till the game comes out. In just about every written preview of the game, the previewer says that all of those extra things (homing attack, speed boosts, etc.) actually helps with the flow of the game and smooths out the gameplay. Yet, there are people, that have not even played the game yet, that bash the entire game just because of those added features, no matter how many times the people that have actually played the game first hand say that these things don’t ruin the gameplay. I am also tired of the people that are thinking that the E3/PAX demo is the final build and ignoring that SEGA keeps saying that it isn’t the final build and that they are still revising the game and taking in fan feedback, even though there are many already impressed with the E3 build.

  12. Honestly, Krush, the classic physics are better. They feel better to use. It’s a genuine complaint. I’ll agree it doesn’t ruin the game, but many others don’t see it that way.

    I do think many will change their minds once they play it, but many others won’t.

  13. Trolls and Physics aside, watching the previews and the videos and stuff, I’m still seriously looking forward to this game. Sure we’ve all seen this zone before and all that, but I still want it, really badly.

  14. The Advance series was waaay closer to the classics in terms of the way they handled and in physics. Sonic 4 doesn’t even come close.

    Stop kidding yourselves.

  15. And krush? Go back and play Sonic 1, or hell, just watch a few videos of it. Now look at Sonic 4. You’ll see a VAST difference in the way each game’s physics works. We’re not saying it because we stuck in the 90’s. We’re just saying it because it’s true, Sonic 4’s physics look AND feel, off. If you would simply take a step back and look at the game, objectively, you’d see what we’re on about. We, and yes, I say ‘we’ because there’s a majority of us that feel this way, just want Sonic 4 to be the best it can be.

    This, is clearly not it. Not even trolling.

  16. Also, (and with this I’ll shut up) speed boosters and springs and homing attack chains don’t ‘help the flow of the game’, it makes it play itself. And I guarantee you that after the first level or so, that will start to get old fast, and even cheapen the experience.

    I swear I could go on for hours, but I’ll stop. Clearly some people won’t take all the evidence we have and use it to form an educated opinion, and I’m sure I’ll be given ‘what-for’ by someone who thinks I’m just being cynical. That’s fine, I expect that, have at me.

    But just so you know? I think Sonic 4 will be mildly entertaining and I’ll probably buy the damn game for the novelty of it all. That doesn’t, however, change the fact that Sonic 4 could be a LOT better. Few will debate me on this.

  17. Yes, they can cause the game to play itself. I’ve experienced it in plenty of Sonic’s 3D games and it’s one of my complaints regarding them.

    But in this game, they don’t. 🙂 They simply aren’t prevalent enough.

  18. “the fans figured out the equations to Sonic physics years ago”

    This is assuming there is a right and wrong to these physics. They may have actively chosen to have the game play this way, like they did the Advance and Rush games, to match the levels etc. Not all of us found rolling around a half-pipe to be the most memorable moment in Sonic 2, and not all of us like the idea of struggling to get up a hill without going back and getting a huge run-up. I think it looks BETTER.

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