Sonic Colours and Sonic 4 Playable At E3

Sonic Colours and Sonic 4 Playable At E3

The Official Japanese Sonic Channel Blog has today confirmed in a new entry Sonic Colours will be present and playable at this years E3, an earlier entry posted 21st May confirms Sonic 4 will also be present and playable too. No other info is given as to what builds to expect or any new trailers or other assets so we’ll have to just wait and see. Be sure to check back with us during the show as we’ll be relaying all info and media that hits the net back to you here.

Thanks to HunterTSF at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. In one word: Nice. I’m hoping this will mean we canget more info. on Sonic Colours gameplay-wise, and possibly see if there are any interesting improvements on

  2. In one word: Nice. I’m hoping this will mean we canget more info. on Sonic Colours gameplay-wise, and possibly see if there are any interesting improvements on Sonic 4. (I should try to read Sonic Channel more often. It would help my Japanese too)

    Super Lombax

  3. I went to E3 back in 2003. It was great because I got to play Adventure DX, Heroes, Battle and Pinball Party and see the pilot to Sonic X and get the Sonic McDonalds toys for free. It was a magical time for a sonic fan. Wonder if this year can match it.

  4. Wow.. 17 days until I get to try out Sonic 4… *teary eyed*

    *Takes a deep breath*

  5. This E3 really gets exiting.
    We’ll maybe see Coulors in the Nintendo conference.

  6. New NIS game?
    Possibly PSP 2?
    Nintendo 3DS?
    Sonic 4?
    Sonic Colors?

    E3 is destined to be awesome.

  7. It would be interesting to see what they’ll reveal in these two games at this year’s E3. But please, don’t throw any hissy fits if characters like Shadow, Blaze, and such appear in these two games. People are entitled to their personal opinions, and the best thing you can do is: Respect. It’s not that hard to do. Even if I am a huge Tails fan, I would not have a problem with any of the newer characters reappearing, since SEGA can do whatever they want with the Sonic franchise since it’s their creation and it’s their decision on which characters reappear or not. Even if Shadow suffers from the worst fanbase possible, I would not have problems with him reappearing in future games like Sonic Colors or even Sonic the Hedgehog 4. In fact, Shadow never made an appearance in a 2-D Sonic game outside of Sonic Battle, and he would be a great fit in a game like Sonic 4. But if he were to appear in a future episode of Sonic 4 or Sonic 5 or whatever, he would most likely be either a “secret unlockable playable character”, or DLC (a huge trend in the new gaming generation these days), or possibly a boss fight due to him being Sonic’s rival and so on. I hope that future Sonic games get positive recognition and not negative, because I am so sick of people bashing Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 and other recent games in the series and it’s time to have a smile on everyone’s face for a change. And besides, SEGA has learned a lesson or two from their mistakes, because instead of making another Sonic Storybook game, they’re making Sonic Colors. So be happy and relax.

  8. @Edge

    Aren’t you forgetting something?

    Knowing Microsoft, I doubt they would dedicate this year’s E3 to showcasing that *garbage* Project Natal. They’re going to have something. I’m calling a new handheld. I’m sure they would LOVE to get the jump on Nintendo (and possibly Sony) by announcing it at their press conference.

    …Whoops. Got off-topic there. Hehe.

    (Yay, Sonic playable at E3 and all that…woohoo)

  9. @Blahblahblah3210

    Windows Phone 7 Is the closest we will get for now. I’m not a fan of any XBOX console. They lack any good RPG’s or exclusives. I hate FPS’s and racing games and that’s all I can find on the 360. Also, MS said they have no plans for a handheld.

  10. @Edge

    Agreed. XBOX consoles suck big time. But their press conference is important nonetheless.

    Microsoft said that they didn’t have any plans for a handheld (last I checked) months and months ago. They easily could have been keeping wraps on the idea all of this time or at least started conceptualizing it since then.

    I wouldn’t write off a Microsoft handheld at E3 just yet. Expect some sort of “big surprise” from them. But hey, I’ve been wrong before. (Damn you Nintendo, where’s my StarFox!!)

  11. Honestly, some people are saying that it looks like it has Black Knight-esq graphics. While I thought those graphics were great, the gameplay was crap and I do hate the on-rails style. I pray to all my gods that it plays like Unleashed for Wii, which was a gem.

  12. Seen that Wii episode of South Park with Eric constantly checking the time…. that’s me right now o_o

    They’d have to have a Sonic segment at the Video games concert afterwards now wouldnt they

  13. @ Jix Hedgehog

    No I haven’t seen that episode of South Park. Probably because I hate television. My most hated shows are South Park, Family Guy, Robot Chicken… about any adult humor shows. they are very immature and should not be shown on TV… sounds kinda cool though!

  14. @ Blahblahblah3210
    MC are making actually 2 conferences, one for Natal and one for the normal stuff. I really anticipate Sony’s conference because I really wanna see 3D gaming on a BIG screen in HD. (Killzone 3 8D)
    But even with the new Zelda coming, Sonic 4’s new SH zone build realky is my number 1 this year.

  15. @ JayFoxFire

    E3 stands for “Electronic Entertainment Expo”. It’s a yearly event in Los Angeles, California that show cases Electronic Entertainment devices, hardware, soft ware, etc; upcoming Video Games and more.

  16. @Shadzter you’re late srory i knew that since the 21st when i saw the new trailer i went to the jp site and it said something about E3 and i commented here at the TTS covering of today on the spot or was it the iphone reveal cover

  17. @Shadzter sorry but i guess you’re late with the info(atleast for me) i knew since the 21st when i saw the splash hill trailer i inmeddiately went to the japanese site and it said something about E3 i commented about it in the news thread Sonic 4 Website Lists Release Date as โ€œFall 2010โ€ณ but i guess nobody readed my post about that

  18. sorry why do i keep double posting sorry again shadzter could you please remove the upper post(and this one) and leave the latter one

  19. @ Shoryuken
    I know I’m late with the Sonic 4 E3 presence, that’s why I worded it “an earlier entry posted 21st May confirms Sonic 4 will also be present and playable too”. Sorry I didn’t catch your comment in the previous article. Sonic Colours being confirmed for E3 is still new news at least.

  20. @Vulpine

    “since SEGA can do whatever they want with the Sonic franchise since itโ€™s their creation and itโ€™s their decision on which characters reappear or not”

    This could be why Sonic games haven’t been in top form lately, because not only do Sega do whatever comes into their heads first but the fanbase either has too high expectations or no expectations.

  21. @ProjectZuel
    It is because people can’t respect on what is called “copyright”. The fanbase is starting to become wacky and over the top, and they don’t realize or accept the fact that SEGA owns the Sonic franchise and not them. The Sonic franchise isn’t dying, it is still going strong in sales and popularity. It is the fans who post their crud on Deviant Art and sites like that are the ones who are causing the problems, not the games.

    SEGA has learned many lessons from their mistakes in the past few years, and the newest Sonic games of the current generation seem to do better then those released in the early 2000s, even though I enjoy and respect all Sonic games both old and new (And yes, that includes Sonic 2006, so please, no bashing because there are still some people who like that game, including me). Sonic Unleashed used the new “Hedgehog engine” which I wouldn’t be surprised if they use it in future games (Sonic Colors’ gameplay looks like Sonic Rush DS-wise and Sonic Unleashed’s daytime stages Wii-wise).

    As much as I like Sonic, I think other SEGA franchises deserve attention too.

  22. @ Vulpine

    I can’t believe you don’t have a problem with Shadow being in Sonic 4. If he was in Sonic 4 it would mean that Sonic 4 is non-canon. Sonic 4 takes place before Sonic Adventure 2, meaning Shadow can’t be in this game.

  23. @ Edge : I can respect that, I worked with a guy who felt the same way about those shows.. but if you have 20 minutes, check out the award winning WarCraft episode of South Park *nod*

  24. Maaaan! I’m not going to be able to catch any of E3 this year because I’m going to be away at drumline camp. I was really disappointed when I realized that the camp was going to take place during this year’s convention, but I figured that going to this camp was going to help me later in life and all the cool announcments would be waiting for me online when I got home.

    It’s hard to say I’m not disappointed, though. This has turned into an annual thing for me and my friends, and especially now since Sonic Colors is going to be there, I’m even more disppointed. Ah well. Is anybody here actually going to be attending the con in LA?

  25. @Edge:

    Um… wasn’t Shadow rumoured to be in -Colours-, not in Sonic 4? Of course he can’t appear in Sonic 4 without some kind of time-trav…el…

    …D-d-does he… still have a- a Chaos Emerald…?

    …Oh, dear…

  26. @edge
    Then again they’re using the modern character design for Sonic in Sonic 4, so you will never know what SEGA has in mind. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have more playable characters in the game as they would be only optional by the player’s choice, and it happened many times in the series (It all started with Tails being an optional playable character in Sonic 2, after all).

  27. Vulpine:

    It is entirely plausible for Sonic to get a 2D HD redesign a la, say, the recent XBLA relaunch of Rocket Knight, or the visual upgrade between Worms and Worms 2.

    A character that was introduced to canon after the time in which this game is set can not be in the game without a string of convoluted plot developments; and such a complicated plot would, in itself, defeat the purpose of the game.

    If any character is to be brought back besides Tails and Knuckles, (and you’re right, they added one playable character to the 1-player game in EVERY classic Sonic game bar Sonic 3) the logical choice would be either Amy or Mighty: both are established characters from the 16-bit era and would be a logical step to reintroduce.
    Mighty in Sonic 4 might even serve to explain why he’s apparently no longer with the Chaotix as of Heroes…

  28. Guys the “The New Character” in sonic 4 is probably Metal Sonic think of what sega said “the other character will be one that fans have been asking for years”

  29. @ Shoryuken:

    I agree, Metal Sonic is probably what they were referring to. Someone leaked the secret cliffhanger ending to Sonic 4: Episode 1 and (SPOILER ALERT) a silhouette of Metal Sonic was shown, meaning Metal Sonic is going to be in a future episode; probably Episode 2.

  30. @TMWP who knows he might be playable too or an unlockable or something but Tails & Knuckles are pretty much confirmed for the next episode

  31. Oh I’m not suggesting that I believe Mighty actually *is* in the game. Just that he would be a more sensible inclusion than Shadow.

  32. Patience, everyone. Patience. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 will come out sometime this year, and it’s not like it’s cancelled or anything. So not to worry, because it will come out this year, and a little patience does not hurt.

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